Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New news

Leo broke his arm. Yep. That's right. He didn't even want to got to the doctor but I finally made him almost a week after he crashed on his bike--sure enough, he had a hairline fracture. So not bad but he has to wear a splint like Ana's for the next few weeks. Ana, by the way, hasn't had to wear her splint for the last month except for when playing soccer. Once soccer's over, she's done wearing it for good.

Also, I realized that I posted the wrong video of Isabel speaking. So here's the right one. It really is so cute.

I've given up hope on my irises, the irises at the university are already blooming. My one lone plant is only an inch tall. So sad.

We went to go feed the ducks at the BYU duck pond on Monday for FHE. I should have brought my camera. There were tons of ducklings and the kids loved it! It was really cute.
And that's all of my news, except it snowed today. What's with that?!?! Ruff.

Monday, 26 April 2010


Why does my daughter that hated Hannah Montana and High School Musical and despised all things "popular" all of a sudden asking for skinny jeans and who's Lady GaGa???!?!?! Why??!??!?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

My kids are least I think so.

Remember this a couple of days ago. Yep, she did it again. What a comfortable place to fall asleep.

So these are videos that show just how much of a doting mother I am. I just think it's so funny that Elena's favorite song is "Breakable" by Ingrid Michealson. She asks for it everytime we get in the van and she can sing it so well. Better than in the video--she was being a little camera shy.

This is proof that Isabel can speak. She speaks even more than that too. A lot more.

Friday, 23 April 2010

A bit of poetry...

Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight

Fair lady Isabel sits in her bower sewing,
Aye as the gowans grow gay
There she heard an elf-knight blawing his horn.
The first morning in May
"If I had yon horn that I hear blawing,
An yon elf-knight to sleep in my bosom."
This maiden had scrcely these words spoken,
Till in at her window the elf-knight has luppen
"It's a very strange matter, fair maiden," said he,
"I canna blaw my horn but ye call on me.
"But will ye go to yon greenwood side?
If ye canna going, I will cause you to ride,"
He leapt on a horse, and she on another,
And they rode on the greenwood together.
"Light down, light down, lady Isabel," said he,
"We are come to the place where ye are to die."
"Hae mercy, hae mercy, kind sir, on me,
Till ance my dear father and mother I see.
"Seven king's-daughters here hae I slain,
And ye shall be the eight o them."
"O sit down a while, lay your head on my knee,
That we may hae some rest before I die."
She stroak'd him sae fast, the nearer he did creep,
Wi a sma charm she lulld him fast asleep.
Wi his ain sword-belt sae fast as she ban him
Wi his ain dag-durk sae sair as she dang him
"If seven king's-daughters here ye hae slain,
Lye ye here, a husband to them a'."

Now that's the kind of girl I named my daughter after. Sweet.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Today, my first iris plant sprung up from the ground!!! I love spring!!! I love irises!!! In Illinois I used to meander around the streets just to look at them. That's my story. Chao.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Life is Wonderful

I can't get enough of this girl. Seriously.

She cracks me up. Someday I should post a picture of her dancing. Then you'd understand.

Ana and Elena watching a movie. What cuties.

Leo thinks Elena is not getting enough attention and that is why she's whining so much more. I think mostly about locking her in her room till she's 18 and I don't have to listen to her whine anymore. Arrrghhhh.
Did you know, Isabel has naturally curly hair. It's so adorable.
She's adorable.
With her crazy hair.
Sebastian thinks he's buff, look at him showing off his muscles.
Ah, I just want to go wake him up and squeeze him some more looking at this picture.
What a dashing young fellow.
More of the handsome youth.
I love babies. At least my own, not so much other people's babies. Is that awful of me to say?
Elena asleep with everything including the kitchen sink. What a goose. I love her too, despite wanting to lock her away in a sound proof room. Actually, I love to hear her sing. It's as adorable as Isabel's dancing. Hee. Hee.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I have a Goodreads account, because I already kept a list of books I've read (I've done so since I was 13.) and I like to read other book reviews there and get suggestions for other books to read. Anyway, I kept getting friend requests from complete strangers--males--who only had females as friends and no books listed. Ummm... yeah. (And no, I don't feel flattered at all, my sisters said the same thing happened to them. Okay, so maybe we all should feel flattered, I don't know.) So I posted on my profile this:

Twenty-something mom with four kids and the most wonderful, handsome, brilliant husband in the whole Western hemisphere.

It was meant to be a deterrent to all those annoying friend requests. It worked.

Then I recieved this message from someone:

I am the most handsome, wonderful and brillant man in the western world and we're not married are we? Do you know something I don't because I'm pretty smart and know many things!

Hee. Hee.

And no I didn't become his friend.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Sebastian in his Sunday clothes. He didn't want any more pictures.

This is my new purse/diaper bag. Isn't it to die for?? I've been looking for one since, well, last spring when my cool sister-in-law Lindsay came to visit with her adorable green bag. And it was on sale half off. Perfect.

This is my demon child, Elena. She woke up at 6:30 AM (normally it's 7:30 or later) and by 5:30 PM, she fell asleep standing up. Sort of.
She's been sick. Last night she woke up with a fever. It has been miserable. She's been crying and whining incessantly. And her complaints go like this, "Mom!!! Isabel's talking!!!!!" Errrr... yes, I should be more patient, since she's sick. Oh well, I hope she's over it soon. Anyway, I have to go pick up Ana from school now. Chao.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A few funny things

I just finished watching the latest Star Trek movie. It was good. But then, I like Star Trek. My husband on the other hand didn't like it as well as I did. He said it was too far fetched and unbelievable (yet he's raving about Sherlock Holmes??!?!) and so then we were discussing the merits of Star Trek and then of course Star Wars came up and then Indiana Jones.

Anyway, at one point I made the comment, "Star Wars (the original three) are like The Lord of the Rings, they completely upped the standard for movie making."

To which Leo responded, "Yeah, but Lord of the Rings is still more believable to me than Star Wars."

Ummm..... "Really, how so?"

"Well, I've seen guys riding horses but not beaming places."

Sometimes I love my husband so much!!! No, actually, he was trying to explain that a lot of the Lord of the Rings is rooted in our own mythology and stories, were as Star Wars is just somebody's imagination. Just how he said it made me laugh so hard though.

Ana made me laugh today too. We watched Oliver (the musical--you know, Food, Glorious Food!) and her comment about Bill Sykes was, "I'm sure glad Dad isn't like him." Umm, yeah, me too.

Another funny Ana story--she had to write a description of our family for school and the point of it was to add details. (Also something her teacher told me she needed to work on at parent-teacher conferences.) It was extremely lacking in details so I made her rewrite it, because I'm a mean, horrible parent like that. So she did. Her rewrite was much better with lots of details, and I seriously had trouble keeping a straight face while reading it. I wish I had kept a copy, but in it she compared Sebastian's black hair to Leo's dress pants, and the whole thing went on from there. It was hysterical. I did write down one sentence in particular, but I think Elena, my paper shredding thief, must have got a hold of it, because it's gone. Lo siento.

Anyway, have a good night. Live long and prosper.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Around the House

I had a request for pictures. So I graciously complied. Also thank you everyone for all the yogurt suggestions. I will try again. Soon.

This is my favorite--so sweet.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Yogurt Failure

It did not work, not at all. I think it was too hot.

Lynn, what is a wonder box, and how do I get one?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Yogurt-First Attempt

Used the Greek Gods which contained:
S. Thermophilus
L. Bulgaricus
L. Acidophilus
L. Casei

I read that yogurt's that contain many bacteria usually set quicker, but produce more whey. We will see in the morning. Oh, and if you want my recipe for yogurt, all I did was heat whole milk to 98 degrees and then added a small container of plain yogurt, covered it, and then left it in the oven with the door open for the rest of the night at the lowest temperature the oven would go to.


Tonight (well, about five minutes ago) I was having a bit of a fit because I couldn't find the temperature probe to my digital thermometer. (Why is it when you lose stuff, it's the most expensive stuff????) Leo helped me look. It was so irritating because I knew exactly the three most likely places for me to put it and it wasn't in any of them. I even called my mom to see if she remembered seeing it when she came to visit. (I also may or may not have kicked a wall.) My mom suggested some places to look, most of which I had already looked through. Then our conversation went somewhat like this:

"Well, make it tomorrow, you should be going to bed anyway."
"I can't, I have to let it sit overnight."
"What are you making??"

At this point my mother was at a loss for words. I imagine she was shaking her head and wondering what was wrong with my head. Hee. Hee. Also, about this time I found the thermometer probe behind the utensil drawer where my mother had told me to look. Sigh. Everything is okay now and my yogurt is cooking away. Wish me well that it will turn out.