Friday, 28 August 2015

August Birthdays

 Right after we got back from Canada we had two birthdays to celebrate.  And yes, this cake does look familiar because ever since Sebastian had a Spiderman cake this spring, Lando has wanted one too.  He never deviated from Spiderman ever.  He was so excited. And he chose Macaroni and Cheese for his birthday dinner.

 But he was so excited to open his present, that we let him do that first, and he did not like it.  Just that day he had gotten it into his head that he wanted something (Mater? A sword? I don't remember now.) and so then when he opened his present and it wasn't that, he started crying and then got angry and threw it across the room.  Nice.  He was still recovering while we ate cake.
 See, sad boy.  But then, after cake, he was totally happy again and spent the rest of the night playing with the big box of Knex we got him.  I love that 3 year olds have such a short attention span sometimes.
 Then we had Leo's birthday.  He chose Pollo Loco for his birthday dinner.  That was easy. I tried making eclairs for him.  They tasted fine, but they were a little flat.
 He sure liked them though, and that was the important part.
 He tried to convince us that they weren't for anyone else to eat, just for him.
 I gave him a picture to hang in his office. Because I think working in a bare-walled office would be so dull, although Leo said he didn't mind.  But he said he liked his picture (of a P-51) a lot too.  Yay!

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Kayli said...

I got on here to show everyone the picture with Ana the giant with tiny pin-head Sebastian. Ha haah haa!

Then we scrolled through some more and Brett was amazed at how he doesn't recognize any of your kids, since he hasn't seen you in so long and he doesn't read your blog.

Also, he was very glad that you labeled Leo's airplane because he wanted to know if it was a Mustang and I didn't know but you HAD mentioned what it was. Good job.