Friday, 31 July 2015

Bear Lake Day 2 that evening.

Amazing full moon that night.

Ana enjoying the splendors of the evening.
Olivia watching the sunset.
And yes, I have 80 billion sunset photos.

Our tents.

Brynne. This post could also be called "Crazy faces."



I love this picture of Lando.  He was FILTHY. Just as a boy should be.  :)
Someday Ana will regret duck lips.

Camping is the best.  I really do LOVE to camp.
The end.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Oops out of order this is really Day 1--The Drive There

 Ah, just looking at these photos makes me relaxed.  Seriously, this was the best vacation EVER!!!  So needed and so perfect.  Happy days.  So where to start?  We left Monday morning, bright and early--4 AM--and headed out. After going to bed at midnight when we finally had the van packed.  And the drive went heavenly. The kids were AWESOME.  I gave them some new coloring books, pencil crayons, sketchpads, and a few toys.  They were super happy with them, and colored the day away.  When we hit Farmington, NM, we were supposed to stop for the night, pitch our tents and sleep.  We decided to keep going. We made it to Cortez, CO around 1 or 2 AM (I can't remember now, it might have only been midnight) and we decided to stop on the side of the road and sleep.  I don't know how much sleep Leo got, but I slept fine till about 4 AM and then Leo woke me up and we hit the road again.  That meant we made it to my parents really early in the afternoon.  I think it was only 3 PM, might have been earlier.  This is all so hazy now.  But we had some time to unload some stuff and relax a bit.  Can you tell we were anxious to get there?  Then we pulled out our trusty redneck slip and slide and the kids had a blast.  

 Molly, Clover and Jubal were all born the same year.  They weren't being cooperative taking pictures together.

So excited to see Grandma!!!
 Andrea and Clover
Cute Oskar.

I stole these pictures from Lindsay. Sorry for the repeats.  But I wanted them too. And I think I deleted some photos from my camera when I uploaded a couple of days on Mom's computer, and I think I only copied Lindsay's photos back to my dropbox, so until Mom learns to use Dropbox (never), I'm stuck with only Lindsay's photos.  But that's okay, because they're really good.

Bear Lake Day 1 at the Lake

So the next day we headed to Bear Lake with Megan and her family.  Elena spent most of her time like this at the beach.
 Isabel and Anders played constantly and were out of sight most of the time.  Crazy kiddos.
 And Leo entertained the kids while I relaxed in my nice shaded chair.
 Then the boat came in and Leo and I went out with our younger kids.  Elena loved the tube and rode quite a bit.  Isabel got on, and then got off.  Leo had a good long ride with Olivia and Megan A.  Good times. They told me Sebastian really liked it--I'm surprised, because I thought he wouldn't and Lando would. But Lando didn't last more than a second before bursting into tears.  Hee. Hee.

 While we were out on the boat, I left my camera with Ana and Lynne.  This was the results...

There was about 50 more like this, but you get the idea.  Glad they had fun anyway.