Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jubal and Isabel

 Mom always said Jubal looked just like Isabel, and I didn't believe her.  I was wrong.  They are twins.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Crazy Hair by Ana and Jubal is SO CUTE!

In Ana's Easter basket she was given some hair dye marker things.  Leo and I ran to get some groceries that night and this is what we came back to.  Photos by Ana.

And these were taken the next morning.
And these pictures were just this last Sunday because apparently I don't take enough photos of Jubal.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Selfies and other things

1. I wore one of my favorite hats to church the other week.  Love it.  (We won't mention the fact that my maternity dress fits me oh to well.
2. And finally some pictures from the Katy Folklife Festival. Here's Isabel washing clothes.
And Elena making soap.
Isabel making soap.
Holding a homing pigeon.
Sebastian churning out corn.  It was a cool machine, you put the cob in, cranked it around and it peeled off all the kernels and shot the empty cob out the other side.

Nicolas and the rag doll I made him.  Leo and Jubal were home sick with strep and croup.  And I don't remember where Ana went that day.  I think I wrote it on my last blog post that contained actual information.  It was fun festival.
3. I tried out the embroidery part of my new machine to make Andrea some house warming gifts.  Such fun!
4. So Jubal had croup and we had some very sleepless nights spent in the bathroom with the shower running to create steam. Then Leo came down sick that weekend. I thought it was just a viral cold he caught from Jubal.  Then Sunday night Nicolas started running a fever of 103.2 and it pretty much stayed there every time the meds wore off for the next three days.  I took him in on Tuesday afternoon because the fever wasn't getting any better and they gave him a breathing treatment in the office because of his labored breathing and then tested him for strep.  And yep, he had strep.  Then I had them test me too because my throat had begun to hurt just in the last hour.  And yep, I tested positive for strep too.  They dosed Nicolas with abx strong enough for pneumonia though, because of crackles in his lungs and labored breathing.  Anyway, that night, Elena came home saying her throat hurt, so I made an appointment for her the next morning. And then by the next morning Sebastian was saying that too. So I dragged everyone to the doctor's that morning except for Ana.  Leo, Elena, Isabel, Sebastian, and Jubal all tested positive for strep.  Everyone except Ana started antibiotics.  Just a couple days later my throat no longer felt the knifing pain, but I started coughing like crazy.  I think I have bronchitis.  And that weekend, Ana also caught whatever coughing bug I had, but unlike me, her immune system fought it off after a couple of days and she's fine now.  I'm still coughing and hacking a week and a half later, and just this morning Jubal and Nicolas started coughing.  Err... I'm ready for us all to be better and well.  
5. Despite the plague of strep we did manage to dye some eggs.  There was only 4 each for the younger kids and 3 for Elena and Ana, because we hadn't gone grocery shopping in so long (usually my fridge is stocked with 3 dozen eggs).  The kids loved it.  Easter is fun.  And then because I was impatient we found the Easter Bunny had visited while they were decorating eggs. (This was Friday night.)  That was even more fun.  

 6. And I dug out the pictures that my parents and Leo and I took at the temple.  I'm going to tape this picture to my fridge, so I remember not to open it. :)  Sigh.  But in happy news, because I've been sick I've dropped down to my lowest weight since having Jubal. Yeah!
7.  This past weekend we went to an after-Easter Easter party at our friends the Nielson's house.  The kids had a blast.  Good times.
8. During Sunday School I've been going to the Family History Center where a consultant has been working one on one with me.  I really haven't accomplished much there, as there is NO low-hanging fruit in this family, but it has made me excited about family history again. And since then I've cleaned up Leo's family tree on FamilySearch, cleaned it up on my program at home, and uploaded his tree to Ancestry (all of which was some of my goals for this year). We also contacted a distant relative of his who is a member of the church that we found through FamilySearch.  And then I've uploaded some audio files and pictures and documents to FamilySearch of my own family.  Fun stuff.  I love it.

9. I also finished one of the quilt tops for Elena and Isabel.  They have been cut out for two years.  And it only took me a week to sew up.  Why did I put it off so long?!?!? But that is another goal I had for this year.  So yes.  I'm very happy about how quick it came together.  Must start working on the other one tonight.
10. My ward is so nice.  When we were sick, two friends of mine brought us meals and several other people offered.  So kind!
11.  I now have 5 sewing students!  Woohoo!  I love it!
12. Leo applied for a job in Mandan, ND.  Yes, we are a bit desperate to move.  I really hate the cold, but I think I hate mosquitos more so Mandan wins out over Katy.
13.  That's all I can think of. Happy April 13th!