Saturday, 27 April 2019

What Sebas has been up to...

He earned his yellow belt.  The video where they're sparring with the wrong people cracks me up!

No surprise here.

Friday, 26 April 2019

April Showers

I was trying to finish our Georgian outfits in time to go to the Tulip Festival with The Visions of History Utah group that all dress up, but I didn't make it.  It was a rough two weeks before that too.  The day of though, I had already put my hair and the girls' hair in curlers so I decided to practice our Rococo hairstyles.  They need some work.  But for a first attempt I was pretty happy.  I'm not giving any more previews though.

So glad we brought our grill back from Rawlins.  Efraim liked it too.

Jubal watched Pelé one day and also Believe and then he had to dress up in his soccer clothes and fake an injury.  Awesome.

Trying out Isabel's cap.

The boys got in trouble so they had to vacuum.  Those boys are so MUCH trouble all the time.  Since the weather warmed up I spend my life trying to keep track of them because Jubal can open the dead bolt and then Efraim and him take off.  It is not fun.

Sebastian's tanagram.  There were a lot more photos, I think they accidentally were deleted. Oops.

Efraim's self defense is biting.  This was Nicolas's back.  Currently Jubal has two huge bite marks on his back.  I kind of sympathize with Efraim because it's really his only effective defense but still, not cool.

Sebastian's kayak's new home is under his bed.  Efraim decided to pull it out one day into my room.

Efraim stripped and put on war paint--my mascara and cover up.  Did I mention how much trouble he is?

Efraim escaping in Elena's shoes.

He is adorable though and tons of fun to tickle, so I guess I'll keep chasing after him.

Nicolas sang at this after school thing and oh my goodness!!! I knew he liked to sing, but never knew he had so much soul!!!  Best singing ever!!!  I was dying.  Also my phone was dying, so I couldn't tape near as much as I wanted.  So sad.  I love Nicolas's kindergarten teacher.  He is awesome!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Our Spring Break trip to....Rawlins!

I had to go pack up the house and the weather was warmer there, so yes, that is the exciting place we went.  The kids all got sunburned! They were outside playing all day.  And I got a ton done.

Elena and Isabel went with Bri to the school play, and we had friends over all day almost the whole time.  So they enjoyed that too.  
Nothing changed here.  I woke up Friday morning though and decided to paint a whole room. (Literally it was just like that, "hmm, what should I do first?  Oh, maybe I should paint that room. Okay.")  That was fun, it looked much nicer after and I didn't have to buy a thing.  Way easier than scrubbing the walls clean.

  Leo came out Friday night and we packed up the trailer and were ready to go on Saturday afternoon when Leo realized I had damaged the trailer when I ran it into a concrete block at the gas station on the way out. I bashed the wheel protector thing into the tire so it was cutting a line into the tire. Luckily we didn't all die on the freeway.  Leo fixed it as best as he could so it wasn't cutting in anymore and then we had to go get it fixed later before returning the borrowed trailer.  Anyway, that took awhile. But we made it back and then I had to find room in our townhouse for all the stuff we brought back with us.  And so ended our exciting spring break.

Spring Break Museum Trip Part 2

***This entire post is only interesting to me.  Feel free to skip--or at least to the end where I do have pictures of my lovely children.  I've given fair warning now and so don't blame me if you keep looking.***

So Mom mentioned going to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer museum because she wanted to ask them about someone.  I jumped on that because I knew they had clothes!  Not so fun for my kids, but hey, it's give and take right?   Anyway, they had cool stuff.  All these pictures are of pioneer midwives and doctors.  So cool.

Sometimes medical stuff is somewhat interesting to me.  (My friend just told me they have a pioneer era breast pump there--I wish I had seen that!)

Real life Dr. Quinn.

And I didn't know the Relief Society sponsored women to go to school to be nurses--that's so cool!
I love the peacock feathers in this dress.  But the lack of proper styling (not the right undergarments to give it the correct silhouette is KILLING ME!!!!  Seriously want to go become a professional museum curator just so I can fix all of their displays.  Ack!

Check out the hip expanders on that mannequin--that's how women got the tiny Edwardian/Gibson girl waists--they faked it---breast pads and hip expanders=tiny waist, at least visually.

I try to convince people that Victorian clothes were riotously colorful (cough*Mom*) but seeing only black and white photos doesn't help.  Love the purple dress--this would have been early pioneer time. Again--not the proper undergarments.  And fabric fades too, so some would have been even brighter.

That trim!  Wow!

I love the cradle above and that quilt below--gorgeous!

Yep, I did get some pictures of my kids.  I should have put these at the top.

Look it's a baby walker!!!  So cool!
 I love antiques.  And then after we left we went to the Church History Museum because Mom was asking them something and the nice senior missionary corralled my kids into a room where we watched a video, but Jubal still managed to almost knock a painting off the wall. And then we went and found Katelyn (my niece who's on her mission on Temple Squares) and then we went briefly to the Church Family History Library, where I asked a question and then we drove Mom back up to Ogden and Mom forgot her ggrandma's diaries in my car and so we met up again at Riverdale Rd and my kids had Wendy's and I ran one errand and then we drove home.  It was a long day, but good. The end.