Friday, 28 December 2007

A Day

These photos are rather unrelated to anything, but such is life. This is the "tent" we made in our living room a couple days ago that Ana got to sleep in.
The inside of our tent.
Ana was so excited about getting her heelies (her Christmas present from her biological mom) that she had to put them on after bathing and getting in her nightgown. What a goose.
Ana insider her tent with "Mr. Alex."
Elena, studiously reading inside the tent.

My dad always told us when we left the house in the morning, "Have a day!" Profound, isn't he? Anyway, here's my day today.

I woke up tired. I stayed up last night watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I don't think it was as good as sleep would have been.

Elena was throwing up in her bed. Showered, made breakfast, walked out the door before eating breakfast to pick up our babysitter, praying that she wouldn't be mad about me having her babysit while Elena's throwing up everything.

Arrived back home, picked up Leo, let him drive to the airport while I ate my cold egg-in-the-basket. Dropped off Leo. Drove to an adoption appointment with the home study people. Good news! We've been approved for a foster care license and we just have to wait for one final appointment to proceed with the rest of the procedure of adopting. (I'll have to call our lawyer to find out exactly what that procedure is.--One step at a time!) Finished the appointment and drove home; it was snowing all morning and now the roads were slick and I slid quite a bit.
Arrived back home, ate a banana because I felt a little nauseous, woke up Elena who promptly began throwing up and took the babysitter home. Stopped at the store to buy pedolyte and drop off Harry.

Ana on her sled.

Came back home, and this part was nice, cuddled Elena and tried to soothe her while she threw up all the pedolyte she drank--twice--but then she started keeping it down. Dozed on the couch with Elena while Ana played outside in the snow. Ana was so excited to try out her new sled and build a snowman! Unfortunately her snowman had a grim end when some kids in the complex knocked it down. After her tearful tale of a lost carrot nose, I decided I better spend some time cuddling my other daughter. Elena was still tired and fell back asleep in her crib so I went outside and helped Ana build a family of snowpeople. The maintenance guy happened by at a fortuitous time and helped lift one middle section up for us too. (I should take them some chocolates!) I am not very strong at all, I have to admit.

Our snow family.

After becoming sopping wet and cold, we came inside, drank hot chocolate, after which Ana informed me she wasn't feeling well. Sure enough, she had a fever. She spent the rest of the day laying on the couch drinking pedolyte. I started reading her the Farthest Away Mountain and she and Elena both fell asleep on the couch with me--another nice moment. I have to admit I finished reading the book after putting them in bed tonight. Then I washed Elena's sheets, bathed the kids and put them to bed. And after finishing the book, I am now blogging happily away. I DO have to go do the mountainous piles of dishes in the kitchen though. But all's well because Leo gets home tonight around 2330 and is home for three DAYS!!! Yahoo!!!! And my sister's coming to visit for New Year's!!! Yahoo again!!! Well, I better go clean up this mad house that I've been ignoring all day before Leo arrives, but in case I'm not back on before the New Year, Happy New Year everyone!!!

Another random photo, but Elena is just so cute, I love how little but big she is.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Yes, I realize that this has been sent to everyone and their dog this year, but my parents elfed themselves (along with Ethan and Lindsay--my two youngest siblings), and really that was just funny.

Christmas Past

We had our Christmas on Saturday and it went really well. The kids were very excited and Ana said it was her best Christmas ever, so I count it as a success. I didn't take too many pictures, I was too sleepy, and to tell the truth, I'm too sleepy to even write much now. (I have a cold that's killing me, I swear!) Also, I have the dishes "soaking" in the sink that I need to finish washing. But I couldn't forbear posting now that everyone else has had their Christmas too.

Ana and Leo trying on the stockings.
Elena is eating chocolates with the wrappers still on.
Elena hasn't quite figured out how to hammer the balls down yet,

but she still likes playing with it.

Unfortunately, all the snow melted the day before in the rain.

But Ana can't wait till it snows again!

Yes, it is a passport. I'm making it a tradition to get all my kids passports on their first Christmas. World travel here we come!

Love that smile!

Ana hasn't quite gotten the hang of hugging back yet, but I'm sure it will come. The other day at her school Christmas party, she called me "Mom" once, in front of her friends. That was the first time ever.

Leo received a tool kit, he was pretty happy about that.

Handing out the presents.

Ana inspecting a fallen bow.

Thursday, 20 December 2007


I was taking a shower this afternoon and had just stepped out when I heard some noises that sounded like someone was in my apartment. I scoffed it off at first and dried off, but I kept hearing little noises. Elena was in the bathroom with me, and to tell you the truth, I actually became quite scared--enough to close the bathroom door tight and lock it. (Bare in mind, that a couple a weeks ago, when Leo was gone and I and the kids were eating dinner, I went into the kitchen for something and there was a guy standing outside our kitchen window with his face just a couple inches from it. There's bushes out in front the window too, and he was behind the bushes right by the house. And he simply stared right back at me for what seemed like quite a while before turning and walking away. Well, anyway, I sat back down at the table, but as I thought about it more, I decided to call the police, so for the first time in my life I called 911--well actually I just dialed the police station and they transferred me to 911. Then a cop came to our house and really I didn't remember anything about the guy at all--I'm completely nonobservant, and the cop gave me a lecture on calling 911 immediately next time and told me they had received several calls about that same guy in our apartment complex that night.) As the noises continued though, I figured I really couldn't just stay locked in the bathroom, and although a towel wrapped around me wasn't the best clothing to confront an intruder, I finally opened the door and walked into the hallway to see who might be there. Well, a squirrel was in our living room eating a chocolate cookie that had been on my kitchen counter. In fact, there were two squirrels, one was still in the kitchen. A couple of yells scared them away. Here you can see where they chewed their way in. And the tempting cookies that they couldn't resist. Stupid squirrels. Funny thing is that I had been forewarned about these squirrels, the Fellows (you can see their blog under my favorites--The Jolly Good Fellows) used to live in these apartments and had told me all about marauding squirrels. I should have never left that window open.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Movie Mania

I happened upon a preview of a movie the other day that now I am so excited to see. Well, that led me to look to see what other movies are out or coming out that I would like to see. And here's my list. (Since everyone's into making lists around this time of year.)

Prince Caspian is the movie that started all this, hence first on my list.
Atonement would also top the list but it's rated R and I don't watch those anymore after the last one I watched--Munich--gave me nightmares for three days. Since I'm on the subject of movies I won't be able to watch, I would like to watch this one as well, Love in the Time of Cholera. Guess I'll have to read the books instead of watching either of them. Okay and I've wanted to watch Volver for forever too. That just brought to mind that while I was standing in the checkout line the other day, I saw this issue of Vogue, and yes I have to admit, that I picked it up and flipped to the pictures of Penelope Cruz. And, man, I would love to wear those dresses. Wow. I especially love the one in black and gold. Really, what woman wouldn't feel stunning in a dress like that?!!??! Hee. Hee. Anyway, just to clear my name a little here, I didn't buy it, and really I would like you all to know the only magazine subscriptions I have ever had was to the National Geographic, Smithsonian, Ensign, and well, Sunset (but Amy stole those, so that doesn't really count.) And if I could get another magazine it would be Archaeology. Just so you know.
Now on to the movies I can watch.
August Rush it's made by the same people who made In America which was a very excellent film that my sister Amy recommended to me, so I 'm very excited for it. Okay well here's another video I found while looking for In America's trailer, it's quite funny.
And just two more, The Kite Runner and Bella.

So I tag you all to tell me (at least in my comment section) what's on your list for movies to watch.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Chocolate Passion

Christmas is my favorite time of the year because my mother always made the best homemade chocolates (among other things). I mean these chocolates are better than any you buy at stores except maybe Godiva. And really Godiva simply has more choices, that's the only reason, the qualify is about the same. See's, Fanny May, Russell's, Whitman's--all those, don't even hold a candle to my Mom's. I'm serious. I mean, if you've read my little blurp of "Sobre Mi" you might recall that I love chocolate. And I am at least a decent judge of chocolate if not exactly a connoisseur. I have had many years working as a nurse where we constantly received chocolates from patients and doctors at Christmastime, and I always considered myself doing a favor for all those other nurses who moan about their weight by eating as many as possible. Well, anyway now that I live a thousand miles from my mom, I have had to start making my own chocolates at Christmas. (Granted, I still had my mom mail me a block of dark chocolate from a most excellent store--Kitchen Kneads in Ogden, UT--but I do actually have to make the chocolates.) This is a very taxing task. But well worth it.

A crockpot full of chocolate, what could be better?This is when the chocolate is all melted and ready for dipping.

Truffle mixture. My favorite are truffles, I made some chocolate hazelnut this year.
These are for my honey, peanut clusters are his favorito.

And this would be my attempt at fudge, I kind of wrecked it this year, I undercooked it and then recooked it and it's just different, although it did set up.

These guys know there's something good cooking.Please, can I have some?Yum!Sweet satisfaction.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Blatant Self Promotion

Leo's home so I really don't intend to write much at all, but I did want to post these pictures because Elena is such a little trouble maker. Cute, though. She's been insisting on walking all the way home from Ana's school, by herself. It makes for a long, cold walk home. Then she gets mad when we finally do get home and she has to go inside, even though her little fingers are red and cold. Crazy chica.
I sent out most of my Christmas letters this past week, (except the ones to Canada and Colombia--I have to go buy postage for those) and I do have to admit that I blatantly, self-promoted my blog by adding the web address at the bottom. What can I say, I like to think that people actually read this once in a while. Otherwise, the whole letter was pretty blah. I wish I was more clever. Oh well.
This week I'm going to make chocolates like crazy. That's my goal. We'll see how far I get. We're having Christmas on the 22nd so I guess I 'll need to be finished. My stockings won't be finished--can't win them all though. Well, chao! My bed and husband beckon.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A New Blog to View

My wonderfully witty sister Andrea just started a blog. (Kayli and I have been working on her for months to do so and she finally caved to the peer pressure.) Anyway check it out here. I'm sure it will be stellar.
Also here's some pictures of my cute kids.

At the Christmas party, Ana so kindly took this picture, and well, I must be daft to post it, but I loved Elena's face.
Also at the Christmas party, Ana with Santa.
Ana in my favorite outfit that she refuses to wear to school. Ruff.
We tried to be twinners for the ward Christmas party. (Per Ana's insistence.) It was fun.
Yes!!! I finally am no longer a milk cow. As of Saturday, Elena is solely drinking from her sippy cup.So sweet!

Wearing Dad's headgear.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Sometimes I Wish...

That I lived here. Or here. I especially wish that on cold days when I have to walk Ana to and from school (otherwise I would not leave the house.)
I could sit and look out my window and just enjoy the warmth of the sun and the smell of the flowers.
I could travel like this.
At least since we live in a cold, wintery place we could travel like this. That would be way more awesome than my car. (And probably more reliable.) But then it doesn't have heating on that sled.If wishes were fishes, and cabbages kings!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

One More Thing

I loved, loved, loved this post of my sister's. We're alike in so many ways, it's rather frightening. Hee. Hee.

Everything Is Illuminated

"I will be truthful and mention that before our rigid search... ...I had the opinion Jewish people were having *** between their brains. Primarily, this is because all I knew of Jewish people... ...was that they paid Father very much currency... order to make vacations from America to Ukraine. I was of the opinion that the past is past... ...and like all that is not now, it should remain buried... ...along the side of our memories. But this was before the commencement of our very rigid search. Before I encountered the collector... ...Jonathan Safran Foer." --AlexThis would be Jonathan. Everything Is Illuminated was my favorite movie this year. Granted it didn't come out this year, but I watched it this year, and every time I watch it again, I like it more and more. It's not really a movie I would recommend to everyone. In fact, my little sister Kayli watched it with me and commented on how we don't like the same kind of movies at all. This is true.

It's a wonderful Family History movie. Someday, if I ever teach a Family History class, I plan on showing clips from this movie. (Edited of course.) The movie is about these three people, Alex, Jonathan, and Alex's grandfather. They drive around in this little blue car lookinf for Jonathan's grandfather's village that was destroyed by Nazis in WWII. (A lot of the movie is in Russian. FYI) Here's an example:

Jonathan: I'm a vegetarian.
Alex: You're a what?

Jonathan: I don't eat meat.
Alex: How can you not eat meat?
Jonathan: I just don't.
Alex: [to Grandfather, in Russian] He says he does not eat meat.
Grandfather: [to Alex, in Russian] What?
Alex: No meat?
Jonathan: No meat.
Alex: Steak?
Jonathan: No...
Alex: Chickens!
Jonathan: No...
Alex: And what about the sausage?
Jonathan: No, no sausage, no meat!
Alex: [to Grandfather, in Russian] He says he does not eat any meat.
Grandfather: [to Alex, in Russian] Not even sausage?
Alex: [to Grandfather, in Russian] I know!
Grandfather: [to Alex, in Russian] What is wrong with him?
Alex: What is wrong with you?
Jonathan: Nothing, I just don't eat meat!

The grandfather who is responsible for driving them around, believes he is blind, hence the dog. My quote of the month is about this dog. By the way, if this picture offends you, you probably shouldn't watch the movie.