Sunday, 27 March 2011


Tonight, I took Leo on what was supposed to be a surprise date (he figured it out on Friday) to watch this guy play.

Just kidding, we did not go to watch David Beckham. I swear. Although the girl behind us did go just for that and was very loud about it.We went to watch Javier Morales play.No, actually we went to see the whole team play. And play they did, they destroyed LA Galaxy 4-1. Two goals within ten minutes of the game starting. It was so fun. And we proved our loyalty tonight--it was so cold!!! And raining--freezing rain. Really, Leo and I are wimps about the cold, but it was worth it. If we could, we'd be buy season passes. If anyone is interested in going to a game with us, the FC Dallas game and Colorado Rapids game are coming up that Leo is dying to go to. We just didn't want to be dead to anyone like we were after Leo went to the BYU vs SDSU game. Hee. Hee. Which, by the way Jimmer was at the soccer game tonight. :) Good times.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Sunday

This is not a Sunday (today is Sunday). It is actually a Coeurs á la Creme with Raspberry Sauce. Aren't you impressed? Well, don't be. Not because it isn't delicious, mouth-watering, heaven on earth good, but because it was so simple to make, despite it's fancy French name. Here's the recipe:

2/3 c whipping cream
4 ozs mascarpone cheese or cream cheese (I used the mascarpone which I had never tasted before, but trust me, it's worth every calorie. Yum!)
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp raspberry extract or a couple drops of raspberry oil

So you're supposed to have these cute heart-shaped pans for this stuff. I don't. I just used a round cake pan (bear in mind that I quadrupled this recipe so it fit nicely in that cake pan--if just using recipe as is, I think a regular cereal bowl would work fine). Line the pan with cheesecloth. Then beat the whipping cream till soft peaks form. In another bowl whip together the rest of the ingredients and then fold in the whipped cream. Dump all this into your chosen mold, wrap the cheesecloth around it. Cover it and let it chill in the fridge overnight.

For the raspberry sauce I used:

2 cups of frozen strawberries
1 cup seedless raspberry jam
1 tbls of sugar
1 tsp of lemon juice

I stirred it together on the stove till the jam melted in, and then blended it together. The recipe suggested straining it for seeds, I thought that was too much work, so voila! It was done.
The Coeurs á la Creme is served with the raspberry sauce and then a little whipping creme on top as well. It's kind of like cheesecake but better--it has a lighter density, like an airy chiffon pie and pudding crossed together. And it wasn't as sickly sweet as cheesecake.

See my kids, they are loving it.
Ana ate oodles.
Okay, Sebastian didn't like it, but what does he know? He's only one.
Isabel liked to smash it all up--but still good.
And this is Elena modeling her lovely hair/earring accessories.
Simply lovely, darling.
Goosey girl.
And this is me, modeling the hair accessory my lovely sister made for me.
Thank you, Kayli--I wear it every day.
It's hard to take pictures of yourself.
The end.
Ha! Not the end of the post, just the end of MY modeling. Now here are my two crazies and the two little boys I babysit every Thursday for a few hours (in exchange for my neighbor watching my kids on Tuesdays--I LOVE the free time!) modeling the headdresses we made. They loved them. Ana even made herself one on Saturday. I broke four needles though. Ruff, note to anyone--don't sew through thick quilled feathers, make your kids pick the smaller feathers.
On Saturday afternoon we went here. It was fun. My mom came down to go with us. (She liked the Couers á la Creme too). I thought they could have made it a couple of songs shorter. No offense to anyone, I liked it, I just would have liked it better a tad bit shorter. My girls liked it too and luckily we found a babysitter for Sebastian. I was kind of mad that of course, Isabel had to go to the bathroom during their swing dancing number. I really like Swing.

Also, for any Canadians our there (yes, I am Canadian-but my experience there is limited to the Cardston area), where should we go (hiking, camping, scenic drives, etc) when we go up in August? Ideas we were considering included Banff, Jasper, Head-Smashed-In, Writing-on-Stone, Waterton of course, maybe into BC--the hot springs and vineyards areas, but of course, as time and money permits--so what would my true-blue Canadian relatives suggest? That is the question. I've only been to Waterton, and once, the Calgary Stampede. Bear in mind, it will be towards the end of August and I have horrid flashbacks to the photographs of Amy and Megan in Waterton with two feet of snow on Aug. 21st. Leo and I really despise the cold. I know we're wimps. Whatever.

And now goodnight and really the end.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Ana's Birthday

Sunday afternoon we stayed outside after church enjoying the beautiful weather (my allergies are going crazy--it must be spring!)Isabel is officially potty-trained, night and day. Well, she still has the occasional accident, but she's out of diapers so that works for me.
This was Sebastian's birthday present from his Abuelitos. We actually bought a new bike for Elena with his birthday money, and Elena's old bike became Isabel's and voila! Sebastian has a new bike for his birthday since he then got Isabel's old trike. Sweet.

Elena and her new bike. I love KSL.She's actually pretty much mastered it already. Even though it looks SOOO grown up for her.
Ana helping Sebastian with his new bike. He hasn't mastered it, nor walking, but he has climbing down to a fine art.

Leo looking so, soooo amazing in his suit. I love Sundays. My husband is irresistible.

Ana out with her remote control car from last year's birthday.
The little kids love chasing it. Seriously, we had nine little kids at our house yesterday and they loved that thing. Not Sebastian though. It scares him and he cries when it comes at him. Hee. Hee. Apparently we have the most fun backyard ever (or so I was told.) I think it was mostly Leo pulling little kids around on a sled in circles till they fell off.
Sebastian looking dapper and Ana looking beautiful--I love that dress on her. I found the matching shoes at Kid to Kid. Love that. Ana's birthday!!! I didn't make another cake, since I had made the soccer cake earlier this week.
Yes, she did ask for Twixes. (Is that how you'd spell that?)
She also asked for this-a BYU shirt. I was more than happy to oblige.
Presents from Abuelita.
On Saturday, we went here--the Peaks Ice Arena, which was an Olympic venue (sounds cooler than it really is), for Ana's SURPRISE birthday party.
She doesn't show it here (I'm not sure what she's showing here. Hee. Hee.) But she was completely surprised. Leo and I planned it so careful, and it involved me catching a ride from my neighbor (due to having one car) and anyway, it all went beautifully, and she loved it!!! I'm so glad!
Iceskating with her friends.
Really enjoying the cake and icecream.
Crazy chicas.
All together it went off smashingly. :)

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Elena's Hat

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