Sunday, 24 July 2016

White Pine Lake

On Friday we went to Utah!   And on Saturday Leo went with Isabel and Elena on hike/trail ride to White Pine Lake.  I wanted to go but was worried I'd be too sick and too tired to make it the whole way.  So I stayed home and bought buttons.  That's about all I did.  I wish I had gone to White Pine Lake.  Anyway, they had a great time and Leo took a few pictures (although none of White Pine Lake itself.)

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Martin's Cove and Independence Rock for Independence Day

Since we really didn't have much time at Martin's Cove on Isabel's birthday, we decided to head back there for the 4th of July.  It was nice because it was practically empty.  However it was hot and windy and the kids enthusiasm quickly faded.  VERY quickly.

But we got our handcart and pressed on to Martin's Cove.

Isabel and Elena were mad at us (because we wouldn't let them ride in the cart) and walked far ahead, until the nice missionaries warned us to keep them close due to snakes on the trail.

This was the point when Sebastian had to ride in the handcart.

All in all not the best time for the kids, but oh well.  On the way back we put ALL the kids in the handcart (Ana was working that day) and hauled back to the visitor's center, the missionaries have all the handcarts tracked on GPS and they were impressed with our speed.  It also helped that I needed a restroom and the wind was pushing us--literally pushing us.

Split Rock (where we played a week or two before) from Martin's Cove.  Next point of reference from Devil's Gate on the Oregon Trail.

And then of course, we headed to Independence Rock (because it was Independence Day).

It was really cool, and I'd actually like to go back and climb on it again and spend more time, because we only stayed for about 20 mins.  The kids would have played there much longer, but the missionaries had invited us to a bbq at Martin's Cove.  We thought it would be more general people, but it wasn't, it was the senior missionary couples  It was a bit awkward.  But yummy, and I didn't have to cook, so I was happy.  Then we stayed for their program, sang some songs, and headed home, where we watched fireworks that night.  I was pretty impressed, they were really good.  And it was hysterical, because the kids were all playing across the parking lot and Jubal was running over to join  them when the fireworks started and Jubal turned on his heel and headed straight back to me with a look of sheer terror on his face.  Leo and I were laughing SO hard.  He kept his head covered for a bit and then enjoyed the rest of them.  Good times.  I think this is Ana and Tristin that night--she went to go watch fireworks with him.  

Monday, 4 July 2016

Isabel's Baptism!!!

Isabel turned eight and was baptized the same day in the Sweetwater River at Martin's Cove.  We met up with my parents, who had been on trek with their stake, and two families from our ward came.  It started downpouring right when we arrived, so we had the service in the chapel and not at the riverside, but it had mostly stopped by the time she was baptized.  And then after, it was warm and sunny again.  Crazy weather.  
It was really neat though, I'm glad she decided to be baptized there.

Mom was still in her trek clothes and Isabel had already changed out of the dress I made her.  :(   Pictures of her in her dress coming, I promise.  Maybe I'll have to bug Kayli to take some. ;)

 We spent a little bit of time walking around the old fort.  The kids had fun, but we didn't stay long.

 The next morning Isabel got to open her presents.  Scriptures, earrings, and scripture case.

 Isabel chose chocolate fondue and cheese fondue for her birthday dinner.  It was good.  Not as good coming back up.  (That was just me.)  

 Elena made her an iPhone with apps and background picture and everything.  It was super cute.  She also made her a purse with a wallet and keys.
I love Lando's smile!
 But Jubal is a pest!!!!
What's with that blonde hair?  Where did Leo's genes even go to?