Monday, 23 February 2015

Life in Katy

1. It's rainy and gloomy and awful today.  I really hate weather like this.
2. This is Sebastian's picture, A Scorpion Fighting a Spider.
3. Last Sunday, Leo grilled a whole salmon and I made blueberry and toasted pecan and spinach salad, and sautéed green beans, and the Bodines brought rolls, and it was the yummiest meal I've had in a long time.  Delicious.
4. On Monday last week we met at the church with the Bodines and the Smiths and the Pages and we played sports in the gym for FHE.  It was so much fun!  The most fun I've had in a long, long, time.

5. Sebastian watched Harry Potter one morning and drew this on Jubal's head.  Hee. Hee.
6. Two years later, I finally finished the girls' emboirdery decorations.  I'm kind of disappointed. A couple of weeks ago Kayli sent me a link to a designer's room she had made for her little girl, and it was exactly the idea I was going for in my girls' room and of course it looked so much better.  Including these.  I know I shouldn't care or just be content, but I'm actually pretty bummed because I spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort in, and her's would have been faster.  Anyway, I'm in a bad mood right now, so take anything I say with a grain of salt simply because I'm being so negative altogether.  Gosh, I wish it was sunny.
7. The little girls rolled up in their blankets.

More of the boy who lived.

8. Ana babysat on Friday night while Leo and I went to a marriage class at the church.  She made the kids this AMAZING tent and they got to sleep in it that night.
8. Ana made the only goal at her game on Tuesday and they won 1-0!!!  WOOT!!! WOOT!!!! We also went to her game on Friday and they won that 1-0 too!!!!
9. I bought the boys a new airplane at Hobby Lobby.  I just couldn't resist the teeth on it.  It's eveybody's favorite plane now.
10. Elena and Audrey at their Valentine's Day party.  Thanks to Karen, Audrey's mom, who always sends me pictures!  
11.  Our stake was split this weekend and we had stake conference and Elder Golden and Elder Rhien came and talked and it was a really excellent conference.  
12.  I've been cleaning and throwing out things like crazy. Leo keeps teasing me that I'm pregnant and nesting. I definitely am not. IF only my sewing pile would decrease in size too.  I've yet to start work on the girls' quilts and that makes me really sad.  It takes all my time and energy right now just to keep up with the day to day things, making bread, dishes, dinner, homework, piano lessons and getting kids to practice, working out, cleaning, laundry, stopping kids from bickering, etc, etc.  It doesn't help either that Lando and Jubal NEVER sleep at the same time.  That is seriously going to be the death of me.

13.  I dyed my roots on Saturday with Leo's help.  He held the mirror for me while I did the back.   We watched Reds2 while I dyed it in the bathroom on Leo's laptop. I highly recommend it.  I don't like Bruce Willis for whatever reason, but this movie was quite good anyway because it was meant to be so over the top.   The roots by the way, turned a little too yellow, next time I'll start on the front and make sure to wrap my head in saran wrap and a towel so the bleach doesn't deactivate.  Lesson learned.
14. Will someone please watch Wolf Children for me.  Please?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wingardium Leviosa

 1. Leo was gone for on Monday, so we decorated chocolate sugar cookies for FHE.  Leo was in Mexico for work. He left Sunday and came back on Wednesday.  I missed him a lot.  

 Alyssa, our neighbor, joined us.

 2. Alyssa comes over quite a bit and on Saturday she came with Elena to the Stake Activity Days activity.  They both loved it.  It was four hours on being "BeYOUtiful" and they had a lunch there.

 3. Sunday night was New Beginnings.  My friends Daisy and Seth came over and watched my kids for me, so I could go with Ana.

 4. Jubal falls asleep on his face.  So weird.  None of my other kids did that.  Poor kid, cried himself to sleep there.  Well, he was just sort of fussy and by the time I went over to him, he had already konked out.  He looks so little in the top picture.  I wish he could just stay this size for another year.  Really, I do.

 5. We took some pictures of them reading last week and now they think it's a necessity everytime they read.  Silly monkeys.

 6. My first time embroidering on my machine was a success!  I did Jubal's name for his baby book.  And I used my software to convert the font of my choice to a embroidery pattern.  Pretty sweet to finish it in 20 mins rather than 6 months.  And then I sewed a removable cover rather than glue-gunning it.  However, I'm not sure I like it that way as much as I thought I would.  All in all though, I'm very happy with it. Happy to be done most of all.
7. Leo and I actually went on a date on Valentine's Day.  That never happens!  We went and played tennis (first time for both of us!) with our friends, Brittney and Truston Bodine.  They were good natured enough to chase after our crazy balls, and then we went out for tacos after. It was so fun!!
8. My parents are coming to visit us in March!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!
9. Ana has a sore hip and hasn't played soccer the last couple of days.  She's pretty bummed about that.
10. Today for dessert, I'm making Coeurs a la Creme.  Yes, I feel very chef-like.  Mine is even in a heart shaped mold.
11. Now off to church I go and I don't have time to write anymore.  Sorry.

Monday, 9 February 2015

The last few weeks pt. 2

7. This is the face Sebastian made with his raisins and tortilla. Then since I took a picture, Nicolas and Sebastian climbed on the table demanding a picture of them as well.  Which led to a lot of goofy poses.

8. This fridge's decorations make me so happy! Really.  I love to see what kids draw.  I've even saved drawings from a lot of my nieces and nephews.  So sorry if you get bored of scanned drawings and photos of drawings, but I consider them saved if they're on my blog and then I don't feel bad throwing them out.
Elena has a thing for detectives right now.
Ana playing with Sebastian's crayons and oil pastels.
Dead Fish by Sebastian
Mixed Media Ocean by Isabel
Our Beta by Sebastian
That was pretty much dead on.
9.    I don't really care if this fish is dead or alive but I do feel a sense of responsibility for it that it doesn't suffer while it is alive.  Anyway, it's survived it's near death experience and is healthier than ever, and even got a new tank to boot because I felt so bad for the poor thing.

10.  Sebastian can scale any wall like nothing, but this way of climbing is a new one for him and he wanted help down as you can see in the second photo, but I wanted a picture.  Poor kid.  He can actually monkey climb up one side of a door frame, not even putting his feet over to the other side.
11. Brett (my brother-in-law) got stuck in Houston at the airport so we picked him up and he spent the night at our house.  It was fun to see him for an hour or so.
12. I'm teaching 3 kids private sewing lessons starting this week.

And that is all my numbed brain can think of right now.  Goodnight, I have sandwiches for the kids lunches to make, and off to bed I go.