Sunday, 28 February 2010

Our House in the Middle of Our Street

First off, because I don't want to rearrange the order of the pictures--this is our view from the end of our block. Pretty nice, eh?

Not zoomed up. At night when the temple is lit up, it is a pops out. Very beautiful.

And this is our view from our dining room. Well, part of Mount Timpanogas is blocked be our neighbor's house, but still we can see quite a bit of it. It's really lovely.

So here's the grand tour!!! Isn't it fabulous! It warms my heart just to look at it and see a house, not an apartment building--even if we're just renting the top floor. But see that garage??!?! That's ALL ours. Happiness is storage. Hee. Hee.Now this really makes me happy. Our own backyard. With a fence. No more worrying about my kids, I can do the dishes and watch them play outside. Life is sweet. Happy sigh.This would be Ana's room after we painted and Aunt Amy helped decorate. So cute! It doesn't really look like a dungeon room at all anymore. Cute. Cute.
Do you like her patchwork carpet? Better than the cement that was there before, eh? And Isabel was pretty excited to be getting into Ana's stuff--she found candy. Terrible little sister. Don't worry I rescued it.

Now while this may not be exciting to anyone, it's certainly exciting to me!!! My washer and dryer, hooked up in my house, usable, wonderful, and no longer unusable decor in my supposed dining room.

And this--my pantry, at the bottom of the stairs, instead of in the dining room. I love it.

Okay, I really should have no complaints about this kitchen--only why did they choose such an ugly color for the cabinets? It's not even that bad of a color really, only it clashes awfully with the wall paint color. And then they didn't prime the cupboards, so if you scrub them at all the paint just peels off. Ruff.

Now this is my favorite room in the house. I think it's just perfect--the most like how I like to decorate. (Someday, I'll have all matching chairs too.) The living room is too crowded to be quite as perfect.

I didn't pick up at all before taking these pictures, so yes, that is Ana's clothes pile sitting on the piano.
I added the two family pictures this time. Me gusta mucho.
See what I mean by being too crowded?

So here's our new couch. I really was quite disappointed when we first bought it--I had just seen one picture on the web, and agreed to buy it sight unseen if they would keep it for us. It looked very gold in real life, whereas in the photo it had looked brown. Anyway, I like it much better now that we hung up the curtains, that really made it seem more brown instead of gold again. Gold is definitely not my color.

This is another new addition. I wanted to hang a picture of Christ and I looked all over, and didn't really like any of them enough to pay the price tag. So we ended up with a $1 one from the distribution center, and you know what? I really like it. :)

This is a fuzzy picture of the little girls' room. None of the closets have doors. Weird, eh?

Another fuzzy picture.

A bit crowded, but not bad.

This is the baby's room--he better get here soon! And also my craft room. See the recieving blankets I should be sewing up right now?

Another happy thing. I love my baby changing table. It was definitely worth the $20. Changing diapers on the floor is just not that comfortable nine months pregnant. Yes, little things make me very happy.

Aunt Amy helped decorate this room too. All flying themed. I love the sign she gave us. So adorable.

And that's that. My room is pretty dull. And messy. Hence no pictures. But I do have a wonderful, wonderful bathroom of my own (and my husband's). Really truly, I feel very spoiled with it. And spoiled altogether with our house. :) Life is good.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Friday, 26 February 2010

My Loonies

This is my Loonie Number 1. Seriously, she's always been a happy kid, even when she's sick. And she's been sick off and on almost every other week since November. But, she's been doing much better the last two weeks and Oh MY GOODNESS!!! She has turned into a CRAZY child. Seriously, she's never quiet, she's always singing or talking in her weird half Hindu talk, and she's never still for a second, it's like she's half boblehead. What a goose. Then there's Elena, my Loonie Number 2. She likes to pretend she's a puppy. Or a princess. I'm always the witch that locks her in a tower. (All princess stories involve being locked in a tower according to her.)

When she gets out of the tub, she has to have the towel over her head, like Jasmine. That's what she tells me anyway.

She's very organized. It's scary almost. Isabel and her both received toothpaste in their stockings at Christmas, and she has to have Tinkerbell toothpaste at night and Winnie the Pooh toothpaste in the morning. She's very set about it. Isabel learned to say please this week. She say's "pleathe", and then she repeats it at high speed without stopping till she gets what she wants. She's also the one that often is picking on her sister. She'll pinch and not let go. This is Elena saying no more pictures. And with that I better go hop in the shower since it's almost 10 AM and I've yet to do anything.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lindsay's Wedding

I don't really feel like going through and putting these pictures in any kind of order, lo siento. But this IS related to Lindsay's wedding, because Isabel fell at her reception and smashed her nose, cut open her lip, and well, you can see the bruise on her cheek too.

It wasn't very pretty. She was one sad little girl. But as you can see, she was her happy self again by bedtime.
Blood, of course, got all over my new silk shirt. Ruff.
This is Lindsay and Sterling dancing--they look so in love!! I just love this picture for that reason. Ahhhhh.......
This is my husband helping trash their car. Ana said that was her favorite part of the whole evening. I said she should pay for her dress to be dry cleaned. Leo was so excited to do this after what happened to our car when we got married, although Lindsay and Sterling had nothing to do with it.
This is my sister Andrea, me, my Mom, (doesn't she look stunning--Leo told me that once we have a more sizable income, I should dress like her. I have no problem with that.) Lindsay, my sister Megan and then my sister Amy. Kayli, you should dress in a black outfit and take a couple pictures against a blank wall, and I'll photoshop you in next to Amy. Hee. Hee.

Aren't I looking sexy-9 months pregnant??! Yeah right. But my dress that I made into a shirt turned out great. I love red.

Ana and her cousins, Katelyn, Danica and Olivia. Aunt Megan had someone do their hair and I absolutely adored Ana's hair. She really has gorgeous hair anyway. Lucky girl.
Lindsay with all her nieces minus two that are in Switzerland.
Lindsay with all her nephews minus two that are in Switzerland. Yes, isn't there a disportionate amount of girls??? I'm trying my best to help even out the odds with this next one.
This was part of Lindsay's bridal pictures. It rocks!

Lindsay looking fabulous.

Another beautiful picture of Lindsay.

Lindsay and Sterling.... k..i..s..s..i..n...g.

And the happy couple again. Oh, I love happy weddings!!! So sweet.