Tuesday, 30 March 2010

O happy day

My in-laws drove out this past weekend to visit. Here is Sebastian with his adoring Abuelita.
And here's our family with my parents after Sebastian's baby blessing on Sunday. It was so fun--all my brothers and sister and their families that live in Utah came. They made me all laugh so hard too, because even though our ward for the first time ever is offering headsets to translate into English what's being said, all but my mother said they would just "feel the Spirit." What goofs. Then that one headset, was passed all around. Hee. Hee. Everybody came to our house afterwards for a potluck. Ana was in heaven playing with her cousin Danica all day. And I never really saw much of Elena or Isabel either. Or Sebastian for that matter--everybody wanted to hold him. I love being close to family!

And here's the wreath I made for our door. I was going to put eggs in it for Easter. But then I didn't.
And here's the growth chart I made last week too. And yesterday I made strawberry jam and today I made granola. I think I have a sort of delayed nesting syndrome--I always feel like making stuff after I have a baby. Remember the Renaissance costumes after I had Isabel? Yeah, that was an insane obsession to finish those.
And for my last piece of riveting news, I signed up to go to the Family History Conference at BYU this summer. Four full days of fascinating family history workshops and classes. I am thrilled. Truly. I was looking for a Spanish class in the continuing education website when I found it actually. (I decided I needed more structure in my Spanish studing --basically I need the deadline of a test to cram for.) I've decided that being a geneaologist (if I could spell it) is the perfect fit for me. It combines the organization skills of a librarian, computer skills (I think I may try to make a website) of a web designer, and research skills of an archaeologist (well sort of). All things I wanted to be. See it's my destiny. Well, ta ta for now--I'll just leave you with a premium quote about family history: "...everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out."

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Song and A Dance Interrupted

This is Sebastian.

Isn't he adorable?

So cute, I just want to eat him.
This is Ragamuffin 1 and Ragamuffin 2.

Singing and dancing and pretty much enjoying the stage they made.
It actually looks like they get along in these pictures.
Don't be fooled. They're terrible about sharing.
Much screaming ensues whenever they "play" together.
Ah, here Dad comes to give them a kiss, because they were being so cute.
Oh wait, he actually turned into a terrible monster kidnapping them away to look them in a tower. (We've seen Barbie Rapunzel way too many times, good thing it's back at the library now.)
Ana wasn't scared.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Pictures and Stuff

Elena was so engrossed painting that she couldn't be bothered to look up.
Isabel, I believe, was eating more paint than what was on her paper/high chair.

Here she is after a healthy lunch of dirt. We like to keep our kids on a balanced diet: fruit, vegetables, dirt, paint.Here's Sebastian and Beaver (aka Roadkill). Sebastian's quite the handsome devil, isn't he. This is Isabel looking sweet. Don't be fooled.This is her true colors shining through.Yes, her true colors, and that's why I love her.Ana's true colors really are sweet.These two however, (sigh), well, on the left we have Miss Perfectly-Terrible-Two, and on the right is Miss Weep-and-Wail-about-ANYTHING.And this is Kathmandu. Sweet eh? Once I tried to go to Nepal. But I didn't have the money, so I went to Colorado instead. But on Sunday, Leo had his friend over who is from Nepal. We spent the whole time pestering him with questions. Who knew that there's a type of rhinoceros that lives in Nepal?!?!? Not me. That is so cool. I definitely have to go to Nepal someday.
And in my final news for tonight, on Sunday I printed out 25 names to take to the temple for baptisms, endowments, and sealings to parents; and two couples to be sealed to each other. Sweet, eh? All from our research in Colombia. Life is good.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I love Spring!

I just wanted to say that springtime has got to be the best time to have a baby. Everything is getting warmer--the snow is gone!!! I planted irises a couple days ago (yes, I know you're supposed to plant them in the fall, but some ladies at church told me that they're like weeds, and I'd be lucky to kill them off, and they were already sprouting in the bag.) And there's crocouses blooming at a neighbor's house where we walk by on the lovely walks we can take now because it is so warm. Really, it's fabulous--everything just makes me want to get up and moving and outside. Oh, and I LOVE having the mountains nearby again. They are so beautiful. Sebastian will definitely be getting lots of sunshine this spring!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Ana's Birthday!!!

Yes, yes, I realize Ana's birthday is not till Saturday, but we celebrated it early on Wednesday, so Grandma could be here.

Since I was not feeling so hot that day (today has been the first day I've not had a headache and been dog tired since having the baby) Grandma made her the awesome airplane cake she had picked out. Very cute!And then Grandma gave her a swimsuit and Leo and I gave her swimsuit too. That was a bit unplanned--Mom and I had been at Sam's Club earlier that day pricing out a few things to try to figure out if it would be worth it for Leo and I to pay for a membership. Anyway, they had Speedo swimsuits for $13--sweet!!! I've been looking for a new one for Ana--her last year's one still fits, but it's trashed--Old Navy was pretty huddy I have to say. And I looked at Target because that's where I bought hers the year before and it lasted much better, but I didn't like the ones there. So I was thrilled to see these ones. But then I couldn't decide whether to get her the cute one or the one that had a little thicker material and wasn't as cute. Mom ended up buying her the cute one, because I decided on the thicker material one since I signed her up for swim team this summer and she's going to need a good swimsuit. That was a long explanation for no reason, eh? And in case you were wondering, we did decide to get a Sam's Club membership. I mean really, the money I saved on that swimsuit alone paid for over half of it. This is the cute one from Grandma.Aunt Amy and family had left this adorable bag and outfit for her birthday last month, and only by chance did I rediscover it in its hiding place a few hours before this picture was taken, pretty lucky, eh?And the excitement mounts.... Now this was Ana's intended present. She was so excited!!! It's what she wanted and asked for, so I hope she really enjoys it. Leo was pretty excited about it too. Hee. Hee.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


I've received a few complaints about my lack of pictures--so here you go. These were some of the cuter ones from his birth announcement photo shoot. I am such a bad photographer---Kayli---come back!!!

This is the face Isabel made in every single picture she had taken at JCPenney last week. Why do kids do that? She smiles almost constantly otherwise, but when you're paying for the pictures it's like they never heard of a smile before.

The end. Oh, Sebastian was born on the 5th.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sebastian Jack

So this is me, the night before. My due date was the 2nd, and on the 4th I had a Dr's appt. and being a bit impatient, I had him strip my membranes. It worked like a charm. (I also ran up and down the stairs at 10 min. intervals for 2 mins straight about 5 times--and followed the Dr's Part B of his prescription--he said Part A was him stripping the membranes, Part B was how we got in this mess in the first place. Hee. Hee.) By 5 AM the next morning I started having regular contractions. By 9 AM I made Leo take me to the hospital. I was dilated to a 3. By 10:30 I had an epidural. That was nice. In the words of the Dr. who delivered our new baby, "Happiness is a numb bum." Yes, indeed. At noon, the Dr. broke my water.

And then at 4:11 PM this little guy was born. I pushed through one contraction and he came out easy-peasy. I really liked that epidural. He was 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 1/2 in long. We named him Sebastian Jack, if you didn't catch that in the title. And this is Isabel honking his nose. Yes, she is a monster. And she absolutely adores him and won't leave him alone for a second.Elena also adores him, but she actually is really good with him. She's very protective, in fact she gets mad at Dad when he pesters Sebastian. Ana was really excited too, as you can see.And here's the whole mob. It's weird to have three carseats in the minivan now. The nurse who discharged me, asked if she'd see us back next year. Ha. Ha. I don't think so. But maybe in 2012. You know, keep to the even years. :)