Saturday, 27 June 2015

Several more weeks of catch-up pictures

Elena made a Forest Ecosystem and insisted I take pictures one day. 

It was super cute, the boys were so excited to be matching.  Yes, the pj's aren't exactly the same but they all have fire trucks and police cars on them.  So exciting.

This is when Isabel got into something causing a nasty reaction.  It wasn't poison oak or poison ivy.  I'm not sure what it was.  But she got sent home from school, and basically got bathed in calamine lotion every few hours. 

Nicolas was helping me make bread but then the lid came off the bucket and he fell in.  He wasn't happy about that.

More of Elena's ecosystem.

And then one day, I found Nicolas in another bucket.  Ha. Ha. 

What a goof.

Lando wore these around for an entire day one day.  It was hysterical. He was very serious about it though.

And there we are, all caught up.  I miss writing all I did about what went on every week though.  I need to write more again.  Errr....

Friday, 26 June 2015

Jubal and Lando being ridiculously, adorably cute

This is how Jubal is always!  Ever since he could scoot around he would crawl up to me and as soon as I looked down he'd grin ridiculously happily.  Basically, melts my heart every time.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

More from Ana

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Niko Nikos

After going to the zoo we headed to Niko Niko's for Greek food for dinner.  Niko Niko's is a Houston classic.  And it has well earned it's reputation.  It was delicious.  We LOVED it! 

Unfortuntately, Leo's dad, Orlando, was feeling sick by then, and by the time we had eaten dinner, he was VERY sick and threw up a couple times in the parking lot. So Leo drove his parents home in their car and I drove the kids home in the van. 
Sebastian doing what he does constantly.
Good times!
Anyway, I stopped at JCPenny to get Leo a new white shirt because he was leaving early Monday morning and needed a new shirt to take on his trip, and I made it their 5 minutes before the store closed.  And I was celebrating because I made it in time, and then when I came out, the van wouldn't start. Yep, the battery was dead. And so we borrowed a phone from someone and called Leo, and he came to jump the van, with his mom and poor sick dad in tow because they didn't have a key to the house.  Oops.  Anyway, it was a much more eventful night than we intended.  And then Nicolas wiped out on the cement as he was running around.  Ouch.  Anyway, Leo rescued us.  And the kids went to bed quick after that.  And if you get to Houston, eat at Niko Niko's.