Sunday, 16 October 2016

Catch up on Ana

 So when I went and took the kids to take their Halloween pictures, Ana went hunting with her boyfriend, Tristan and his family. He was pretty happy because he got his deer that day.  And I like that his mom always posts pictures to Facebook where I can steal them.  Yay!

And then yesterday, she performed in the cultural celebration for the opening of the Fort Collins Temple.  She wasn't very keen on practicing the whole time, but she had fun there and said it was worth it. 
We took the younger kids later in the day, with a stop in Cheyenne for new pants and undies for Lando  who fell asleep driving there and wet his pants--when will I learn that if he naps in the afternoon, he should have a pullup on?!!?  And for pizza, and so Leo could get his tire fixed.  I was sad because we were right by Joann's and I had no time to go in. :(  But we made it to the cultural celebration just as it started. 
After we drove to the temple and let the kids walk around it.  I stole this picture from the web, it was dark when we were there, with a lot more finished landscaping.  And then today we were able to watch the dedication at our chapel.  Leo took the girls (the boys were too young) during the 2nd session, and I went by myself during the third.

Okay, so this has been more than just catch up on Ana, but oh well, I was too lazy to start another post.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Cowboys, Vaqueros, and Indians

 Two story outhouse, so when the snow gets so deep, you don't have to shovel through to get in. 

 I'd just like to point out that I made those chaps. 

 A family of seven lived in the log cabin on the right till the 1970's and then they donated it.  Crazy.  And there's another cabin behind them that was donated with all the original furnishings.  That was pretty cool.  It was kind of trapper's/ranger's cabin and there was nothing feminine about it.  All tools and snowshoes and the like.
 I wish I had tried to take a photo of the kids with this in the background, but I was worried the sun would be too bright. 

And that was our Halloween pictures this year!  Yay!!  I did sew most of them.  Isabel's skirt was just kind of made up.  And I wanted to sew one of those cropped jackets for Sebas, but I just lack the energy and time right now.  House projects ate up all of it.  And I made Lando's chaps and Isabel's vest from left over longhorn cowhide when I reupholstered my friend's chairs for her last fall.  I felt bad for Elena because I wanted to make her a split riding skirt outfit too, but then resizing the very detailed pattern daunted me, and  I made her wear her old Sacajawea costume.  Someday, I'm going to make that pattern though--I love it!
Anyway, I was so happy with how everything turned out, although I still miss Joann's because I'm missing buttons from Sebas's pants and Lando's shirt and now after the photos from Jubal's shirt, and I can't just run and get some more.  So sad.  Although my mom is still enabling my pattern addiction--I had her run to Joann's when the patterns were on sale for $1 or $1.99 and pick me up a whole bunch!!!  I'm so excited to get them!  My kids were talking about Halloween next year and saying things like Pokeman and ninjas, and I had to remind them that I only sew costumes that I really like.  Ha. Ha.  (Evil laugh).  But maybe my years of themed Halloweens are coming to an end...sniff.