Thursday, 13 August 2015

Johnston Canyon, Banff

After church and a delicious dinner at the Erikson's, we finished packing our big vans and headed up to Banff.  Ashlee and Karlee were excited to go in our van till they found out that we don't have a DVD player and the van of choice became Brooke's.  It was quiet the next couple of days with just Jubal and Nicolas.  Hee. Hee.  Anyway, we set up camp and the next day went into Banff.  After some very successful shopping in Banff, we went on a hike in Johnston Canyon.  It was beautiful!  And crowded.  I loved the catwalks.

I LOVE this picture!!

We were commenting on our colorful shoes, so we decided on a picture.

I love the train in this picture.  So Canadian.

After the hike we went to a park and ordered pizza and they delivered to the park.  Easiest camping dinner ever.

I love the mountains.  Love. Love. Love.

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Kayli said...

Very very gorgeous!! Because of all the catwalks next to the water, it actually reminds me a lot of the hike we went on in Slovenia-