Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Hello, sorry about my long rambling posts on tv shows. It was fun for me anyway. I thought I'd catch you all up on my weekend though. Friday I babysat for Amy and built the kids another tent, they wanted me to tell them the gorilla story again but I evaded it. Chad was sick and threw up all over his high chair, and Olivia manipulated her way into going over to a friend's house she wasn't supposed to because I didn't know that. Kids. I wish they stayed Elena's age. And then on Saturday Leo and I babysat for Amy again and took them all to this Global Village Festival. It was really fun, I was very surprised at how entertained all the kids were. There was a parade with people in costumes from around the world. There was a tent with all kinds of crafts for the kids to do. One booth was from Home Depot and they had wooden kits for the kids (aka PARENTS) to make. So we ended up with two boats, a birdhouse, a go cart and a treasure box. Meanwhile, while we nailed those together Chad tipped his stroller over and Leo and I didn't even notice, other people picked him up and put the stroller to rights. Oops. The kids were also enthralled with the spinning and weaving. Weird. I would have never had thought they would like that. And then the also watched the dancing for over an hour. I wouldn't have guessed that either. Leo was disappointed because the booth on Colombia was pretty lame. The booth on Peru had monkey skulls which Garrett was fascinated with. There was all sorts of humanitarian booths on Darfur, Heifers for Humanity, etc. I also paineted my mother-in-law's other bathroom, and she now wants to paint two more (much bigger) rooms, one of which she just painted this past December. I really can't keep up to her. Then Monday I caught up on some bills and looked at housing in Chicago and then I went to Amy's to make for her a chocolate bouquet for a party tonight. Funny how it's her table to decorate, yet I'm making the centerpiece and Kayli's made the party hats. Hmmm.... Anyway, Leo's been off work which is FABULOUS!!! I love LEO!!!! :) The end.

Friday, 20 April 2007

The Animaniacs!

This was my favorite cartoon show when I was a kid. I used to come home from middle school and fold laundry while I watched it. In high school I watched Digimon and Bill Nye the Science Guy with my little brother Ethan while I did the ironing. I guess my taste never matured that much. Anyway, Wacko was my favorite out of Wacko, Yacko, and Dot. I also liked Rita and Runt who would always do a mock musical like Les Misanimals for Les Miserables. And of course, you can't forget, Pinky and the Brain! I mean, I had a car named Pinky, decorated in Pinky and the Brain memorabilia (the car was also pink).

In the show, Wacko, Yakko, and Dot are the stars of some of the early Warner Bros. animated cartoons. These cartoons were so insane that the studio executives locked the films away in vaults and locked the Warners in the Warner Bros. Studios water tower in Burbank, California. The image of the Warners is a tongue-in-cheek homage to Bosko, Warner Bros.' first cartoon character.

I think the show was very educational, it taught things like:

Also geography and history, well you get the idea.

Great Pinky and the Brain Quotes!

Brain: Now, Pinky, if by any chance you are captured during this mission, remember you are Gunther Heindriksen from Appenzell. You moved to Grindelwald to drive the cog train to Murren. Can you repeat that?
Pinky: Mmmm, no, Brain, don't think I can.

Brain: Our ratings are in the toilet.
Pinky: Oh, I'll get them.

Pinky: Feel strange... my body, growing... Argh! I'm becoming the Incredible Hu--oh, wait, no, I'm just becoming normal Pinky again. Zort!

Brain: I feel the need. I feel the need for expeditious velocity.

In every episode, Brain asks Pinky the question "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Pinky's various responses are:

"Well, I think so, Brain, but if they call people from Poland Poles, why don't they call people from Holland Holes?"
"I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a duck and a hose at this hour?"
"Wuh, I think so, Brain, but if we didn't have ears, we'd look like weasels."
"Uh... yeah, Brain, but where are we going to find rubber pants our size?"
"Uh, I think so, Brain, but balancing a family and a career ... ooh, it's all too much for me."
"Wuh, I think so, Brain, but burlap chafes me so."
"Sure, Brain, but how are we going to find chaps our size?"
"Uh, I think so, Brain, but we'll never get a monkey to use dental floss."
"Uh, I think so Brain, but this time, you wear the tutu."
"I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so."
"I think so, Brain, but if we covered the world in salad dressing wouldn't the aspargus feel left out?"
"I think so, Brain, but if they called them
'Sad Meals', kids wouldn't buy them!"
"I think so, Brain, but me and
Pippi Longstocking -- I mean, what would the children look like?"
"I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp."
"Well, I think so, Brain, but I can't memorize a whole opera in Yiddish."
"I think so, Brain, but there's still a bug stuck in here from last time."
"Uh, I think so, Brain, but I get all clammy inside the tent."
"Yes, I am!" - Said in an episode where Pinky was made as smart as the Brain.
"I think so, Brain, but,
the Rockettes? I mean, it's mostly girls, isn't it?"
"I think so, Brain, but pants with horizontal stripes make me look chubby."
"Well, I think so -POIT- but where do you
stick the feather and call it macaroni?"
"Well, I think so, Brain, but pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime."
"Well, I think so, Brain, but it's a miracle that this one grew back."
"Well, I think so, Brain, but first you'd have to take that whole
bridge apart, wouldn't you?"
"Well, I think so, Brain, but 'apply North Pole' to what?"
"Well, I think so, Brain, but snort no, no, it's too stupid!" -said the only time when Pinky WAS pondering the same thing. (To dress as a cow.)
"Umm, I think so, Don Cerebro, but, umm, why would
Sophia Loren do a musical?"
"Umm, I think so, Brain, but what if the chicken won't wear the nylons?"
"I think so, Brain, but isn't that why they invented tube socks?"
"Well, I think so Brain, but what if we stick to the seat covers?"
"I think so Brain, but if you replace the 'P' with an 'O', my name would be Oinky, wouldn't it?"
"Well, I think so hiccup, but Kevin Costner with an English accent?"
"I think so, Brain, but don't you need a swimming pool to play
Marco Polo?"
"Well, I think so, Brain, but do I really need two tongues?"
"I think so, Brain, but we're already naked."
"We eat the box?"
"Well, I think so, Brain, but if
Jimmy cracks corn, and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?"
"I think so, Brain NARF, but don't camels spit a lot?"
"I think so, Brain, but isn't a cucumber that small called a gherkin?"
"I think so, Brain, but if we get
Sam Spade, we'll never have any puppies."
"I think so, Larry, and um, Brain, but how can we get seven dwarves to shave their legs?"
"I think so, Brain, but calling it pu-pu platter? Huh, what were they thinking?"
"I think so, Brain, but how will we get
the Spice Girls into the paella?"
"I think so, Brain, but if we give peas a chance, won't the lima beans feel left out?"
"I think so, Brain, but if we had a snowmobile, wouldn't it melt before summer?"
"I think so, Brain, but can the Gummi Worms really live in peace with the Marshmallow Chicks?"
"Wuh, I think so, Brain, but
wouldn't anything lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?"
"I think so, Brain, but three round meals a day wouldn't be as hard to swallow."
"I think so, Brain, but if the plural of mouse is mice, wouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?"
"Umm, I think so, Brain, but
three men in a tub? Ooh, that's unsanitary!"
"Yes, but why does the chicken cross the road, huh, if not for love? I do not know."
"Yes Brain, but if our knees bent the other way, how would we ride a bicycle?"
"I think so, Brain, but I find scratching just makes it worse."
"I think so, Brain, but shouldn't the bat boy be wearing a cape?"
"I think so, Brain, but why would anyone want a depressed tongue?"
"Um, I think so, Brainie, but why would anyone want to
Pierce Brosnan?"
"I think so, Brain, but wouldn't his movies be more suitable for children if he was named Jean-Claude van Darn?"
"I think so, Brain, but why does a forklift have to be so big if all it does is lift forks?"
"I think so, Brain, but if it was only supposed to be a
three hour tour, why did the Howells bring all their money?"
"I think so, Brain, but
Zero Mostel times anything will still give you Zero Mostel."
"I think so, Brain, but if we have nothing to fear but fear itself, why does
Eleanor Roosevelt wear that spooky mask?"
"I think so, Brain, but what if the hippopotamus won't wear the beach thong?"
"Um, I think so, Brain-2, but a show about two talking lab mice? Hoo! It'll never get on the air."
"I think so, Brain, but Lederhosen won't stretch that far."
"I think so, Brain, but what would goats be doing in red leather turbans?"
"Yes, Brain, I think so. But how do we get Twiggy to pose with an electric goose?"
Pinky: I think so, Brain. But if I put on two tutu's, would I really be wearing a four-by-four?Brain: Why do I even bother asking?Pinky: I dunno, Brain. Maybe it's all part of some huge, cosmic plot formula!
"I think so, Brain, but wouldn't mustard make it sting?"

"I think so, Mr. Brain, but
if the sun'll come out tomorrow, what's it doing right now?"
"I think so, Brain, but aren't we out of shaving cream?"
"Um, I think so, Brain, but I hear Hillary is the jealous type."
"Uh, I think so, Brain--but after eating newspaper all day, do I really need the extra fiber?"
"I think so, Brain! But isn't a dreadlock hair extension awfully expensive?"
"I think so, Brain. But will anyone other than Eskimos buy blubber-flavored chewing gum?"
"I think so, Brain, but the ointment expired weeks ago!"
"I think so, Brain. But would the villains really have gotten away with it, if it weren't for
those pesky kids and their dog?"
"Wuhh... I think so, Brain! But let's use safflower oil this time! It's ever so much healthier!"
"Wuh... I think so, Brain. But Cream of Gorilla Soup—well, we’d have to sell it in awfully big cans, wouldn't we?"
"I think so, Brain. But if he left chocolate bullets instead of silver, they'd get all runny and gooey!"
"Yes, Brain, I think so, but do nuts go with pudding?"
"I think so, Brain, but a codpiece made from a real fish would get smelly after a while, wouldn’t it?"
"I think... so, Brain... *gag* ...but I didn’t know Annette used peanut butter in that way."
"I think so, Brain, but do those roost in this neighborhood?"
"I think so, Brain, but is the world ready for angora bellbottoms? I mean I can see wearing them inside out, but that would--"
"I think so, Doctor. But are these really the legs of a show girl?"
"I think so, Brainius. But what if
a sudden wind were to blow up my toga?"
"I think so, Brain. But Trojans won’t arrive on the scene for another 300 years."
"I think so, Brain…but where would a yak put PVC tubing?"
Pinky: (talking to his reflection in the mirror) Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?Pinky's Reflection: Why, yes, Pinky! Yes, I am! But where would you get a chicken, 20 yards of spandex and smelling salts at this hour?
"I think so, Brain, but wouldn't an
itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polka-dot one-piece be better suited for my figure?"
"I think so, Brain, but won't it go straight to my hips?!"
"I think so, Ali-Brain! But isn't it cheating to use glue?"
"Whuu... I think so, BrainPan! But if running shoes had little feet, wouldn't they need their own shoes?"
"I think so, Brain. But what if the Earl of Essex doesn't like burlap pantaloons?"
"I think so, Brain, but should we use dishwashing liquid or cooking oil?"
Pinky: I think so, Brain! We'll dress up like biker dudes and infiltrate the "
Hades Ladies." Then we'll convince them to hold a meeting inside the corn palace. Narf! The resulting carbon-monoxide buildup will allow you to complete your energy-making device and shortly after, you will rule the world!Brain: Actually, I was thinking of calling the police. But I like your idea better!Pinky: I’m honored, Brain... er, what was my idea again?
"We think so, Brain! But dressing like twins is so tacky."
"I think so, Brain, but practicing docking procedures with a goat at zero G's—it's never been done!"
"I think so, Brain! But shouldn't we let the silk worms finish the boxer shorts before we put them on

"I think so, Brain! But is Chippendale's ready for 'The Full Pinky?'"
"I think so, Brain! But do I have what it take to be the '
Lord of the Dance'?"
"I think so, Brain! How much deeper would the ocean be if there weren't sponges down there?"

Brain: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Whoof, oh, I'd have to say the odds of that are terribly slim, Brain.
Brain: True.
Pinky: I mean, really, when have I ever been pondering what you've been pondering?
Brain: To my knowledge, never.
Pinky: Exactly. So, what are the chances that this time, I'm pondering what you're pondering?Brain: Next to nil.
Pinky: Well, that's exactly what I'm thinking, too.
Brain: Therefore, you are pondering what I'm pondering.
Pinky: Poit, I guess I am!

And just a little more Pinky and the Brain info:

In "Pinky's Turn", Pinky had much of the episode centering around himself wherein he took on some of Brain's motivation for taking over the world. This episode has Pinky becoming extremely successful at ruling at least a town, but of course the whole thing is put through the wringer of Pinky's 'clockwork orange' view of things, hence Pinky's choice of naming the town: "I think I'll call it 'Shiny Pants', because everyone in there will want to wear shiny pants..." and goes on to describe his ultimate goal and the path to get there. Seeing Pinky's unexpected success, Brain is understood to wonder questions similar to many that have been asked for centuries: "Why do people with such capacity for power seem to waste it on crazy things that work out somehow, but shouldn't?"

In one episode, Pinky addressed a group of world leaders, lauding Brain's talents and intelligence to them, and convincing them to give Brain control of their countries. Brain, who was very upset at the time, repulsed the leaders with his anger and rudeness, leading them to rescind their offer. A mortified Brain later realized that Pinky had delivered the world to him on a silver platter, and he himself scuttled the deal. The supreme irony is that the apparently stupid Pinky nearly took over the world using honest and open discussion and talk, as opposed to the overly complicated and Machiavellian strategies Brain himself typically uses, and that Brain himself prevented the conquest from taking place. Pinky has a great heart, and he always tries to agree with Brain, until he's placed in a situation where he has power, and realizes that Brain's plans are morally wrong. At these times Brain is usually left in danger with Pinky coming to his rescue at the expense of his power. In "The Pink Candidate" Pinky ends up as the President of the United States with only minor help from Brain, and gave up his position of power to save Brain from being "Stoned" by the Senators.

And with that I better end this, since it's 1:30 in the morning. I started watching Youtube, and wow, there's even a spliced video of what would happen if the Enterprise came upon the Death Star (Star Trek vs Star Wars). Amazing what you can find. And waste your time watching. So have a good night!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Mr. Bean

Well, since I highlighted one good British comedy, I had to highlight, the absolute BEST British comedy, which is of course Mr. Bean. Just click here for proof! Mr. Bean is the best. I would put quotes, but really, he doesn't talk much. I only found one.

Cilla Black: Batchelor number 3, what's your name and where d'you come from?

Mr. Bean: Um, well I'm... Number 3. And I've come... from my dressing room.

Cilla Black: Aww, bless his little cotton socks! I meant, where are you from, what's your name?
Mr. Bean: Er, Bean.

Cilla Black: What's your first name?

Mr. Bean: [pause] Mister.

And just for your info, this is what the choir sings at the beginning of the show:

Choir: [singing] Ecce homo que est faba. (Latin: "Behold the man who is a bean")

And just for more laughs, click here!
Here's some spell-binding trivia for you too. Rowan Atkinson recieved his master's degree in electrical engineering. He loves cars (he has excellent taste I might add) and once crashed a Mclaren F1 (worth over $1000000) into a Austin Metro (worth less than $600). Mostly he likes Aston Martins (my dream car is an Aston Martin-but more about that some other day). So that's my random tv show for the day. Much shorter, but the clips will make up for that. I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Are You Being Served?

Okay, ongoing my t.v. show highlights, my next show is... Are You Being Served? And sorry if this is a bit crude, or some of the pictures disturbing, it's British comedy, what do you expect?!?

So here's the run down:
It is a comedy about the adventures of the very dysfunctional staff of Grace Brothers, a fictional London department store. The series focuses on the adventures of the Ladies' Intimate Apparel and the Gentlemen's Ready-Made departments as they try to co-exist peacefully on the same floor. They try. They do not succeed very often: they are too busy plotting mini-ambushes against each other and leading very colorful lives in the workplace...they just don't sell much of anything.

I used to think this show was funny when I was 10 or 11 because of all the physical humor--people falling over, silly costumes, etc; a friend lent the whole collection to me this Christmas and I have to say, I never realized quite how innocent I was till I watched it as an adult. Wowsers!! Every joke has a very double meaning and Mr. Humphries, well, he describes his sexuality as such when Mr. Lucas dryly comments that Mr. Humphries is still sitting on the fence, Mr. Humphries says (in agreement) that "that way you can see what's growing in both gardens." (Naughty laugh.)

So anyway, here's some good quotes:

An unusual excuse for being late:
"The central heating broke down and I had to hold my pussy in front of it. It was frozen solid."- Mrs. Slocombe, Mrs. Slocombe Expects (Mrs. Slocombe always refers to her pet cat as her pussy.)

Mr. Grainger: "People really seldom curtsy in these days."
Mr. Humphries: "My milkman does."
Mr. Lucas: "You should stop answering the door in a tiara."
Mr. Humphries (smiling): "You've been there early, haven't you?" - Top Hat and Tails

Miss Brahms (upon seeing the new floor dummy): "Is that it? Is that the robot we've all been making the fuss about? Don't look very lifelike to me."
Mr. Humphries (to Miss Brahms): "Well, you don't look very lifelike at this time of the morning come to that."- Top Hat and Tails

Mr. Humphries: "Are you free, Mr. Lucas?"
Mr. Lucas: "Well, you just seemed to catch me in the middle of nothing."- The Club

Birthday gift ideas for Mrs. Slocombe...
Capt. Peacock: "Any Suggestions?"
Mr. Grainger: "I vote we give her a cyanide tablet...no, no, I take that back."
Capt. Peacock: "Good."
Mr. Grainger: "Two cyanide tablets, in case the first one doesn't work." - Fifty Years On

Capt. Peacock complains to Mr. Rumbold about his (Peacock's) lederhosen:
Capt. Peacock: "During our discussion you did tell me that my, my costume would give me the appropriate air of authority. I'm getting a lot of air but very little authority."- German Week

The roof-stranded staff is rescued from a fire:
Fireman: "Right then, who's first?"
Mrs. Slocombe: "I am."
Fireman (shouting down to his partner): "Blimey, Bert, I need the stronger ladder."- Sit Out

Leo's and my personal favorite episode though, is when the staff end up staying at Mrs. Slocombe's house, and Capt. Peacock is in bed and then Mr. Lucas gets in with him, and Capt. Peacock freaks out till he realizes it's not Mr. Humphries. Haaa, haa, ha!

Anyway, I hope you all don't think I'm very crude now, it's just so funny, really I promise. You should check it out from your local library.
In other news, I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday!! I really like them, and they're not going to be puked on, bled on, covered in MRSA, peed on, pooed on, and who knows what else, because I'm no longer a nurse!!! HURRAY!!!
And you should all go check out somethingsclever.blogspot.com because my sister wrote a post all about me!!! I feel so loved!!! It was very sweet.

Monday, 16 April 2007

The Colbert Report

I thought this week I'd highlight a few of my favorite T.V. show that I miss watching (I'm really just had my fill of not understanding anything because the TV is always, on and in Spanish) and so first on my list is The Colbert Report. It makes fun of all the news talk shows, mostly The O'Reilly Factor. I think it's very amusing. One of my favorite parts is his "Dead to Me" and "On Notice" lists. Here's his lists as of Feb. 28, 2007:



It changes according to what's goin on in the news. But usually Grizzly Bears is always there.

Stephen Colbert also coined the word of the year by Webster Dictionary in 2006. Here's the exert from his show:

"I will speak to you in plain, simple English. And that brings us to tonight's word: 'truthiness.' Now I'm sure some of the 'word police,' the 'wordinistas' over at Webster's are gonna say, 'hey, that's not a word'. Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm no fan of dictionaries or reference books.
I don't trust books. They're all fact, no heart. And that's exactly what's pulling our country apart today. 'Cause face it, folks; we are a divided nation. Not between Democrats and Republicans, or conservatives and liberals, or tops and bottoms. No, we are divided between those who think with their head, and those who know with their heart.
Consider Harriet Miers. If you 'think' about Harriet Miers, of course her nomination's absurd. But the president didn't say he 'thought' about his selection. He said this:
(video clip of President Bush:) 'I know her heart.'
Notice how he said nothing about her brain? He didn't have to. He feels the truth about Harriet Miers.
And what about Iraq? If you think about it, maybe there are a few missing pieces to the rationale for war. But doesn't taking Saddam out feel like the right thing?"

I love it!! And here's another just for fun.

"In a July 2006 episode of the satirical comedy The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert announced the neologism wikiality, a portmanteau of the words Wikipedia and reality, for his segment "The Wørd." Colbert defined wikiality as "truth by consensus" (rather than fact), modeled after the approval-by-consensus format of Wikipedia. He ironically praised Wikipedia for following his philosophy of truthiness, in which intuition and consensus is a better reflection of reality than fact:

"You see, any user can change any entry, and if enough other users agree with them, it becomes true. ... If only the entire body of human knowledge worked this way. And it can, thanks to tonight's word: Wikiality. Now, folks, I'm no fan of reality, and I'm no fan of encyclopedias. I've said it before. Who is Britannica to tell me that George Washington had slaves? If I want to say he didn't, that's my right. And now, thanks to Wikipedia, it's also a fact.
We should apply these principles to all information. All we need to do is convince a majority of people that some factoid is true. ... What we're doing is bringing democracy to knowledge.[6][7]

According to Colbert, together "we can all create a reality that we all can agree on; the reality that we just agreed on." During the segment, he joked "I love Wikipedia... any site that's got a longer entry on truthiness than on Lutherans has its priorities straight." Colbert also used the segment to satirize the more general issue of whether the repetition of statements in the media leads people to believe they are true. The piece was introduced with the tagline, "The Revolution Will Not Be Verified," referencing the lack of objective verification seen in some articles."

Ok, and I just got all that info from Wikipedia. So what does that tell you about me?
My other favorite part is "Better Know a District, like so:

Each segment begins with basic information about a specific district, such as history and geography, and sometimes a humorously bizarre event that happened there. The district is also almost invariably referred to as "fightin'," as in the "Fightin' 11th." The sole exception is the first edition, in which a local sports team is referred to as "fightin" mere seconds after this term would later become customary, pointing to the origin of the use of the term. Most segments feature an interview with its Representative.
One comedic maneuver that Colbert commonly employs in these interviews, particularly when he is interviewing Democrats, is to ask the Representative a loaded question of either "George W. Bush: great President, or the greatest President?", or "the Iraq War: great war, or the greatest war?" When the interviewee, nearly always a Democrat, tries to express his or her disapproval of Bush, Colbert will usually state that the only choice is between "Great" or "Greatest," and nearly always states, "I'm gonna put you down for 'Great'." (He often refers to previous Democratic representatives who chose great, and shows clips from their interviews where they, too, refused to choose either 'great' or 'greatest,' and Colbert simply bulldozes over them saying, "I'm gonna put you down for 'Great'.")
After the interview, Colbert adds the segment to "the big board", a map of the entire United States with district lines drawn; the new district, shown in sparkling gold on a blue background, is usually very difficult or impossible to see due to its small size. Though many districts have been profiled, the map still looks largely vacant overall.

Anyway, on to more adorable things, mainly my daughter, hee. hee. This is Leo feeding her a chocolate truffle.

This what happened when he tried to get it back,
and this is the aftermath.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Drum Roll, Please.

I forgot!! Leo recieved his preliminary (nothing is for certain in the airline industry) base and it's..... CHICAGO!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be three hours from KAYLI!!!!!!!!!!! I might be able to afford a house!!!!!!!!!! I won't have to live in the hood in Washington D.C.!!!!!!!! I can go to the Chicago Art Museum!!!!!!!!!!!! And see the river dyed green!!!!!!!!!!! AND go to the Art Museum!!!!!!!! And maybe more museum's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Isn't the lion from The Ghost in the Darkness supposedly stuffed in a museum in Chicago?) Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!

P.S. Click on the title of this post.

What a day!

So today was another day and thank goodness it's over. I finished Martha's brochure and business cards, did some ironing, and had a emotional breakdown. Oh, wait, what's new? Poor Lindsay, she had to listen to me on the phone. I think I was just stressed from the high drama in this crazy house. Cesar and his girlfriend were fighting so he left his apartment and came to his mom's house (where I'm staying) and anyway, it was a mess. I just need my own personal space for time alone, and usually that would be in my home, etc., anyway, so then I went to Stake Conference and bawled all during that. Literally. But by the end I felt 100% better. Funny how life can be put in perspective so easily. This lady spoke whose husband was killed in a logging accident when the oldest of their eight children was 16 and the youngest 2. The whole message of her talk was relying on Christ to get you through your trials, whether big or small. Mine are definitely small. Anyway, then she met this guy who had 5 kids and married him,---she said that's actually when her trials really began. I guess the 14 (they had one child together as well) kids had a hard time adjusting to each other. And then a couple of years after that, one of her stepdaughters was killed in an automobile accident while driving down with her husband to go to their wedding reception here in AZ. AND then the very next day, her 25 yr. old son was killed in another car accident. Anyway, like I said, kind of puts things in perspective. Another man spoke too who had been excommunicated from the church for 14 years and then spent another 8 years trying to become active again , and the stake president in his talk said he had to write two letters to the First Presidency before they'd let him be re-baptized (or whatever they do, I'm not sure). His message was on giving your whole self to Christ. Wow, that was a heavy duty talk too. The man said he took the sacrament for the first time in 22 yrs. three weeks ago. So, here's my inspirational thought for the Sabbath tomorrow, it's from Elder Richard G Scott's talk during General Conference, and someone quoted it in Stake Conference tonight. He was actually pretty funny, he was talking about how he loved this talk and he was highlighting his favorite parts over the last few days in preparation for his talk, and then he realized he had highlighted everything except Elder Scott's name.

"Prayer is a supernal gift of our Father in Heaven to every soul. Think of it: the absolute Supreme Being, the most all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful personage, encourages you and me, as insignificant as we are, to converse with Him as our Father. Actually, because He knows how desperately we need His guidance, He commands, "Thou shalt pray vocally as well as in thy heart; yea, before the world as well as in secret, in public as well as in private."1
It matters not our circumstance, be we humble or arrogant, poor or rich, free or enslaved, learned or ignorant, loved or forsaken, we can address Him. We need no appointment. Our supplication can be brief or can occupy all the time needed. It can be an extended expression of love and gratitude or an urgent plea for help. He has created numberless cosmos and populated them with worlds, yet you and I can talk with Him personally, and He will ever answer. "

And just for fun, here's some cute pictures of Elena I took the other day. Amy gave me this outfit for July 4th, but I don't think it will still fit her then.

Friday, 13 April 2007


So I am yet again babysitting at my sister's house. And while the downstairs is covered in popcorn, I am trapped upstairs, because her son, Chad (age 1 1/2) just learned to crawl out of his crib--Amy's self-described "worst day of my life" when he learned that this week--, so I have to stay here till he falls asleep. Atleast it gives me time to write on my blog. Amy's house is like instant birth control, five kids, ages 9, 6, 3, 2, and 1. Why would I ever want more kids than just Elena? Well, I guess it's not quite that bad, and I still want more kids anyway.
Leo was sad yesterday, he actually didn't get to evacuate a plane, instead they learned some self defense against hijackers. He said it was pretty silly. Basically they had to say "Sir, (or mame) stop," and then whack them in their face with your elbow. It's just funny that they have to be so polite before hitting someone. Anyway, they had to practice on a blown up plastic person. Don't you all feel so safe now? They did tell them they could take an actual course at the police department though.
I think living with my mother-in-law, Martha, is a bad influence. She always watches telenovellas (sp?) on Telemundo. Then we found the remote the other day, finally!, so we can put on closed captioning in English. So now I've started watching Marina and Zorro with her. Zorro just got married in the last one, but not to the woman he loves, she's already married. The woman he did marry got him drunk and said he took advantage of her so to be honorable, he married her although it was a lie and he of course he being drunk doesn't remember. His real love is the daughter of the Queen of the Gypsies. Yeah, don't you just love telenovellas? Hee. Hee. Anyway, I know you are all dying to watch the show now as well. But hey, maybe it would be popular. Ugly Betty is a rip off of La Bea Mas Fea. Well, Chad just stopped moving. So I think I'm safe. Have a great night!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

It's almost Friday!

Leo was accepted to grad school!!! Yeah!!! It's an online program from Walden University, and he's getting an MBA in finance. Really, it will just make it a little easier to survive the next couple of years because we won't have to pay back our HUGE pilot loans yet. And he put in bids to the cities he wants as a base, and he put Chicago first!!! yahoo! But unfortunately, it seems that Washington D.C. will be the more likely place. Boo. Hiss. Anyway, we'll see. He's very excited today because he gets to go to the airport and deploy all the emergency exits and slide out of the plane.

Well that's all my news. I still have my cold, but it's not quite so bad. These pictures are from mine and Leo's trip to Moab and Mesa Verde, just before we came to Arizona.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Today I wish I had a Fairy Godmother to make my cold go away, clean my sister's house, and solve some other issues I'm not allowed to mention. Errr... why do I end up knowing things that just make me worry and I can't do anything about? Anyway, even little mice that helped out would be great. Elena caught a cold this weekend which I got Sunday, and it just makes life much less pleasant. Luckily, Elena is almost over hers. Anyway, Sunday was nice and relaxed, we really didn't do anything for Easter. Then Monday I went over to my sister's and cleaned her walls by the dining room table and some windows, and helped sort some things in her garage. Her garage is kind of a mixture of Jenga and a treasure hunt. Then I helped her daughter, Megan, with her homework and then went home to help Martha make a brochure for the business she's starting.

Today it was nice because I slept late because I just felt miserable with the cold, and then I went over to my sister's and cleaned her bathroom. I should go make dinner now, since I MADE my mother-in-law go to therapy and so she asked me to make dinner. She just had a stroke, but because she can walk without a cane now, she thinks she's all better, despite the fact that she almost falls over twice a day or more. She must think I'm the most annoying person, before she was supposed to wear a brace, which she wore a total of about 6-8 hrs the first week I was here. So then I constantly nagged her to wear it, and had my husband gang up on her too. I tried to make her buy orthopedic shoes too, since she's diabetic and drags one leg, but she took them back. Sigh. Anyway, moving on...

Last night I was out of PJs for Elena and so I got out some I bought her for to grow into, thinking they would be much too big, but no, they fit her almost perfectly. Kid grow way too fast! I love them, they are so cute on her! In the other picture Elena fell asleep with a piece of string cheese in her mouth. (pediatric recommended! -yeah right) And in the picture of the feet up above, well, I tried to copy Kayli. Which is fair because she always copies other people, right?

Saturday, 7 April 2007


Thursday night I went to babysit my sister Amy's kids, which is always an adventure. They are so fun! Amy gave me permission to build a huge tent in their family room, (well, huge to them). And then, since there was no school in the morning, they got to sleep in it, and I told them stories till the two youngest fell asleep. You can't see it in the photo but there's a tunnel escape route that goes around behind the couch and out the other side. I told the famous story from my Aunt Melodie of the Purple Gorilla, which I told them before, and was interrupted many times from Brynne (age 2) for her to tell me that it didn't happen that way before and to make corrections. I was also frequently interrupted by Garrett (age 3) who was constantly telling me what his baby dragon (toy dinosaur) was doing. It was fun though. I am often glad that Elena is not able to move around yet!

Friday I went over to Amy's again to color eggs, but I was too late (10 AM is early for me!). But I did go to the park with her kids. And I went to Trader Joe's and bought these delicious French dark chocolate truffles. I also bought these other chocolate truffles that are locale specific, so it's kind of like coffee or fine wines where the cocoa beans are from one plantation or atleast the same area, which is supposed to give the chocolate a distinct flavor. So I have a question for everyone, do you think that's rather ridiculous or what? I haven't tried them yet, so I'll have to let you know if I taste a difference, but it just seems rather ostentatious and really impractical. It's not like you'd be able to go somewhere and buy only Dominican Republic cocoa beans if that's the particular one you happen to just adore, atleast nowhere I shop on regular basis--I was only at Trader Joe's because it was next to Micheal's and I was dying for good chocolate. Anyway, just let me know what you think, por favor.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Easter and Easter chocolate. :)

Thursday, 5 April 2007


So I finally finished painting the bathroom last night at 2 AM, because I stayed on the computer so long. But it's done for the most part. I cleaned it this morning and put everything back, only one door needs a second coat of paint. Then I took my mother-in-law, whom I'm living with, to pick up her sister and drive her sister to a place to fill out a job application. We waited in the car 45 minutes for her before we decided to go eat lunch. My mother-in-law, Martha took me to my favorite restaurant, Haji Babba. YUMM!!! It was better then I remembered it. I had delicious beef schawrma (sp?) in a pita and tabooli and yogurt and cucumber salad. I think I could eat there every day. Then Martha bought me some baklava too. Delicious!! I also bought Leo some hazelnut wafer cookies, his favorite, and some humus and pitas. I can't wait to steal some when he's eating them. Hee. Hee. So waiting and then driving in rush hour traffic was all worth it. I just barely got home 45 minutes ago and now I have to leave again to babytsit for my sister, but I'll add a couple more photos of mi linda hija.

An introduction

To satisfy my sister Kayli, I am starting this blog, although she is probably the only person who will read it. Also I had cute photos that my husband's family had taken yesterday, so it's fun to have another place to display them. Really though, as Kayli says, one of these things are not like the others. Hee. Hee. The second picture I tried to make a cool effect like Kayli, but I think it's a little much. Anyway, it's midnight and I need to go paint a door before I go to bed so I will carry on with this tomorrow. Goodnight!