Tuesday, 4 August 2015

4th of July in Morgan

On the 4th of July we headed to Morgan and my sister Megan's place.  We watched the parade and then went to the town park where they had games and food and face painting.  It was hot. But the kids had fun.  Then we went back to Megan's for the most delicious grilled hamburgers and salads and Dad's homemade rootbeer and the kids played in the sprinklers and I mixed some more bubble solution for them.  Good times.  
Megan and Elena were three-legged race partners.

Watching the parade.
Myles played in the marching band.

Megan bought adorable matching shirts for all the little girls.

And necklaces and tattoos and headbands.  Megan's the best!

Lindsay and Will

Lindsay's little crew: Will, Molly, Lindsay and Ruth.  Sterling was in Washington DC doing an internship, so she got to single parent for 6 weeks.  Rough for her, but nice that she was in Utah for it.
Lynnaea joined in at the last minute and so she wasn't wearing her costume.  Clogging is fun.  I would love my girls to clog.  Or do the Irish dancing.  That's pretty sweet too.
They had a 5 yr old and under parade for any kids that were dressed up and then they got a little prize.

Molly is so adorable.  And loud.  Seriously she can squawk so loud.  Jubal never squawked before we went to Utah and Molly taught him bad habits because now he squawks super loud all the time too.  I'm sure it's all Molly's fault.  ;)
The little parade.

Andrea and Tim
Waiting for the parade to come.

The kids did not want to take this photo. We forced them against their will.

Elena was not happy about this either.  And I don't know who the random girl in the background is.
Chad, Olivia, Garrett, Brynne, and Megan

I was awesomely lucky and found all my boys 4th of July shirts at Once Upon a Child, because I knew Megan was buying the girls some.  Then I bought Ana, me and Leo ones at Kohls the day before (because I forgot me swimsuit and had to make an emergency swimsuit buying trip.) But then Leo's shrunk.  Ruff.

Sebastian was laughing out loud when he saw these pictures of Lindsay.

Ah, homemade rootbeer.  Delicious.  What a perfect 4th of July.

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