Sunday, 2 August 2015

A million photos at Bear Lake

 Nicolas has a nice scowl, eh?  But he really did love Bear Lake.  The second day we went up to the Idaho State Park side of Bear Lake.  It has a lot nicer beach.  And we played and swam, kayaked, and built the Bear Lake Monster, had birthday cake, waterskied, and rode on the boat.  It was amazing.  I had such a fabulous day.  I think everyone did.  So now you get a million photos. They're not even original.  I stole them from Lindsay.  I had forgotten my camera that day, but I did take a bunch of these while Lindsay was out on the boat, so I guess I can claim some credit, right?
 First of all, we celebrated Isabel's birthday.  She wanted a camping birthday cake since we'd be camping on her birthday.  Thanks to pinterest, I found a perfectly splendid one.
Ha. Ha. Pretend blowing it out.  We forgot candles. And matches.  

Kali, Kiersten and Molly

Beautiful Bear Lake.
I told Leo he would regret that.
Elena and Molly and Kirsten
Amy, Mom and Me.  It's so weird that I'm in so many of these pictures.  Lindsay, thanks for being an awesome photographer.
Isabel, Kiersten, and Elena

Myles is a riot.  Seriously.

Danica.  She's so old.  Time needs to stop now.

I kept these in because Myles, Ana and Lynnaea were so ridiculous.  Loved it!

Isabel is not in any pictures because she was so BUSY all day that she was hardly to be seen.
Sebastian had a great time too. Mostly him, Lando, and Leo hung out all day.


I think I was jumping up and down and Leo was like stop.

Elena rode the green turtle out into the lake, only then she started drifting out farther and farther away.  I didn't notice. Luckily Megan did, and she sent me to go get her.  But before I managed to get to her, Garrett did (I think it was Garrett, maybe Chad?)  on the kayak, and pulled her to shore.  She had started crying and said a prayer and then Garrett turned up right then.  I told her next time get off and hold on to the fin and kick your way back.  She was only slightly traumatized.
Never heard a peep from this kid all day. He played and played and played.
Just to show that I got on the kayak. Hard to paddle with a kid on your lap.
I spent most the afternoon building a sand dragon with Chad and Nash, although it wasn't going to be that at first, but then our sand mound collapsed and we had to rethink our plans.
Lindsay looking awesome, with her adorable haircut that I've now copied because I liked it so much.

Me lopping sand at our sand mound. Maybe that's why it collapsed?

Megan is amazing and makes the best Dutch Oven food in the world.  I need to move closer so we can go camping together ALL. THE. TIME.  Also she got up and went running every morning.  Crazy.  Then she ran a half marathon, which is just pyshco.
Coming in from the boat.

And the completed Bear Lake Monster, which I may or may not have let the kids help make.  I'm a bit of a possessive artist.  Well, I let them make the eggs anyway. After we had the obligatory raspberry shakes, and Megan's delicious cooking back at the camp.
 Yes! More sunset pictures. Whatever, it was beautiful.

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I'm a little offended that MY pixie cut never inspired you to copy. Ruff. I think we shall not speak of it. Actually, I think we shall not speak.