Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wed. Reminisce: High School Grad

When I graduated high school in 2000, my Dad tried to have the school let my little sister Kayli graduate too. They wouldn't let her, despite having completed all the necessary credits for graduation with a 4.0 and 33 ACT score and she had a 4 yr. full tuition scholarship to USU including a stipend for living expenses. Yeah, I was never jealous. :) Anyway, they wouldn't let her graduate early because the school was paid per number of students and as North Dakota has a decreasing population, they try to hold on to students. So in protest, I didn't attend my graduation. No, not really. I just really find graduations the most boring things in the world. To escape, I went to Fort Mandan with my dad.
But Dad thought we should have the gown and pictures anyway, so he let us put on HIS gradutaion robes that he had to wear to the university graduations. Only it wasn't even his, it's not in the color of the education department, he borrowed it from a friend in the computer science department. Not that it matters. Dad is just funny.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Craigs list

So I just bought two car seats off of Craigs list today. (Brand new in package--saved myself $160--sweet!) and I'm looking for a piano for free off of it. (That's a nice thing about big cities, there's tons of listings.) Anyway, I ran across this today as well and it was pretty amazing. Remember, serious inquiries only.

The awesomest thing on ever!!!

Wed. Reminisce: Stuck

This is Lindsay stuck to a popcicle way back when on a trip home from Canada. We wouldn't help until we could take a picture. Hee. Hee.
By the way, Elena says that all the time now, "I stuck, Mommy, I stuck!!!" Usually, when she's in her carseat. She doesn't really understand the purpose of a carseat obviously.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday, Crazy Sunday

My sweetheart, Isabel!
Crazy Elena. Yesterday she named the vacuum--Whitney or Britney, I wasn't quite sure. Then, as I was vacuuming she kept telling it to come. And she would chase after it and basically act like it was a pet dog or something. Then when I was finished and went to put it away, she asked, "It sleeping?" and so I said it did need to sleep. So she dragged the head of it (I have a cannister one) down to her room and put it to bed with a blanket and pillow on the floor. Ella esta loca! (Or we really need a dog.)
Ana showing off her new haircut.
Ugly bugs that live at our apartment. Nasty.

Friday, 17 April 2009

I Know I've Mentioned this Before

But I really like the show, The Colbert Report. Here's some recent clips:

Okay, are you still with me? I know I posted oodles, but I had a hard time narrowing them down. I laugh so hard. I love satire.

This I haven't mentioned before. I love The Office. Yeah, I'm a complete junkie. I watch it on Hulu, since we don't have TV. I really love the internet. Here's some good clips for you.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

My Date with Leo

Leo and I had a very exciting date planned for Tuesday--at least exciting to me. We were going to go to downtown Chicago to the Macy's Flower Show and then the Oriental Museum at the University of Chicago. Flowers and archaeology, can't really get any better than that. However, the night before Elena screamed from 3 to 4 AM after falling out of bed. She wasn't hurt. She's just like that. Then at 5 AM Leo was woken by the saga of a lady leaving her boyfriend?/husband? and as he was very drunk, and she very upset, it was all very noisy. I was dead and slept through it, and anyway, as they were yelling in Spanish I wouldn't have understood anyway, so I just heard the drama secondhand. Lucky me. Then we listened to a very overtired Elena whine and cry all the way to the babysitter's. Errr. She has reached a new pinnacle in annoying crying--she's does this rough, gravelly cry that still manages to be so high-pitched, it literally makes my blood pressure sky rocket whenever I hear it. My flesh crawls. (The babysitter said she was excellent the whole day though--we, on the other hand, got to hear her scream the whole way home until she fell asleep as we turned into our parking lot). Needless to say, we weren't quite as chipper as we had planned.

Then we realized after spending 20 mins trying to find a relatively unexpensive parking garage ($12--that's our best so far) that we had parked near the wrong Macy's. Who knew that there were two 8-stories-tall Macy's in downtown Chicago? So we decided to take the bus down to the Oriental Museum only to realize that the express bus only runs during rush hour, meaning that it would take a good hour or more on the bus we were in. We could practically walk as fast. Only it was bitterly cold with the freezing wind pounding us from Lake Michigan. So we got off the bus and walked to the right Macy's.
It wasn't what I expected. I had seen pictures on the internet of previous ones. This just didn't live up to those grandiose designs I had seen online. Maybe the recession is hitting them a little hard too.
Anyway, these are some of the table designs. This one was my favorite.
Nothing all that exciting here either.
Pink flamingos made out of flowers are pretty cool, but then again, pink flamingos aren't really my thing.
This was the center of the Macy's, it went up 8 stories.
The start of the kids department. Anyway, we spent the grand total of thirty minutes looking around, and most of that was riding the escalators. Then we had the long walk back to the parking garage. We did walk by the Chicago Cultural Center and decided to go in and we could have stayed for a free Jazz concert, but neither of us like Jazz. So we just admired the largest glass Tiffany dome in the world instead.
Leo admiring.We then decided to burn our free time by window shopping. Mostly because it was cold and we really had no desire to see Elena again, for say, a couple of weeks? I chose to stop at Crate and Barrel where Leo picked out this bed. I liked it too. Although neither of us like dark wood.

Then we both picked out these plates as our favorite. Andrea called me consistently boring. Ruff.

Then we tried out all the couches and this was our favorite. Can you tell Leo was humoring me a lot? Not that he didn't like the couch, just that he tried them all out with me. We also stopped at the Mac store. Mac computers are sweet, I just have to say. And then we went home to our insane munchkins. All in all, not a bad date, it ended nicely anyways. Besides, anytime away from my kids and alone with my husband is time well spent. And since your life isn't enlightened enough about my life yet, instead of buying a swimsuit as planned I bought a new pair of shoes. My old running shoes died (they had had a hole in the toe for a long time but the back started breaking making them a little painful). This marks the first time since high school that I have actually bought a pair of running shoes based solely on my liking them. For the longest time I had to pick white ones for my CNA/LPN/RN careers and then I bought a pair at Sam's Club because they were cheap. But I did love that pair, which by the way is the same brand as this pair--Saucony--way better than Aesics any day. And do you notice, these shoes have red on them!!!!!

Now I must get to bed.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wed. Reminisce: Kayli and Brett

This is Kayli back in high school when we used to work at Dairy Queen. Yes, I worked there too. Kayli and I were like twins. Conjoined twins. And besides, who wouldn't want to work at Dairy Queen?This is Brett. A.K.A. Flying Squirrel Man

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Thoughts and More

Happy Easter from my beautiful girls!!!
Isabel is so cute!!!! She's crawling like crazy now. In Stake Conference today she took off and played with some kids in another family the whole last talk. Ana managed to find all the Easter baskets with only a few hints. I love having kids to enjoy the holidays with!The kids loved their Easter baskets. Elena loved the bubble bath and Ana received double-sided markers which she's been asking for. Elena got some little watercolor paints which she spent the whole morning using till they were almost gone. Later she was twirling in a circle singing, "I love Easter! I love painting!" over and over again. Crazy chica.
Our brightly colored eggs. I love decorating Easter eggs. So fun. I have a hard time watching the kids and just letting them do it. I kept wishing I had boiled some for me.
Elena thinks that's how you wear a headband. It makes me think of a weird Star Trek character or something.
Isabel was tuckered out after all the excitement. We did all of that yesterday, and then today we had dinner at a friend's house. She's British, so we had a traditional lamb dinner and a fruitcake her mum made six weeks ago with eleven marzipan balls on top, representing the eleven apostles of Christ. It was really good. I love traditions. Her husband's French and his mother is visiting, and so we also had chocolate eggs straight from Switzerland (she lives close to Geneva). They were heavenly. There's nothing better than celebrating with friends. So fun. I love having friends that feel like family.I do have to complain just a bit, because I was trying to convince my parents to come out here for Memorial Day weekend to go camping with us at Nauvoo. But they won't because Dad's baby is due. Here's his first baby of the year, Amir Jeedani. Pretty cute little guy, eh? However, are his horses really more important than his children? I mean Kayli's family and Wyatt's family might be there too. Apparently, the horses are more important. Ruff.

Also, here's a great video on Easter, since you know, it's not all chocolate eggs and bunnies.

And in español, just because.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wed. Reminisce: Rub-a-dub-dub

I thought I'd do my Wed. Reminisces in pictures this month.
Amy, Wyatt, Lindsay, Kayli, Ethan, and Andrea in a hotel tub. They tried to get me in, but I was being uncooperative.

Happenings at our casa

1. First and foremost: Leo refinished our table!!!!! Isn't it beautiful!?!?!? He did such a great job. I would show you a before picture, but there are some things that are better forgotten. And do you notice the lovely chairs? I have to take back the bad things I said about Ikea. Leo tightened the screws on our one chair and it is no longer wobbly. So we've been able to get two more. Soon, no more ugly metal ones. :) 2. Elena says "lubbly" for lovely all the time. She also says, "Oh my GOODNESS!" It's really funny.
3. Ana, looking beautiful as always. She's so happy because she gets to start soccer soon.
4. Elena is scared of Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space, but she watched Willow with Ana just fine. Kids are weird.
5. Another beautiful picture of Ana in her new dress. I love Target.
6. This is Isabel in a very old dress. In fact it was Olivia's, so 10 yrs old. I wanted it from Amy since I was a teenager, so my daughters could be Russian princesses.
7. Isabel learned to crawl this week. She's doing the army crawl, but she spends half the time up on her hands and knees, she just can't move forward yet in that position.
8. Elena's become obsessed with princesses lately. What a crazy goose. The other day I tried on my pioneer dress from when I was 16--and it still fit. Elena saw me and she was so excited. She squealed, "Mommy!! You a princess, mommy!!" And kept repeating it over and over.

9. The reason I tried it on was because back in March our Relief Society had a dinner celebrating the anniversary of Relief Society being organized and you were supposed to come dressed as a pioneer, only I didn't because I didn't understand. The best part though, was that they asked Leo to play José Smith in a reenactment of it's organization. When they asked him, Leo was concentrating on something else and was just agreeing without paying attention to what he was agreeing to, until they said, "And you have to dress up like Joseph Smith." That got his attention, but he had already said yes. Hee. Hee. Anyway, we tied a former Zorro sash around his neck for a cravat (we looked that up on the internet) and he put on a vest I had in the costume box and turned his collar up with just the very ends turned down. And he combed his hair in at his temples, and anyway, he looked great. The best latino José Smith you've ever seen. I'm laughing again just thinking about it.10. Someone thought they were funny in our apartment building. Made me laugh anyway.
11. Ana finished her first piano lesson book. Yeah Ana!
12. Yesterday, Leo and I voted in our general election. Is it still good to vote if you're completely uninformed?
13. Well, I guess that's all I have to say today.