Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Swimming at the Grand

We used Leo's R&R days from Sinclair to stay at the Grand America Hotel in SLC for two nights. (Sinclair owns The Grand).  It was so much fun.  And delicious food.  But so stressful with the kids at the restaurants.  We had a lot of tired kids and a lot of melt downs.  Oh well, we had lots of fun too.  It was definitely worth it. These are all out of order, but you get the idea. And they brought us ice water and strawberry piña coladas.  Yum.

Regency Picnic

On Saturday we went to a Regency picnic in SLC.  It was the first ever event I've gone to like this.  Hopefully not the last.  We were way late so all the picnic part and games and contests were over.  :(
But still fun.  https://www.facebook.com/VisionsOfHistoryUtah/videos/1666259280160502/

I actually had started making Isabel's dress about a week before just because. And I had the supplies bought for Elena's.  But then I saw the Regency picnic was postponed due to rain, so instead of planning on finishing these whenever, I had a goal.  And of course I had to make one for myself.  But I was cutting out my dress two hours before we left for Utah.  No joke. So it's pretty shoddy.

But I got to meet Jennifer (above with her husband and daughter) whom I've been following since Isabel was born.  @ https://historicalsewing.com  She teaches classes and is a well know costumer.  

My dress was kind of a cross of these two.  And it was not fitted, not measured, not anything, so the skirt of the white dress is super short.  The bodice of the white dress is too short too.  And in fact I hand sewed almost all of the blue pelisse while driving in the car.  And that blue pelisse--no pattern, I just cut.  Literally did not even draw a pattern, just cut.

Elena's was based off of this and I just simplified it a bit since I made the pattern myself.  It's made out of silk taffeta, as is the bonnet, and I loved sewing it!!!! So much fun! I used a bonnet kit from Timely Tresses to make the bonnet.  I can't wait to make more bonnets!  Seriously.

And Isabel's was going to look like these two, but I ran out of embroidery thread and I have nowhere to buy it around here.  Plus I was running out of time so I didn't do the motifs that went up the skirt.  It was on cotton lawn.  With a bedsheet for lining.  (Mine and Elena's dresses were curtains and bedsheets.)  It was so simple to sew.  But I babysat my embroidery machine for almost a week straight to do the embroidery.  18 color changes per motif x 10 motifs on the bottom.  And then the sleeve bands.  After sewing costumes and how much I love it, I wonder why I bother sewing anything else.  Happy sigh.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Happenings this last May and April

Leo built an AR-15. It's at a friend's house.  I won't let him bring it home without a gun safe.

Sebas got his Bobcat.

Jubal using his ninja skills with an ice-cream scoop.

Efraim had finished his ice cream and so he went off looking for more.  That kid is pretty resourceful.

He also used silverware to dig in my plants.  :/

We used the big logs we gathered last fall to make seats for our fire pit.  It's pretty nice.

Efraim is lots of help making bread too.

Sebas got a bloody nose one day.  I don't know why.

I made a Wonder Woman cake for the YW for girls' camp.  It's theme this year is Wonder Women.