Thursday, 25 June 2009

a day.

Today I tried to potty train Elena using this all in one day method. I spent 3 hours grilling her on using the potty, feeding her salty snacks, and giving her juice and koolaid. She efficiently taught her dolly to use the potty. She used the potty herself once (with all the juice she was supposed to be going all the time) and then after another five hours peed on the floor. When I had her practice using the potty, she promptly told me, "I want to wear diapers." Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Busy Busy

Well, it's been a busy week and we are all worn out. I wish I was Isabel sometimes.
So sweet! One thing nice about the hot humid weather is that Isabel's and Elena's hair curls. I love it!!! We went to a concert in our town on Monday and enjoyed John Williams' Star Wars and Jaws, etc. And the Beauty and the Beast score, and the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. They had different characters come out during different times and hand out candy to the kids etc. It was pretty spectacular. We saw Darth Vadar fighting Spiderman with swords, almost overpowering him till Buzz Lightyear came to Spiderman's rescue with a gun that blew bubbles. Wow. Also Mary Poppins and Spongebob and Beauty and the Beast during their respective songs. Then the kids were able to come up on the stage at the end to take a turn conducting the 1812 Overture. Fun. Fun. Too bad I forgot my camera. Then on Friday, Ana went to a birthday party while the rest of us went to the library. Leo was taking the two younger ones to a craft day (to make a Father's Day present--hee. hee.) to give me a break. I had no sooner sat down then Leo came over because Elena had disappeared. Several librarians helped hunt her down. She was sitting nicely at a table playing one of her favorite games. (But not in a section Leo had ever taken her to before, so he was caught off guard.) They had asked me to watch the door, severally limiting my ability to look in her usual spots. Ruff. Leo said the librarians watched her and him like hawks the rest of their visit. :)
We had an unexpected dinner at our friends house when we went to pick up Ana and then another unexpected dinner at another friends' house when we dropped off Ana right after to have a sleepover. Which reminds me, we had also eaten at that friends' house the night before as well. And the next time any one comes to visit me, I'll make cerviche. Delicioso!!!
Also swimming lessons have been going on, and I make Ana do quite a bit of homework during the summer so that pretty much fills our entire day. She'll have more time to play once swimming lessons are over, but I don't think standing and talking to other girls about the boys playing soccer is a very good pastime for a nine year old, so I'm enforcing something more constructive for at least part of the day. Oh, and Leo took his GRE!!!! Yeah!!! That is over--on to the-applying-for-universities step.
We also went to a concert by Cimarón, a Colombian Joropa group, down at Millennium Park. Again, I forgot my camera. Anyway, it's kind of like Colombia's cowboy/folk music. Had it's own style of dance and everything. I've included a video for your education and enjoyment. Hopefully, you don't have to keep yelling at your kids while watching it that playing soccer with a "princess magic" ball is not an appropriate activity when you're blocking the view of the people behind you. Nor is twirling Isabel around super fast with a precarious hold. Nor running through the aisles willy-nilly. Nor whining about having to eat apple slices. Nor digging up moss and grass and dirt clumps and throwing it all over till the security guard comes and glares at you. Nor eating moss and dirt clumps. One can hope anyway.

So this video is trying to be professional but not quite there. A good example of the style of music and the cowboy culture of the plains of Colombia though. Enjoy.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Who would I look like?

My sisters recently posted on who they would choose to look like if they had a choice. Just for fun. Umm... no question about it. Grace Kelly hands down.

Not only does she look fabulous, but I seriously would dress just like her. (I love 1950-60 styled clothes!!!)
Plus she's always so elegant and classy. Not many actresses carry that off nowadays.

But then occasionally, I think more exotic would be fun. Like Penolope Cruz.So opposite of me. But then, maybe it's just the red dress and thick hair.
My husband has said I remind him of Sharon Stone. What do you think?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Modern Art that I can handle...

  1. Artist in Brazil---very cool.
  2. Banksy in Bristol--I love the blood covered lion. Come on, now you have to look.
  3. Entropa, see also the article about it. Leo and I had a good laugh anyway.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Family Pictures

Kayli took family photos for us in Indiana, but apparently I hadn't threatened the lives of my children and husband enough, and none of them cooperated. It was fairly disastrous. Also, my shirt was not faltering at all, and Ana needed her hair out of her face. So this is Lindsay Ann's retry. I'm afraid we weren't as good at picking out good lighting as Kayli. But we mastered the trick of getting Elena to smile: lollipop + telling her not to smile. Ana did much better as well.

So once again, thanks Derek and Brooke!!!

Lindsay Ann's Visit

Lindsay Ann, my little brother Wyatt's wife, came to visit with her two kids for a couple days and we had an absolute fabulous time. Lindsay, you can come visit anytime!!! We went to Millennium Park to listen to a Leonard Bernstein concert, but we only caught the last few strains of the last number, but it was alright because we placed in the fountain. Then we walked along one of the harbors of Michigan Lake. At dusk we went to Buckingham Fountain and from there we went to the dance at Grant Park. Hailey loved dancing with Uncle Leo!

We had to have Lindsay try some Chicago style pizza of course. And some Colombian food. On Saturday we went to a stake activity where the youth performed several dance numbers and there was a family dance afterwards. It was fun, but they didn't play any Latin music. Ruff. And on Sunday Lindsay came to church with us in the Spanish ward. Good times.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Potholes

Perhaps we were feeling adventurous, or else we're a little on the slow side, but we decided to hike through the Potholes together. There is a nifty little hike that follows the course of a stream to a waterfall. Or you can walk through the stream in the Potholes. (This isn't technically allowed as a Park Ranger informed us later.) Now the Potholes are named for the precipitous and sudden drops all along the creek bed.
We had nine children and three adults. That include three two-year-olds and two babies not yet one.
As you can see, it was pretty terrifying.We had to use a relay system of sending one adult ahead and then handing children up to that adult and then another adult moving forward and again carrying each child forward.
Ana was in heaven.
We all made it to the other side safely, with only bumps and bruises and minus one camera. (Kayli did have one scary fall with Talmage though--flip flops aren't great for scaling wet, mossy rocks.) Yeah, we made it to the waterfall!!!Ana was so excited to have a deep part to swim in.Elena being Elena.And the best part of all--playing in the dirt of course!

Friday, 12 June 2009

In Hooserville.

At Indiana's tallest (90 ft) freefalling waterfall.

Jethro and Ana
Crazy chicas.
Elena, Ethne, and Cassidy
Isabel and Talmage
Playing soccer.
Lindsay Ann and Cassidy -- Yeah, they came to visit me now.