Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cupcakes for 4H

These pictures are in backwards order, but oh well.  This last week has been spring break for the kids, but with Leo working the whole time, we didn't really do anything exciting.  One day the Powells came over and played all afternoon while Jessica and I did some planning for Webelos.  And another afternoon I took them to the county museum, which they really enjoyed--mostly playing house in the sheep wagon outside.  The weather's been pretty nasty (it snowed off and on on Friday,) so outdoor activities have been curtailed.  But one day I helped Elena make a huge batch of banana muffins, which ended with the batter spilled all over the floor when Ana and Sebastian were bugging Elena by picking in, and Elena was trying to keep the bowl away from them.  Luckily most of it was rescued.  And I also helped Isabel make cupcakes that day so she could practice cake decorating.  She's supposed to be doing that for her project for 4H.  Only there's no leader for that project, so we just watched some youtube videos.  Ana's been recovering from a concussion that she got at her last soccer game.  She missed the next soccer game when we went to Utah--she couldn't have played anyway, and Saturday she has another game that she won't be able to play in either.  And Sebas lost his two front teeth.  And that's all our news.  Only I'm still terribly torn about what to do with Frodo.  While Leo was gone to San Francisco I was done and told him we were taking him to the pound.  I even posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted him. But then he was really pretty good on our trip to Utah.  I keep going back and forth even from one moment to the next.  I SOOO wish he wasn't so aggressive/sensitive, then I wouldn't worry about keeping him at all. I'm just scared he'll bite someone someday.  And also Leo and I have differing opinions about where he should be allowed in the house.  How ironic that we used to argue about having a dog when we were first married and our opinions have COMPLETELY reversed since then.  I feel bad for him all lonely downstairs by himself--if I let him upstairs during the day, he just lays at my feet while I nurse the baby.  Ahhh---I hate decisions like this.

Easter Weekend with the Family

Easter was a blast!!  We went to Hyrum to visit my parents and spent all day Saturday at a park. The kids played kickball--which was seriously competitive.  My mom DOVE to get on a base safely.  Red Rover (where only 3 kids cried).  And a lot of time was spent on the merry-go-round, as Leo spent a lot of time pushing them all.  Wyatt walked across the top of the swings, because he's Wyatt. And we dyed eggs and made some crafts that Megan brought.  And of course, ate tons of delicious food.  Leo and Ana went in the early morning to do baptisms for the dead and baptized their grandma, Beatriz.  I convinced Leo to stay extra long on Sunday (he had to work Monday) because the kids were on spring break, and they all fell nicely to sleep only to wake up at Green River, where we switched driving so Leo could sleep, and various kids took turns crying all the rest of the way home.  Leo swears he's never doing that again.  We should have just stopped for gas at the beginning and I should have driven the whole way.  Lessons you learn.  Olivia took photos for me, so there's a lot.  And I did finish the girls' Easter dresses on time this year!!  Yay!!!  And the boys' bowties and tie I decided to make Friday morning before I left, so I ended up finishing them that night at Megan's.  I love being close to family--it's the number one reason that I'm so happy to live where we do now.  It's close enough to drive home!