Monday, 28 July 2014

More of Jubal

Oh, I just love him to pieces!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jubal's Baby Blessing

 Jubal had his baby blessing today.  We had it so soon so Grandma would be here for it.  And my cousin Kandi came with her husband Matt and two of their daughters and a friend.  It was so nice to have family here.  I loved it!  It was really funny because Bishop Miner was announcing the baby blessing next, and he said his name and that I had him on Tuesday and that on Thursday he was already hanging out with the ward at the Pioneer Day Picnic and munching down a couple hotdogs.  Hee. Hee.
 Sebastian was not being cooperative for pictures.  Another funny tidbit for you, at the hospital we filled out his name on the birth certificate paperwork just before we left because we were still debating on the name.  The lady typed it up and had us check it, and Leo looked it over and made this startled face and exclaimed, "Wait! What??!?" The lady looked completely shocked and I had to keep reassuring her that he had been joking.
 Dad also called to ask Jubal's boot size, because he figured he needed some cowboy boots.  He was worried 13eee boots wouldn't be big enough.
One of our friends, Curtis, came to us after sacrament and was raving about our awesome name choice.  He said he was going go home and reread all the Sacketts again because it inspired him so much.  Kandi was laughing later on when I had to repeat his name a couple times to a different person and it was obvious she (not Kandi, the lady asking) didn't like it.  Kandi said that when she told people her daughter Indiana's name, that she could always tell whether they liked it or not, and that Jubal would be our name like that.  Good times.

Leo's work sent these adorable cookies to us at the hospital (too bad they didn't taste as good as they looked.)

Leo bought me the roses, and then one of the CNA's gave me the happy face vase roses because it was "Make someone smile" week and she said I was always smiling and that made her happy so she gave it to me, plus she said she thought my kids would like the happy face.  :)
 And my other two crazy boys.  I love them!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jubal Andres

 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
 Quick run down for anyone interested:

I had my membranes stripped on Monday again around noon and spent the afternoon vacuuming the entire house, and walking around and having NO contractions.  And then around 5:40 I had a REAL contraction and I knew I was going to labor.  Sure enough, they were coming every 5 to 6 minutes from there on out.  Leo was picking up my mom at the airport and I called him to tell him not to stop anywhere.  He got home and changed and ate some dinner and we left for the hospital around 7:40 PM. I was dilated to a 3, which was the same as when I was at the doctor's that afternoon.  Anyway, I always think I'm dying during labor.  True story.  I know I'm not, but yet I was sure happy to get an epidural around 9 PM.  The doctor checked me again and I was dilated to a 6 and the epidural had only taken on one side, so the anesthesiologist came back and dosed me again.  It was pretty pleasant after that, I chatted with my labor and delivery nurse, Kae, the whole time.  She put down our guesses for the weight and length and had everyone vote on a name.  She was really sweet.  After the epidural took complete effect, she put in the foley and checked me, and then promptly put my legs together and said she would be right back with everyone.  By time they all started arriving I was feeling pressure to push, and my doctor told me I could the next time I felt pressure, and so I did, but then I could tell she wasn't really paying attention yet.  So I told I was pushing, and she said, "OH! Yes you ARE!  Hello baby!"  Anyway, she had me slow down a bit  and he came out on that first push.  I guess that wasn't a quick run down, but the whole labor was fast, and really nice.

 I love these pictures of Leo!
 Leo and Mom brought the kids by the next day.  Jubal was yet unnamed.  I was actually very decided on Oliver Andres, but then I was looking for ideas for birth announcements on Pinterest and every 4th baby was named Oliver.  Which was really disgruntling to me.  So then on Thursday I told Leo jokingly that we should just name him Jubal, and wouldn't that be so funny because my dad is always trying to get someone to name their baby Jubal after Jubal Sackett. And then we were like, we SHOULD name him Jubal.  Anyway, it was a close thing, but Jubal won out.  All the nurses voted for Oliver though.  But I was telling my Ob this morning my dilemma, and she said she liked Jubal and was putting it in her notes that his name was Jubal.  And I was talking to Isabel on the phone and she was insisting on Oliver and NOT Jubal but it was so cute how she said Jubal that she did more to convince me on naming him that than not.  So just before we left the hospital I filled out the paperwork to name him Jubal.

And here he is all snug at home!  

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ohhh, I forgot--DNA is so FASCINATING!!!!!

I completely forgot the other exciting news I had.  I got the DNA results back from for my mother-in-law and Leo's grandpa.  It wasn't anything that I didn't expect, still it was very cool anyway.  And Martha was so intrigued that she said she would pay for Leo's dad to be tested if they came on sale again.  Sweet!!  I really wish I had been able to get Leo's grandmother's DNA tested, but  I'm afraid I never will, because she's just too ill now.

Here's Martha's:

And Gilberto's:

Update of the Week

1. I have not had my baby yet.  Ruff.  I did have a lot of contractions on Wednesday and Thursday after having my membranes stripped.  But they've since died down.

2. Yesterday I walked a mile with the kids in the afternoon, and then two miles with Leo last night. Today I spent FOUR hours out in the yard: mowed the front and back, swept the sidewalks and back patio, trimmed the stupid crepe myrtle and another tree that is trying to grow a forest around it, weeded the front and back flower beds, and managed to have only two measly contractions. 
3. Then I decided on a different tactic and took a nice relaxing bath and went and used the pedicure gift certificate someone gave me at my baby shower. It was nice. And I had two BIG contractions while my feet were being massaged, but nothing at all since. I'm so sore from all the bending and stuff though, I can hardly move. I definitely like this approach better than the yard work approach.
4. I've also been drink raspberry leaf tea by the cupful.  Yuck.  Why does anyone like herbal tea?  Anyway, I hope it helps. I'm kind of desperate.
5.  My Ob said the baby is posterior during the last ultrasound.  I had guessed that already because every time I have a contraction, I feel it in my lower back, just like with Elena and Sebastian.  Why, if my kids aren't breech, they feel the need to be posterior?  Why? 
6.  Yes, I'm in a complaining mood, and yes, as someone commented to me on Facebook, every day past your due date feels like a week.  I wouldn't care that much except my Mom is coming on Monday and I would really like to have the baby before then.  If he goes 10 days over due like Nicolas, she'll have come and gone.  Ruff.
7.  In other news, poor Nicolas, he came out to the backyard with me, and I dutifully sprayed him with mosquito repellant, but I didn't wipe any on his face (my hands were dirty) and within five minutes he had 7 mosquito bites in a 3 inch area on one side of his face. It makes me sad just to look at him.
8.  Elena, Isabel and Sebastian just informed Leo and I that they are running away and are going to eat grass to stay alive. But not until AFTER we go to Canada next summer. And when we asked if they'd miss us, they said Leo and I could come too, in fact, Leo could drive. Hee. Hee.
9. Yes, all that was posted on Facebook, but I am lazy, and I want to go do other things, like sew and clean up my sewing room plus vacuum the entire house.  I was planning on letting the vacuuming go today because I'm tired, but I hate an unvacuumed house when all the other Saturday's chores have been done.
10.  Here I'll add some throwback pictures, just so this post is a wee bit entertaining.

Ha. Ha. Kayli kills me in this photo.

11.  And some more.
12.  You should all put down your guesses for the weight and length of this straggler baby.  And we're kind of still looking for boys names, so you could offer suggestions for that too.

13. I have done other things this week.  I took the kids swimming twice, and I read much too late into the night several times and have read more books in the last two weeks than in the last 6 months.  

Monday, 14 July 2014

Dresses for Andrea

I don't think I ever posted these.  But I made my sister Andrea's girls' a few more dresses.  This one for Harriet was made from leftovers of Miriam's orange dress and from Ethne's dress last year.  It was incredibly simple.  Sometimes I wonder why I don't sew more simple things more often.  Anyway, I made the dress in two hours start to finish during nap time, and then the pinafore after the kids went to bed that night in about an hour and a half.  Easy breezy.  But so cute.  Just as a side note, the orange buttons on the back of the pinafore are from Grandma Walburger.  I love that.  And Harriet is just adorable.

More pictures of Harriet.  And if you're really interested, here's the review on the pattern.

Miriam's dress was a lot more complicated.  But Andrea and Miriam picked out the fabric and pattern and mailed it to me.  And do you see those contrasting bands at the waist? Those are why I invested in Fasturns.  I love my Fasturns.  So worth it.  I just used them again last night.  They are amazing! Anyway, I'll try to spare you the boring details of me making this dress, but if you want you can read all the details here on my review.    And here are more pictures of Miriam.

The end.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Isabel's birthday continued

Leo's parents gave Isabel some toy jewelry--it came just a little late in the mail.  Isabel LOVED them!!!  They have definitely been used almost everyday since then.

 Elena was eager to model it.

This was Isabel's fork and spoon/husband and wife.  

Lucky girls!  They love fancy stuff, that's for sure.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Drawings that I love

Isabel's House

A Gecko by Sebastian

 Our family by Sebastian (done in Sunbeams)
At Aunt Megan's House by Isabel