Friday, 20 July 2007

Dread Pirate Kayli

Howdy Ho and a Bucket of Rum!!

I was going through old emails and found this from my sister Kayli. Very amusing. Kind of long, maybe boring--too bad, that's why I'm chief editor, writer, illustrator of my own blog so I can post whatever I want. Hee. Hee. This was during Kayli's and mine first semester at USU. She met Brett later in November and became engaged the next month. She now has three adorable kids. Check out her blog here.

Thursday, November 2, 2000 12:47 AM

*Your name:Kayli Diane Rasmussen (sorry if some of you don't know me, don't feel obligated to read this)

*Nicknames: Kate, Dread Pirate Kayli, My Hero, Oh Exalted One...

*School: Utah State University

*Color of eyes: blue

*Color of Hair: red

*Height: 5' 6 1/2"

*Pets:none here at college, but at home we have adog named Dolly and a duck named Donald (HeY! we havea D theme going!)

*Siblings:5 sisters, 3 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, 2brothers-in-law, 4 nieces, 1 nephew (I know it didn'task about nieces and nephews, but I wanted to tell you anyway!)

*Been so drunk you blacked out: No. But I like to pretend I'm drunk sometimes, generally late at night.

*Taken any illegal substances:no

*Gone out in public in your pajamas:Yes, but at early college classes that is not out of the ordinary for anyone

*Missed school b/c it was raining: no

*Set any body part on fire for fun: Nope, althoughI DO have fireworks in my closet, even though it'sagainst the rules (Thanks Jennie and Jen!)

*Kept a secret from everyone: Well, yes, but I generally tell my sisters eventually.

*Had an imaginary friend:Not that I recall. Does animaginary husband count? hee hee

*Wanted to hook up with a friend:yeah

*Cried during a flick:Yes.

*Had a crush on a teacher? Not that I can recall.

*Planned your week based on the TV Guide: HECK NO!

*Found a cartoon character attractive: Well, if Idid, it would be Captain Hook---(he's a pirate) *Prank called someone: Why yes, yes I have.

*Gotten in a car accident: Yes. It was in the bad part of Los Angeles, CA, and it was an extremelyfrightening experience. (I wasn't driving.)


*Shampoo: the smells-really-good kind

*Soap: I don't really know.

*Day/Night: Just face it, there are some thingsthat are fun at night, and some things that are fun during the day,

*Summer/Winter: BOTH!!!!!!

*Lace or satin: Cotton?

*Cartoon Character: All the pirates on Peter Pan

*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: No, but I have a latino lover--no really---I see him on the busperiodically and we smile at each other! His name isErnesto.

*Crush:ya know, this is pathetic, but no.

*Do you have a best friend: All of my sisters are my best friends.

*Who have you known the longest of your friends:Ummm, I guess that would be my older brother and sisters

*Who's the shyest: I don't think that's a veryinteresting question.

*Who do you go to for advice: My dad if it's about money, school, etc, my sisters if it's about boys, andmy mom about anything and everything else.

*Who knows all your secrets: Kami. But the good thing about that is that she forgets them a lot of thetime.

*Who do you cry with: pirates don't cry.

--------Have You Ever-----------

*Cried: I am a pirate.

*Cut your hair: why yes, I have cut my bangs asshort as they could go when I was little.

*Worn a skirt: mmmm, try every Sunday about.

*Been mean: I am a pirate.

*Met someone new: It happens.

*Talked to someone you have a crush on: well,"babble" might be a more appropriate word. Wait, whatam I saying---I MEANT I impress and charm them with my wit and wisdom. *Missed someone: ummm, ever gone away to college anyone?

*Hugged someone: yes, and since it doesn't ask,I'll just volunteer the info that my dad's hugs arethe best. Also, little boys' hugs (think toddlers)and yes, I'll admit, any guys hug.

*Fought with your parents: actually, no, not a lot.

*Wished upon a star: yes, I also wish on the dandelions that have gone to seed.

*Laughed until you cried: Well, I don't do that with the same pizzazz that my sister Megan does---shehad a baby the next morning after laughing so hard that she cried one night. Her face goes an amazing shade of red.

*Played Truth or Dare: Let's just say that I am very familiar with that particular game.

*Watched a sunrise/sunset: yes

*Went to the beach at night: No. But numerous lakes at night.

*Spent quality time alone: yes

*Read a book for fun: ummmm...............

*Ate a meal: Back in the good old days when my mom cooked for me..... sigh.

*Are you lonely: Periodically.

*Are you happy: Generally.

*Are you wearing your pajamas: nope

*Are you talking to someone online: no

*Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: None of the above.

*When was the last time you showered? last night atabout 1:00

*What color pants do you have on right now?: denim

*What was the last thing that you said?: Are youwaiting for the computer (that was to my roommate Jennae, whose computer I am now using.)

*what is right next to you? umm, a bed, a closet,all sorts of other crazy apartment stuff like that!

*What is your computer desk made of?: cheap junk

*What are the last 4 digits in your phone number?:> 5752

*What was the last thing that you ate?: vanilla tootsie roll (love those!)

*Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: bed

*Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: My incredibly fine, smart, talented,football-playing husband.

*How many buddies do you have on your list? I don't keep lists of buddies.

*Do you have a lava lamp? No

*How's the weather right now?: cold and it was hailing about five minutes ago

*Have you ever smoked pot?: no

*What did you do last night?: went Halloween caroling with Jennae

*Last person that you talked to on the phone?:My sister Amy and my niece Olivia (Olivia said she wanted to talk to Grandma, and I said I don't live with Grandma anymore, and she said Bye. How rude.)

*What's the nicest thing you find about opposite sex?: hmmmm! smell, shoulders, hands, eyelashes,funny things they say, too many things to even beginto list.

*Whats your favorite group?: The Pirate Ship Crew(I made that up ;)

*Do you like the person that sent this to you?Oh yeah.

*Name one thing you like about this person: He's funny, and on my spanish/english dictionary it says"El Bravo, Sir Paco, El Macho, El Super Hombre"

*How do you eat an Oreo?: pretty much how I eat everything else.

*Who makes you happy: family, friends, little kids, random people that are nice to you

*Do you wear contacts?: YAHOO for contacts!!!

*What was the best advice ever given to you?: A merry life and a short one shall be my motto - --Bartholomew Roberts (aka Black Bart)

*Dream car?: who would dream about cars when there are GUYS to dream about!?!?

*Have you ever won any special awards?: As my brother would say "You're special...... special ed!

*What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, since I'm ALREADY a pirate, I guess a married pirate.

*What are your future goals?: graduate from USU,marry, have lots of babies, sail the oceans, etc.

*Fave music?: well, does Christmas music count?pirate music? a lot of different kinds I guess.

*Favorite food?: ICECREAM, and everything that mom makes--you get a little sick of your own cooking after a while, even if you are incredibly talented like me.

*Who is the funniest person that you know?: My dad,or my cousin Brian or my sister Amy

*Fave movie?: Willow

*Fave day of this year?: DECEMBER 16 BABY!!!! (the day I come home for Christmas!!!)

*Fave guys cologne?: you see, if it's a guy, and it's cologne, I like it.

*Do you like to dance?: Like nothing else.

*Are you too shy to ask someone out?: umm, I guess it depends

*Fave name brand?: Western Family (maybe that's only in Utah, it's the cheap brand of food

*If you could change your name what would it be?:Well, when I meet the guy, I'll tell you what I'd want it to be.

*Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: No, but I usedto sleep with my little sister, Lindsay, and it wasgreat because sometimes she'd talk in her sleep and it was sooooo funny!

*Have you ever been in love?: I don't think so

*Favorite drink?: orange julius

*Do you like scary or happy movies better?: happy

*Lust or love?:EXCUSE ME--what a dumb question!!

*If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?: Hmmm,I don't really know. I suppose that means- nothing.

*Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: nope

*Who do you LOVE right now?: my latino lover.

*What did you think of this survey? not a lot.

*Do you want your friends to>write back?: of course.

*Who is least likely to respond?: i don't know

*Who is the most likely to respond? : i don't know either,

*What was the best gift you ever received?: My younger brother Wyatt gave me a toy pirate one year for my birthday, and he made a ship for it out of sticks and it was awesome. The other best present was also from Wyatt, for Christmas, and he had carved my name in a block of wood, and painted it.--it's hanging in my room now.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Nothing Exciting

Hi All!

I just thought I'd take a moment to post more cute pictures of my adorable daughter. Today is good! I finally was given a storage unit in our basement to use (albeit they say they get broken into once a month on average). Really, if they want my nursing textbooks, by all means, take them. The bike too, it's a wreck, and I don't know how Leo feels about his engineering textbooks, but they better not touch my past issues of the National Geographic--I have a feeling no one will though. Anyway, so I packed the rest of our stuff in there today. Life is so good when Leo gets home. He was gone for four days, and it was miserable. I broke two glasses while washing the dishes. Our oven's heater thing is in the broiler, hence the cookies I made were burnt on the bottom and gooey on top. Any suggestions to fix that problem anyone? I also broke my glasses, and my contacts are the wrong prescription, so my left eye twitches a lot because it's tired. So you see how my weekend went without Leo. I did read a lot of books. Many, MANY books. Five actually, that's a lot for me in recent years. I highly recommend most of them too. The best ones were The King of Attolia and The Thief by Megan Turner. It's a series but I read the middle book, The Queen of Attolia first and then the King, and then The Thief which is actually the first book. Excellant!!! Best series I've read in a long, long time. Then I read By These Ten Bones--nice, chilling werewolf tale. I also enjoyed it a lot. Then I read The Goose Girl, which I liked too, I've always liked that fairy tale. And I read Zorro by Isabel Allende. Not my favorite, but alright. Kind of borderline cheesy. Anyway, so that was fun. Also to cheer me up this weekend, I was walking out to my car on Sunday and two 7-8? yr. old girls were playing on the steps and one said, "You're baby is very pretty!" To which I said, "Thank you." Then she said, "You're very pretty too!" To which I said "Thank you," again, but now that little girl is my new favorite little girl in the whole state. Hee. Hee. Well, I better get going and do the ironing. But here's the cute picts of Elena. She thinks she needs to stand where ever she is, hence her two big bruises on her face. She also likes to pull things out of drawers. Such an endearing habit. Hee. Hee. Well have a fabulous day. Read the Attolia series!

Monday, 9 July 2007


Yes, we finally are settled in to our little apartment in the wide world of Chicagoland (that's apparently what they call the suburbs around here). It took along time, maybe because Elena cried everytime I walked into another room? But we are finally, settled in. Things went well in good old NM, friends from the ward let me stay at their house and then a bunch of ward members helped load the truck, and after one failed attempt to get a flight out I was able to make it back to Phoenix and then on to Chicago the next day. Leo had already been staying at our apartment (sort of) mostly he was working so he was in hotels. Anyway, our truck was late so we didn't have anything for five more days. Elena was cutting four teeth and running really high temperatures all that week as well. But we survived and here's twenty highlights, low points and random tidbits I discovered.

1. You can heat up fried chicken in a waffle iron, you can also cook taquitos in a waffle iron. Tortillas are especially yummy cooked this way too.

2. The maintenance guys will give you weird looks if you call them because you can't get your gas stove to light and they come and light the pilot for you.

3. They still have gas stoves around that light with a pilot.

4. If your gas stove makes your kitchen smell like gas all weekend, call the maintenance guys to come replace it. If they resist point out the two broken burners.

5. Call maintenance if you can't get the disgusting, gross toilet seat off because the screws have partially disingrated.

6. Even if you scrub the cupboards beforehand, adhesive coverings won't stick to disgusting, grimey cupboards. (See pictures. Although I didn't find anything as gross as Hanah--see The Gavin Family Blog.)

7. Call maintenance if your kitchen sink leaks tremendous amounts of water.

8. Things really don't seem that bad in your kitchen when you realize it's three times the size of your sister's miniscule one in her last apartment. (Poor Andrea).

9. Our Elder's Quorum President is from France, his wife from Britain, a guy in the ward from Poland, and the Stake High Councilman from Ghana. Yeah, our ward pretty much rocks.

10. Going to Walmart is like going to the U.N. building here. Our apartment complex, however, is mostly from India or Hispanic. Although the manager is from some former Soviet satellite country.

11. There's an Asia radio station here, it's on our memory buttons on our car stereo. Yeah, it pretty much rocks to hear techno music in Hindu.

12. It's sad to find out your apartment complex isn't as nice as you thought it would be (especially when paying $945 for it). We went to the Elder Quorum President's house for 4th of July and two couples there had recently moved out of our complex and regaled us with tales of maurading squirrels, mice and drug dealers.

13. Mice don't seem that bad when your sister-in-law tells you she still has nightmares about the cockroaches in Saba.

14. The cops do come to our complex atleast every third day from what I've see so far.

15. If you use U-Pack, make sure the bulkhead is secure. Things don't survive (bookcases, flower pots, glass on picture frames, etc.) when they all come crashing to floor of a semi.

16. If you stack really heavy stuff on top of a washing machine, it will crumple slighty.

17. Laundry mats stink.

18. Chicago roads stink.

19. I get lost easily here in Chicago, although I manage O'Hare with no problems now.

20. I LOVE IT when Leo comes home!!!! Life is so much better when he's around. I love to watch him play with Elena. I love to be around him. I love how much he makes me laugh. I LOVE LEO!!!!

And on a side note, I never wanted to put up anything really churchy in my home, because I never really liked it. However I now have new churchy decor that I like. What do you think? Anyway, I really like it.