Friday, 7 August 2015

Riding Horses and Triplets

We went to Smith and Edward's one day, because that's the best store ever.  And Grandma spoiled Elena and bought her new boots.  Isabel had been crying for weeks before our trip because she didn't have cowboy boots, and then once we got there, Elena's were too small so Isabel got them, and Elena got a new pair. Lucky gal.  And then when Ana got home from AFY, Grandpa snuck off with her and bought her a new pair too, because her pair was 2 sizes too small.  But she had just kept wearing them, because, seriously, who wouldn't want to keep wearing awesome boots?

Lando liked riding a lot.  At least he made a fuss when we tried to get him off.

Dad took Leo, me, Elena, Isabel and Sebastian on a trail ride up to the radio tower.  This time NO ONE fell off their horse.  Yay!

Dad told us this while we were up there: Gene Boehme, dad's cousin, won $500 for having the highest marks in the province on the end of high school exams and he decided to buy a horse with it. Only he wanted an Arabian (which were pretty rare in Southern Alberta) so he finally found an Arab/Thoroughbred cross and bought him. He had him for awhile, but then needed money to go on his mission, so he sold him to my Grandpa. Indy (the horse) was claimed by Uncle Dave even though according to my Dad, it wasn't really his, and they raced him all the time at fairs and rodeos and pretty much always won and of course the boys liked that. So when Dave went to buy another horse, he went to the same farm Gene had gone too, and got FazFarah (my horse genealogy is a lttle fuzzy here, please correct me if I'm wrong) who was a daughter of FahFahah, and my Dad bought a different horse (forgot the name, help?) And that's where FazQueen, FahZelle ( the horse I grew up riding) and a dozen others all come from, and three or four of my Dad's current horses are 4th generation from that same line. And that's why our family pretty much only owns Arabians and my dad even converted his father-in-law to Arabians, and Rocky (the horse my Grandpa Walburger rode till he was 94) was from that same line. The end.

Weird, I know, but I just love how neat and orderly Dad's tack room is.

Roxie the dog. I tried to convince Dad to breed her to a poodle, and then we would take one of the puppies. I'm not sure if I was successful or not.
Isabel and Mrs. Potts.
Clover, Molly and Jubal.  Molly and Jubal are only a couple of weeks apart in age and Clover is several months younger.  Jubal is a giant.

And Nicolas, Oskar and Will.  Hearing Lando say Oskar's name is adorable.

I love how Oskar is like, "What is that weirdo doing?!?" in every picture.  Here. Hee.

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