Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A little of my sewing projects I'm starting.

Ana's going on Trek this summer so I get to make her a dress!!!! Yay!!!!  This is my inspiration dress for her.  She reluctantly agreed to it.  The more simple the better in her mind.  She really probably doesn't even want a dress and is just humoring me.  Thanks Ana.
Just a simple workdress like these.  

I wanted to make a dress like this.  Ana vetoed that.  Sigh.  Guess I'll have to make it for myself.  And the rest is my hints for my kids' Halloween costumes this year.  It's going to be awesome.

 Gosh I wish I had a sheepskin.  Oh, wait I do!  But not a wooly one.  Sad sigh.

 This guy is not a reference to the Halloween costumes I intend to make.  I just added this guy because he's good looking.

And this guy because he's actually smiling.  You never see that.

And this, because well, this is just awesome.

The end.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Saturday Hiking

 Leo took the kids to go help with some service project, this is the first signs of Jubal being sick.  He's had a fever since then.  :(
After Leo got back with the kids from the service project he took them hiking.  He let me stay home and I did laundry, paid bills, and SEWED!  I had a rough week and am still debating about writing about it.  Anyway, he wanted to give me time to myself so he took all the kids.  Ana was at a soccer game at Pinedale all day.  They won!  And I had a good day too.  He said the kids were awesome despite it being chilly.  It looks beautiful, I kind of wish I had gone now.  

I'm not sure exactly where he went, but possibly it was Vedauwoo?

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend we went to my Mom's house for Mother's Day and my little brother's graduation.    It was so much fun.  
 When we got there, I commented on how different Andrea's baby was.  And she told me to come admire her baby more.  Which I did, continuing to comment on how different she looked from the rest of Andrea's kids, and how much longer her hair had grown, and how she looked so different from how I remembered her.  Then Wyatt came out holding Andrea's baby, Annabel, and I realized the baby Andrea was holding was NOT her baby and that it was Wyatt's!!!!!  It was awesome!!  I was so surprised!  We laughed so hard!  Wyatt and Lindsay Ann had kept the pregnancy under wraps and didn't tell any of her family or ours, till they could see them in person and film our reaction.  Seriously so funny.
 Ana came and went horseback riding with Uncle Wyatt and spent time with Grandpa at the vet.  Leo and I ran some errands and went to the DI.  Wyatt's family came too, and then we ran into my cousin Clay and his family at the DI as well.  Party at the DI insued.  Pretty much my family is awesome.  Then that night we went to the Timbermine to celebrate Wyatt's graduation.
 The next day Kenzie (Wyatt and Lindsay Ann's baby) was blessed.  We had dinner and then came home.
 Dad had a new baby the night before.  It's a grulla.  Dad and Wyatt spent the weekend planning which horse to breed their horse to next.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

YAY!!! My sewing room is finished!!!!!

YAY!  YAY! YAY!!!!  I finished my sewing area!!!!  As someone thought, it does look a bit like bar, but it's not, it's my awesome ironing table that I made MYSELF!  Yes, I am bragging a bit.  I made the ironing table, gate and the cabinet under my cutting table, and the desk where my sewing machines are.  All ergonomically designed especially for me by me.  I've gotten pretty handy with a drill and circular saw if I do say so myself.  Leo did help me with the kreg jig when I slightly miscalculated some measurements and had to improvise a bit.  Hee. Hee.  Yeah, I drew up all the plans myself but I tend to umm, just dive into to things.  I build like I sew.  ;)  Or not sew, do you see the huge pile of stuff in the white basket on the top shelf?  Yeah, that's my mending pile that I haven't touched for over a year.  I hate mending.  Anyway, the sewing desk took precedence over a bunch of other projects when Jubal learned how to get through my makeshift blockades and was daily strewing my sewing things all over.  So it's my sewing desk/fortress to keep Jubal out.  Hence the gate.  Really the gate is the key.  The cabinet at the end of the table has the kids' sewing machines and projects in them. The inside shelfs are scraps and not stained, but from outside it looks nice.

This is the ironing table I made completely.  For the sewing area, I bought an Ikea countertop and added legs, because I wanted it completely smooth, so no fabric would snag.  
The other side of the table I made another shelf out of scraps, so it looks pretty cruddy, but it's serviceable.   

In other news, I'm trying to finish up our pink bathroom.  I want to put wallpaper on the one back wall.  And then I'll hang the spinning wheel and flax comb on the back wall.  
This is the wallpaper I'm thinking of, but I'm not in love with it.  
This is the wallpaper I was in love with, but I found out this particular wallpaper was $116 a yard, and that's ridiculous.  :(  
This is another smaller picture I'm hanging up on the other side.  I'm also going but up a little picture and maybe make a crewel embroidery to go up by it too.  I really like crewel embroidery. Something like this:

This is my picture on the other side.  I love it.  Anyway, I need to find the perfect wallpaper.  Sigh.  Rustic, antique-looking, dark--possibly green, with a little bit a salmon to tie the tub and toilet and sink.  

Monday, 9 May 2016

This is how kids should spend their days!! smile emoticon  heart emoticon heart emoticon Of course then Jubal started drinking from the gutter and Nicolas copied him and then Jubal started throwing deer poo and stepped in dog poo and then when I picked him up to stop him throwing deer poo, the dog poo got all over my clothes. That was not as joyous. But I still love that they can play outside all the time.

 So Ana's last game we left after the first 15 mins. after Nicolas pooed in his underwear. Then this time we made it through one half of the game (okay we came late) before Jubal nose-dived off the bleacher/stadium seating (about a 6 to 7 foot drop) onto the track below.  I was watching him but also trying to watch Ana play, and so I had Isabel trailing him too, but it's impossible to keep that kid from climbing on things.  Anyway, he fell.  I climbed down to get him and he was bleeding everywhere and I had to walk all the way around all the bleachers in front of everyone to go gather the rest of the kids and my purse to leave. Ana's coach and the trainer came up to try to help and two other ladies as well, but really what could they do?  I took him home and cleaned it off and decided it wasn't deep enough for stitches and that the gash on the inside of the lip also wasn't hospital worthy, so I called Leo to come home and buy some superglue to glue the cut under his lip.  But then he didn't calm down for so long that by the time Leo got home I decided that maybe we should take him in.  So we drove to the urgent care (which had just closed) and then to the ER but in front of the ER Jubal perked up and started playing with sunglasses and the window and was happy as could be.  So we didn't go to the ER after all.

 So we went to Walmart instead for superglue and yogurt and other soft foods. He's only unhappy about being buckled back in his car seat.

 We fed him a lot of ice-cream and yogurt and mashed potatoes, etc.  But he was not happy with not being able to eat other food, and on Saturday he cried piteously whenever he tried to eat (little bitty bites of waffle, etc).  By Sunday he was fine though.
 Thursday I also found termites swarming in our garage.  Errrr!  Luckily our house is still under warranty from termite treatment done last fall.
 And then we went to Utah this last weekend, and I'll write about that later.  But on the way we hit a crazy storm with tons of lightening and then hail/sleet that quickly accumulated on our windshield as you can see.  It was really loud.
And in Utah we saw Dad's new grulla, born just on Friday. And later I'll write more, but now I am off to do useful things besides writing on my blog.  The end.