Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Camping Day 3

Megan and Jared et al. had to head home early Saturday because Jared was working that afternoon. We stayed, and after taking down camp, headed back to Zion.
Where we made it up to Angel's Landing.
Just kidding. Leo and Ana made it to Angel's Landing, the rest of us waited at Scout's Lookout for them. Do you see Ana on Walter's Wiggles?
Here's a view down from Walter's Wiggles.
Yes, I realize I shouldn't post this picture of me. But a lady insisted she take a picture of Sebastian. Bare in mind that I had just made it up Walter's Wiggles and had carried Elena a little bit of the way too. Leo is amazing--he carried Elena quite a bit of the way.

Here's a view from Angel's Landing that Leo took.
And the other side.
Leo and Ana made it to the summit.
Sweet, eh?
I love that hike, I hiked it a couple years ago pre-kids or husband, and I was rather sad to be left behind, but I wasn't really going to try to take Elena over this trail.
Nor here.
Here's Angel's Landing from the side. It has a 1,200 ft (3,65.7 m) on one side and a 800 ft (243.8 m) drop on the other.
This is what Elena and Isabel did the whole time we waited for Ana and Leo--played in the sand.
Sebastian loved the sand too.
On the way back down. Ana loved it--she said it was her favorite hike ever. Elena, well, she did a lot better than I thought she would. At times, she ran up the trail, skipping and singing. And at other times she kept saying, "I can't take much more of this." Over and over again.

Here's another part of the trail.

Sebastian was happy to be out and walking once we were back at the Visitor's Center.

Ana studiously ignoring me.

These lovely caterpillar nests were everywhere. YUCK! Elena and Isabel were captivated though and kept stopping ever few feet to pick up one. Of course, Elena wailed whenever one was stepped on.
Anyway, with that lovely thought, we headed home, and stopped in Beaver for DQ. And all in all, had a wonderful time.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Camping Day 2

Day 2 started out bright and early with playing at the RV park.
Sebastian cheeses it for the camera now, it's so funny.
At the start of our hike, at the Temple of Sinawava. We hiked to the Narrows entrance, but obviously, due to the high run off and multitude of children, no further.

This was at Weeping Rock. Oh, I think I forgot to mention, we were at Zion's National Park. I love that park. Beautiful.

Then we drove around a bit.

But we stopped to throw rocks in the water.

Then back to our campground for a hotdog roast and s'mores. And more swimming.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

GQ Sebastian

Camping Day 1

There is a billion pictures of our camping trip. I tried, but I couldn't help myself and so I posted about a million. Sebastian had a love/hate relationship with Anders's Artic Cat.
Elena on the other hand, was so very prim while being driven around.
Isabel and Anders helped haul back the firewood. And Anders decided to let Isabel drive. Luckily the Ford F150 was unscathed by her attack.
Here's our campsite. My sister had her trailer so we had a tent site right next to her trailer site. It was nice.
The lovely, muddy Virgin river was on the other side of our campsite.
Sebastian was in dirt and rock heaven. I swear dirt is the best entertainment for kids ever.
Megan, next to her Ranger that her husband swore he was going to get rid of after it got a flat out in the middle of the dessert and they spent four hours going back and forth to fix it.
This is what we did meanwhile. Okay, by the time I took this picture, Jared was back, but anyway, we spent four hours swimming. Well, Leo, Ana, and Elena did. I held Sebastian and Isabel.

Good times.

It was hard trying to get everyone in the picture.
While we were walking out, a lady came up to Leo and said, "I have never seen a guy play that long--YOU ARE THE BEST UNCLE EVER!" It was funny.

Elena spent a lot of her time in the spa, but once Anders and Isabel joined her, the adults there kicked them out.


Isabel, contemplating the deep questions of the universe.

Elena spent so much time in that floaty toy. She loved it! She actually was in the water almost constantly.
Ana, Myles, Danica, and Leo played a heated game of soccer (sort of) in the pool.

It was awesome. PLus at the end of all that swimming, Megan made us a delicious dutch oven dinner. So good.