Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Two Crazies

This is Jubal's most frequent facial expression.  Seriously, what's with this kid.

And Lando was being a Big, Bad Wolf that day and so he's making a lot of mean wolf faces.

I'm not sure if that is biting or kissing.


Jubal also purses his lips all the time.  What's with that?

See, pursed lips again. It must be a Colombian thing.  ;)

I love my kids' big brown eyes!
Ah, this expression that I half caught, with the one eye brow raised, is what Lando does whenever he has something serious and definitive to say and he wants you to pay close attention, which is pretty much every other sentence.

The boys went out to play while I shoveled the driveway.

Jubal wasn't a fan of being on the "mountain."

I love having these two home with me.  They're at such a fun age, especially Lando.  I love toddlers.  The end.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Flooring Fun

So we came home on Sunday and left my kids with my parents because we wanted to work on our floors undisturbed by kids, plus it's messy and gluey and grouty and horrible for kids to be around.  I know because we didn't finish it all the week we didn't have kids.  Anyway, Monday I felt awful, but I managed to paint a second coat on the upstairs and paint our bathroom.  Then on Tuesday we actually started working on flooring, but we didn't get far.

My parents decided to go up to Canada so they took the kids to Andrea's house (Ana was with Megan) on Tuesday night and her and Tim decided that Tim should come and help out, so he drove out Wednesday evening after work.  It was the nicest surprise ever!!! Seriously, Tim saved our bacon.  Really.  

Like this kitchen.  Tim did all the kitchen.

I'm glad he's a perfectionist, as my kitchen looks lovely.

Tim, your the man.  

You can see the underlayment on the other side, where there's no tile yet.  I cut all that.  Yeah, I'm the man.  I totally stink at cutting too.  I use a circular saw and jigsaw like I sew: Oh, that was close enough, with jagged ragged seam allowances.  Anyway, you can also kind of see on the underlayment that there's a place to nail every 4 inches.  I nailed in almost every nail of 12 boxes of 385 nails each. My wrist was so sore.  I liked cutting better.  But cutting tile I left to Tim and Leo because that was the biggest pain of all.  Especially in annoying places like the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I actually finished laying underlayment, pounding nails, cutting tile, gluing and grouting almost all of the living room myself (I'm very proud of that.) But it was also only a big rectangle and incredibly easy compared to what Tim and Leo did.
Leo cut the tile for the bathroom and Tim was the brave man to dive in and actually start glueing and grouting.  Leo was at work still and I was too chicken.  So he finished this bathroom off.  I ended up grouting everywhere else though.
And this is my bathroom.  Don't get me wrong, I love having a master bathroom, but this is my least favorite room in the house and the only room I want to redo completely.  I HATE the nasty mustard countertop.  I'd take the pink and blue bathrooms any day over the nasty yellow.  Anyway, we worked all day Thursday and Friday, and then on Saturday Tim and Leo worked on our bannister while I was working on the blue bathroom, and then Andrea called and said she was done with having 12 kids (she's in her 3rd trimester too!) and Jubal and Nicolas were no longer happy at all, so I left right then to go back to Ogden. I spent the night there and drove all my kids home the next day.  Leo and Tim stayed up working till 2 AM, trying to finish the bannister (which I love by the way!)  And once again, can I just reiterate how very, very grateful we were to Andrea and Tim's help? I don't know that our bannister would safe or in any way complete without Tim's help.  Yay for living close to family!

Even with Tim's help we only finished two bathrooms, the kitchen and most of the dining room.  Leo and I have since finished, the other bathroom, the living room, and foyer and the rest of the dining room.  Now we're working on the stairs.

And from Facebook:  Note to my kids: If the toilet is disconnected from the floor and sitting in the shower, it is not available to use, especially if you have to go poo. Errrrr...  

Yeah, it was disgusting.  

Friday, 15 January 2016

Ana with the Camera

Ana had my camera for a while.  Good times.

I love Cache Valley!!!

And then we went to Smith and Edward's, because why not?

And then on Sunday my  little baby brother had his little bitty tiny baby daughter blessed.  I spent the time out in the foyer with crazy Jubal.
Most of my sisters and my sister-in-law Kourtney and her sweet baby girl.

They rented the Elite Center in Hyrum to have dinner at after and it was a really cool building.  About a 100 years old.  Anyway, after that Leo and I took off and drove back to Wyoming.  Mom kindly kept our kids, and Ana went with Megan.