Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blacksmith Fork Canyon and the Ogden Temple

Monday morning, Megan, Katelyn, and Ana left for AFY (yes, not EFY--Adventure For Youth, river rafting and horseback riding, etc.) They were very excited. And then I cleaned our van.  
  And then my roommate from college and very good friend came up to visit.  We went and bought more ice-cream than I care to admit.  Tillamook, it's the best.  And then we headed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon to a beautiful little park there to cook tinfoil dinners and let the kids play.  It was heavenly.

Molly and Jennae

Isabel insisted on a bunch of photos.

And yes, another sunset.  We love them since we can't see them from out house.
On Tuesday, Leo and I went to the Ogden temple with Lindsay.  And then we hung out with Andrea at her house.  Leo had to work, and unfortunately our pool plans were rained out, but my kids were amazed that they could ride down the street on their bikes by themselves!  And we had pizza and Amy and her kids were there for a while.  And then Tim's care battery died so he was gone all night too.  But Andrea and I had fun looking at stuff to decorate her house with.

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