Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sunday, 22 April 2018


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Sebas's baptism

Sebastian's baptism went super well. Myles did a great job on his talk and it was so nice to have Megan and her kids here and Grandma and Grandpa.  Ana was gone for Nat. guard. Sebastian wanted butterhorns for the refreshment and we had a rainbow platter of fruit.  Yum.  Grandma and Grandpa came out Friday night and taught us the awesome game of Cover Your Assets, and then they left pretty soon after the baptism.  Megan and her kids stayed for dinner--ham and potatoes and of course Tillamook ice cream and then they headed home. It was really fun.  Oh, and I made Leo baptize Sebastian twice (I found out after that I didn't really need to correct Leo but oh well) because Leo said Sebastian Jack Latorre Rasmussen.  Her. Her. I love my Colombiano esposo!

Game Night Party

Leo and I planned and prepared a game night bi-ward party with a cake and ice cream buffet.  I made 5 cakes, (chocolate with pastry cream filling and ganache icing, Mexican chocolate, Strawberry Lime Cream Cake--that's winner, check out the recipe at Mel's Kitchen Cafe--coconut cake, and carrot cake) and did all the games.  Hardly anyone showed--those that did had a good time, but I felt burned out after.  Leo doesn't want me to ever volunteer again.  :/

Funny boys

After Ana got back from National Guard she discovered Jubal trying on her things.  Hee. Hee.

Lando lost his very first tooth.  

These two are such good friends (when they're not slugging it out) but really overall, they play so well together.  I love it!!!

Monday, 9 April 2018

Phone download

These are from March off my phone.

The boys are weird and watch tv in bins.

We made marshmallow eggs.  These were delicious!!!  And horrible for my diet.  Ana said they were the best marshmallow anything she'd ever had.

Lando is excited for soccer to start.

Lando and Jubal and Efraim went with me to the chiropractor.  We browsed through the Hat Creek Saddle shop  for fun too and hung out at the park by the Platte for a while.

My kids put one pine cone on each log.  Weird again.

My kids need gum boots.

I think this was in February.  We went to the piano teacher's to drop off Sebas's piano books which I forgot to send with him to school.  I do that every. single. Monday.

Jubal destroys things.

Efraim grabbed a razor I had in a package under the sink and cut himself, we couldn't get him to leave the bandaid on so we wrapped up his whole hand.

Jubal bored....

I made a wedding dress for a friend's daughter.  She was Amy in the play Little Women.  Her sister was Meg.

She LOVED her wedding dress.  So despite it being 1830's not 1880's (nothing in the play was historically accurate at all) I was pretty pleased.  Plus just look at that awesome pleating in the sleeves!!  The sleeves are awesome.

I also made her a night gown for another scene.  And that's all on my phone catch up.  Except these videos are definitely worth your time to watch!!!  Don't miss them!