Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Isabel's 10!!!!

Isabel wanted to have a hot dog roast for her birthday, so I willingly obliged her.  And no cake--just Creamies!  Happy Birthday cute girl!!  She's always so fun and imaginative.  She loves reading and coloring (hence the gel pens) and she's awesome at babysitting and keeping the kids happy.  She is about as distractible as a squirrel, but we'll keep her anyway.  

Monday, 30 July 2018

A few more from late June and early July

I finally made it to one of Sebas's baseball games.  Although when I tried to take a picture, Efraim fell over.  What the heck?  I'm cursed never to watch any of my kids' games.  Anyway, Sebas does pretty good at catcher. He got a person out.  He's really improved this year and loves baseball.  

I've been teaching sewing lessons to my friend's daughters, Bri and Sophie, so they'd have something to enter for 4H in the fair and at the wool contest.  I was supposed to be making dresses with Elena and Isabel too, but that died once we found out we were moving.  Sigh.  As a practice to sewing straight, they sewed a couple squares together each time we met and they finally finished the quilt!  It was all gifted fabric I had in my stash.  

This was the last lab we did before heading to Utah for the 4th of July.  We made these gelatinous masses (I forgot what they're called, by dripping the solution into oil.  The kids loved it.  
This is the series of books that we have. They are so excellent!

Also, just the day or two before leaving we decided to finish sewing the kids' pillowcases.  We had picked out the fabric in the spring for them, so it was totally planned, but I never thought I would be moving this summer/fall so it was all just a bit more rushed than I had figured on.  The kids sewed all the seams (I held on to Lando's and Jubal's with them).  They were so excited about them.  Elena had finished hers early this year.    

The end of June

Lindsay stopped by with Dad on her way from Florida to Utah.  It took a lot of convincing to get her to visit me, but finally her son crying (I forgot which) and my promise of Yorkshire pudding with strawberries and whipped cream swayed her to take a break.  It was an eventful break too!  She pulled out Will's tooth, and then she pulled out Lando's tooth (the exact same one).  We should have got a picture of the two of them together but Will was already buckled in the car ready to go.

My friend made this sign for me to hide the crooked bar underneath that Leo put up to keep the gate straight.  So cute!

One of the labs we did.  Ana even joined in.  You float craft paint on the top of liquid starch and then set a paper on top of it.  We later splattered white and what was supposed to be glow-in-the-dark (didn't work) paint on it for stars because they were supposed to look like galaxies.  I'm so glad we did this lab because then I used it for my ward time at girl's camp!

A goodbye cake for Ana that she never showed up for on the last evening she had to hang out with us.  She went to hang out with Tristan's family instead.  It was not the best of goodbyes.  I was pretty angry.   She did end up not going to work on Saturday so she went hiking with us, but I was not in the most forgiving moods and was still mad.  Ah well, so goes life. She left on Sunday for basic training for National Guard.

I'm terrible at selfies.

Another lab, from our Math Lab book.  I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed playing with the Tanagrams.  They played with them for days after.  You're supposed to use only seven pieces to make designs.  Sorry, blurry phone photos. :(

And this is how I felt about the whole month.