Friday, 14 August 2015

I forgot Jubal's Birthday!

 Some how I managed to skip our early birthday celebration for Jubal.  He turned one.  And it was fun to make another cake.  I made it huge because so many people would be there.  It was a two regular cakes made in cookie sheet pans and I layered it with pastry cream in the center since we had so many egg yolks from making macaroons.  Jubal LOVED his presents.  It kept him happy on the drive home too.

 And everyone played koob and ladder ball while I read a book.  Yep, I'm lame.

 Grandma's garden.  We had delicious beet greens and cucumbers and so many yummy zucchini!

 Leo was missing Wyatt.

 Isabel is tough, man.  And adorable.

 Ana and Lynnaea.
 Ana, Olivia, and Lynnaea

 Harriet, Devaney, and Sebastian
 Easiest cake decorating I've ever done.

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