Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A few short happenings.

After Christmas we went to Utah and stayed at my Mom's for about a week.  I didn't take any pictures but we had lots and lots of fun playing Rook with Andrea one night when her family came out to Mom's house. And then playing Rook and Dominion with Megan and Amy at Megan's house on Saturday. Leo took the kids sledding both days, and another day as well.  At Megan's he pulled the kids around on the sled with her 4-wheeler.  The kids of course loved that, and so did Leo.  We had our traditional family Christmas party with lots of yummy soups and sang at the nursing home we've been going to for a couple of years.  Ana got to go skiing with her cousins.  I made a photo album for my mom and we went through 3,700+ photos on her computer and organized them.  Only 3,400+ left to go the next time I visit.  :)  And I did some other computer stuff for her too.  Then on Tuesday, Andrea was kind enough to let us leave our kids at her house, despite our kids getting her kids sick, and we went to Salt Lake City to the U of U hospital where I had a version.  It was the easiest version I've ever experienced.  Not at all like my other two. (The third unsuccessful one I had with Isabel was different simply because I had an epidural that time.)  But with Elena and Sebas, the doctors both tried for an half an hour to turn those rascals, and it was extremely painful.  This time, little baby boy, (definitely a boy, the ultrasound gave a very clear shot of that before the version) turned on the second try, and while I wouldn't say it was pleasant, I wasn't crying like the other times, and it was fast.  All in all, not bad at all.  Yay!   This is mine and Leo's selfie afterwards--Leo only took the photo under protest.  Too bad for him. Then we came home to WY the next day.

I think I've been nesting a bit.  I fixed the legs on our kids' train table one Saturday--I was out sawing in the garage when it was in the -degrees. That wasn't planned, I just saw it and immediately had the urge to fix it.  Then I made Leo take apart our piano a different Saturday so I could reattach the white parts of the keys (we bought it with a few off and have had it that way for over a year).  He's amazing and figured it all out.  I just glued and clamped them.  And then another Saturday I pulled out all the baby boy stuff and washed everything and set up our room with the bassinet and changing table, and mailed all the cute baby boy summer clothes to my sister Lindsay--she's due in the middle of summer in Miami.  So I'm all set now.  Yay!  Also good, my OB that I've seen this whole pregnancy suddenly left at the end of December with no warning whatsoever.  So I was nervous the new OB that the hospital hired wouldn't do VBAC's and there's only one OB in town, and so then I would be left going to Laramie or SLC to deliver (hazardous in winter).  Anyway, I met him and like him TONS more than my old OB.  She was okay, but probably one of my least liked doctors I've had--actually the only one below her was Isabel's doctor who I actively disliked but had no other options since I was on Medicaid at the time. Anyway, I talked to a friend who's a nurse anesthetist and he said there's a lot of happy people at the hospital with the new doctor, and not many people were sad to see the other OB go.

Our cats (later both had managed to squeeze themselves in)  found another use for the, at the time, empty heated watering bowl.

And I tried to take a nap one day and woke up to cries of "Help, Mom, help!!!"  Jubal had somehow managed to get in the pot, but was unable to get out.  The four other kids watching tv in the next room, of course, ignored him.

Isabel participated in the school spelling bee.  Beforehand, I told her, "Hey, remember this is just for fun, so don't be nervous."
Her response, "Actually, I think it's just to test your spelling."
Umm, yeah.

Lando prays for baby boy by name--Efraim.  Yeah, if you didn't know, that's the name planned.  Anyway, it's adorable to hear him pray for him.  Also, the other day he was seriously discussing with me the fact that Efraim would not like the pink butterfly baby swing, because he's a boy.  But he would like the blue bear.  Got it.

Frodo is a good watch dog.  I actually really like that.  But it was funny the other night, a dog was barking on the show Leo and I were watching and Frodo started going crazy.  Then someone knocked on the door in the show and Frodo ran to our front door barking again like crazy.  Hee. Hee.  Leo's and my new favorite show is Longmire, by the way.  I highly recommend it.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning!!!  My camera is having issues focusing--one of the reasons I was sad about the camcorder, because I already wanted to buy a new camera.  Anyway, not so early Christmas morning.
The little kids got a swing set that Santa left in a safe spot for Leo and I to pick up this spring.  And then they got a bunch of legos.  And there's some various other things.  I got an Ott lamp for my sewing desk.  Leo got some shirts and a thing to mix chocolate milk.  And Ana got cooking utensils, silverware, cups, and an all important ice cream scoop to take to college.  And a mirror for her room. Its been a really great Christmas!

And we got snow for Christmas!

Christmas Eve

In no particular order because they loaded funky, here's all the kids opening their Christmas Eve pajamas.  I love fuzzy footy pj's on little kids.  I don't think Ana was as thrilled, but she's a good sport and wore them all day Christmas.

I was kind of a grump Christmas Eve--I discovered early that some kid had busted the card reader in our camcorder, so no camcorder.  And then I was tired.  I need to go to bed early all the time.  Anyway, Leo saved the day and played with the kids and they had a good day, I think, for the most part.  Luckily by the end of the day it kind of turned around.  

We did a low key nativity with scarves and Wolverine??!?  as costumes, and watched the Claymation Christmas.  Then we played a game of Pass the Pigs and lit our nativity thingy--best 5 bucks ever spent at a garage sale.  The kids love that thing.  The heat from the candles makes it spin around.  I love the expression on Jubal's and Lando's faces.  So adorable!!!

If the night had ended there, it would have been perfect.  The little boys went to bed and then we played Rook with Isabel, Elena and Ana (Leo and Isabel were partners).  That was fun too, and then the girls went to bed.  Only the boys had never fallen asleep, and then the girls never went to sleep.  Leo and I started watching a show to wait for them, but 11 PM they were still thumping around upstairs and then the power went out and they were all crying.  And then by 1:30 AM Elena was still hysterical because she was upset that she was still awake and would be tired in the morning. She finally fell asleep, but then Lando fell out of bed and woke up Jubal at 2 AM, and well, you can see how our night went.  Plus, I already get up 20 times at night and my hip aches so that always wakes me up.  What I'm leading up to is that we didn't wake the kids up in the morning and so we didn't get up in time to go to church.  Shame on us, but I was exhausted.  I still love Christmas though.

Friday, 16 December 2016