Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Last day of camping and canoeing

Ana might like playing in the fire, but I am still the fire-starter supreme.  :)

 Ana got a tent to herself because all the little kids wanted to sleep with Mom and Dad.

 Elena said, "I like canoeing a little bit, but I'd rather watch a movie."
 Isabel to a park ranger, "How come you're old?"
Nicolas enjoys canoeing kind of like he enjoys the beach.

We saw a bunch of catfish a guy had caught and a deer that Elena spotted.  And we liked harassing these ducks by canoeing to where ever they settled (it wasn't a big lake.)

And this is how Elena gets the books she wants.  The End.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hiking in Burnt Bastrop Park

 A lot of Bastrop Park burnt down in a forest fire last year.  But I still think it was pretty in a charred wood sort of a way.  We hiked and then ate by a little pond.  Isabel and Ana are super hikers.  Our other kids, not so much.

Sunday, 25 November 2012


For Thanksgiving, Leo and I decided to go camping.  Really, that was the best decision ever, even though we had five invitations to go to other people's houses for Thanksgiving.
The beginning of last week was horrible.  We had major plumbing issues and I was so upset, because I wanted it fixed right away so it would be sure to be taken care of before Thanksgiving and our landlord was trying to fix it himself.  Eventually after two days, he did call a plumber.  But I was extremely stressed out and well, honestly, hysterical.  I really miss being pregnant and calm.  Sigh. But all was finally fixed on Wednesday and we made it on our camping trip.  And for the first two days it was so incredibly relaxing.  The kids weren't fighting, they weren't complaining, and everything just went so well.
How can you tell we're in Texas?
The last day of the trip the kids were a bit more back to their normal selves and me back to my normal snapping at them.  Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted.
We stayed at Buescher State Park and spent one day hiking around Bastrop State Park.  Bastrop basically burnt down in a forest fire last year, so it was kind of an eery landscape.  Fun nonetheless.
I love this picture of Ana!

Nicolas started being fussy on the day I started packing for camping.  He's never been fussy before but he was the most fussy he's ever been during the trip and since we've been back as well.  And he hated being in the baby carrier.  Errr... But at least he was happy during the night.  That was very much appreciated.

Sebastian would ONLY drink from Ana's water backpack thing.  Whatever it's called.
I'll post more photos from the trip tomorrow.  Tonight I need to get to bed.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

This week in review

 I dug this out of the attic.  It's already too small.  So sad.  I love these pjs.  This kid is huge.  Seriously in Relief Society my friend and I lined up our babies and her's is  4 months older, and they were practically the same size.

 Elena got a guitar from her Abuelitos.  Isabel already has the songs memorized.  Sebastian loves it too.

 In her words, "I'm a princess fairy rockstar."  Okay.

 Sebastian broke out in some weird rash after lunch.  It was either the cucumbers or the jello.  I think maybe the dye in the jello bothered his skin.
Doesn't Sebastian look like an anime cartoon in this picture because his eyes are so huge?
What we found after Ana babysat for us to go to the temple on Friday night.  Love it.