Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sunday, 18 March 2018

First ever Pinewood Derby

One year down, 11 more to go.  :)  Leo tried all these hacks to make it go faster, and yeah, they didn't work so well with the type of track our stake has.  Anyway, Sebas was VERY into it and super excited.  And when his car didn't do super well, he was pretty good about it too.  

Ana's 18!!!!

Ana just had her birthday too--turned 18!!!  Crazy!!!  She wanted poached eggs on toast with hot fudge pudding for dessert.  She got a car emergency kit and then we gave her an early graduation present of a mini session for senior pictures.  She was pretty happy with that because I know the car kit wasn't all that exciting.

Sebas's Birthday!

Sometimes I really should just give up on cake decorating.  But Sebas liked it so all is good.  Sebastian just turned eight and requested fish (we had salmon) for supper like he's requested the last 3 years.  He was so funny because Lando (who is really kind) made a bunch of presents for Sebastian and put them in a bag and Leo put in earplugs because Sebastian wanted some because the other kids he shares a room with are too noisy, and anyway he thought that was ALL he was getting for his birthday.  I even forgot to give him his scriptures that night.  Oops.  But then we went downstairs and he opened his present--a kayak--and he was speechless and then came over and gave me the biggest hug and said thank you.  I love when my kids love their presents.  It's so fun.  Anyway,  good times.  The missionaries came over and had cake with us and we watched a video with them.