Saturday, 8 August 2015

Going-to-the-Sun Highway

I wouldn't mind living in this particularly beautiful part of Montana.  So lovely.
And then Flat Head Lake and all the cherry orchards--I had no idea it was so lovely.  I want a cabin here on the lake.

And onwards and upwards to Going-to-the-Sun Highway through Glacier National Park.  It was so stunningly beautiful!!!  Sad to see the Pine Beetle damage though.  Anyway, it added a couple hours to our trip to Canada, but it was so worth it!  We saw a Mountain Goat, and the Ana and Sebastian swore they saw a baby bear.  Anyway, good times.

We didn't stop at the top of Logan's Pass, the parking lot was full anyway.  But here's some stories from my Father about Logan's Pass.

One time my dad was driving on Going-to-the-Sun Highway on a motorcycle and a friend (I forgot his name) was on another motorcycle. And they hit the top of Logan's Pass and realized that they didn't have enough fuel to get home or anywhere really. So they decided to COAST down the rest of the highway till they got to St. Mary's. Anyway, that's what they did.  And his friend's motorcycle caught on fire, and my dad had no way to tell him that his motorcycle was on fire in the back. Umm, yeah.  

Another time he was going over Logan's Pass with his family, I guess he must have been pretty young, and a storm rolled in and the fog was so bad that they couldn't see the road, and they made Uncle Dave walk out in front of the car so he could see the road and they could follow him, very very slowly.

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