Friday, 14 August 2015

The Gondola and Hot Springs

So after pizza, we headed up the mountain on a gondola.  It really fun, but I think the coolest part was that we were on top of the mountain at the end of it.  I would not have made it that high with all our kids otherwise.  And I loved the views and boardwalk they had up there.  Leo and I didn't even make it to the top (and old weather station from the 1940's  I think) because Nicolas was insisting on walking and then we were sidetracked by Bighorn Sheep.  But it was still breathtaking.  Just thinking about it makes me happy sitting here in my living room.

The hot springs actually felt really nice after a long day.  It was far more crowded than this picture--I took this as we were leaving.  It seems most everyone had the notion to leave at the same time we did.

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