Monday, 17 August 2015

Takakkaw Falls, Yoho

Derek and his family left from Lake Minnewanka and headed home because Derek had work the next day.  We decided to explore a bit more.  This picture was in Banff driving north.  Emerald lakes and emerald rivers and very beautiful and crowded.
 Then we entered Yoho in BC, and the whole environment changed.  Actually when we crossed the continental divide is when it really started to change.

I borrowed these last three images from the internet, but I really couldn't catch the difference of Field, BC.  It was just far more rugged and wild looking.  Even the tourists are different.  In Banff, people dressed nice or in flip flops, but in Yoho, it's all hiking boots and beards. The rivers, instead of being placid and emerald, they're milky grey torrents or the wild mess you see above.  It was totally worth the drive. 

 Our purpose in going to Yoho was to go to Takakkaw Falls. And it was so worth the trek!!!
Here's another picture from the web.  On Yoho National Park's website, it says Takakkaw Falls are the second highest in Canada.  On Wikipedia, it says that they are the 45th tallest in eastern British Columbia.  Hmmmm... anyway, according to the World Waterfall Database: While its not a terribly unique waterfall, the powerful jet of water that shoots out from the cliff sets this one aside from many of the other large waterfalls around North America. Takakkaw Falls simply exudes power and though it isn't nearly the tallest waterfall in Canada, it is without question one of the world's elite cataracts. Takakkaw Falls possesses several unique features which set it apart in the world of waterfalls. First and foremost is the massive roostertail which is exhibited during heavier flow periods. As the river drops out of the slot canyon at the top of the main drop, it falls for about 75 to 100 feet before impacting on a protruding rock which forces the water to shoot outwards from the cliff face by as much as 150 feet.
 2nd or 45th, we LOVED it.  Except Sebastian. You'll see in a second.  Anyway, this river was thundering!  You can't really tell by the pictures, but it was roaring.  Not that it held a candle to the waterfall, you could hear that miles away while we driving up.

 See Sebastian terrified??? Ana and I are mean and drug him up to the closest viewing place and he did not want to go because it was COLD!  I mean really cold.  My hands were red like I had been playing in the snow by the time I walked back down.  I was surprised that Jubal was happy the whole time.

 My camera kept getting covered in spray.

 Jubal is the cutest boy ever!!!!!!!

 On the way out, we stopped to let the kids play in some snow.  It was Jubal's and Nicolas's first time seeing snow, and Sebastian's first time that he could remember.

 Crazy switchbacks.

 I'm not so good at selfies with the scenery in it apparently.
 Ana said she refused to keep taking pictures if we kept kissing.

 Glacier, anyone?
 Oh, and then we stopped at Lake Louise.  Because it's Lake Louise.  It was the most crowded place we were and we were there at 8:30 PM.  I kind of felt like it was a little grander Lake Cameron, not really worth the crowds.

 We kind of wished we had left our tent up as we passed Kanaskis Country at 10 PM, but then when we saw the huge rainstorm and then tornado that hit Calgary the next day, we were happy we hadn't. As it was, we got to Derek's at 2 AM.  I kept  freaking Leo out because I was trying to stay up, but then I would drift off and just shout out once in a while, "Leo! Are you awake?!?" And nearly give him a heart attack each time.  

Great picture from Ana.


Kayli said...

Beautiful again! It's sooo weird that your kids haven't seen snow.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome waterfall!!! I want to go there now. I love all the pics. I love all the pics of Ana!!! She is so cute and beautiful in all of them. Cute pics at the end of the kids by Lake Louise and good of you and Leo. Beautiful scenery and you know you loved Lake Louise~!!!!! Mom