Sunday, 28 February 2016

One more post before February is gone.

 Sorry to all my family members for all the double posting of pictures

I finished my quilt that I started 3 year ago. I actually took a quilt class for it and I was just scared of machine quilting.  But it was a breeze.  I can't believe I put it off that long.
This is what the living room looks like with the new flooring.  I was waiting for a grand before and after photo.  But that might take a long time.  So this will have to do for now. It's a work in progress, we really don't intend to keep cardboard boxes as end tables forever.  Although it's quite the style statement.
Our stairs are done!!!!
I love this rug.  So perfect.  

The girls were playing dress up with Jubal the other day.

Finally finished painting the wall behind the sideboard and moved the piano to the living room, and have now got things semi put together.  Yay!

I dyed my hair red.  Good times.

We finished our laundry room!   Double Yay!!  It was a very inexpensive fix up.  The gallon of paint I bought for $5 but I had accidentally got the wrong color (it was supposed to be for the boys' room) so I just used it here.  Arizona Tan by Benjamin Moore.  And then the trim and baseboards and shelves I painted with Maison Blanche by Sherwin Williams that I had a sample of that was vetoed from the upstairs.  Then I just bought very inexpensive shelving BUT it is sturdy which the other shelves weren't.  And we have tons more storage.  And I hung up a rod for ironing.  That's a must.
I love shelf space.

I wanted to add a sink to the side of washing machine and not just any sink, a lavadero.  It's a sink with a washboard built into it's design.  SO handy for scrubbing out stains.  But I couldn't even find a place in the US that sold them.  Home Depot Mexico had one on it's website.  Racist, I tell you.  But then I had a plumber out and our drain is too small to have another sink added on.  Sniff.
I even put two pictures up on the wall.  I think they need wood frames but Walmart had none, and I liked these okay.  I'll have to look for frames again at the DI.    These are the pictures.  

Ha. Ha.  This picture always makes me laugh.
And our stairs are done!!!  Another yay!

In other news, I built a blanket ladder today.  Impressive, I know.  I'll post pictures once I stain it.  And we started nailing up Ana's plank wall. It's looking awesome.  Again, pictures once we're done.   I need to go back and post about our trip to Utah.  I will.  I promise.  Tomorrow.  Tonight, I am EXHAUSTED and heading to bed.  Buenas notes amigos.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

February is going by too fast!

 Lots of snow=SNOW DAY!  Too bad I was grumpy and freaking out the whole day.  I hate hormones.

 Silly boys.

 LOOK at that face.  Just look at it.  (In the words of many of my siblings.)

 I was trying to get a picture of the two boys together but I ended up with this.  Proof of Nicolas's incessant hair pulling.  Poor Jubal.

 Sebastian was mad at having to clean up his room so he made this note for Nicolas and Jubal.  It says: No toys Nicolas and Jubal.  Ha. Ha.

 Leo tried to take the kids sledding at the sand dunes, but the road was closed to the park.  Sad.
 Jubal is MISCHIEVOUS like no other of my kids!! How did he even find the cake?!!?!?

 Finished cork board.  Yes, it is massive, and yes there are a TON of pictures there.  BUT I wanted to hang up so many, many more.  And the room's big enough that it doesn't look bad.  Leo likes it, and he's usually the non-clutter maniac, so that's a good sign.

Love,  love, love it!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A few shots from January

Just a gorgeous view from my living room window of the sunset.  The sunset is actually in the directly opposite direction and we can't see it from our house, but the whole sky was lit up that day.  So beautiful!!!

 Finished staining  baseboards!!! And Leo has almost all of them up!!!

 The stairs are progressing.  Actually, now they are almost done.  Yay!!!
Here's how they looked before:

 Just look at that blue sky.  You NEVER see skies that blue in Houston.  They're too smoggy.

 The kids got home from school as I was taking photos.

 They were excited about candy they had.

 I call her Toothless.
 Thanks for the hat, Aunt Amy!
 I love this view from my living room.  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! My visiting teachers came over and they went upstairs for the first time (because we have a couch upstairs finally) and one of them said, "Do you just sit here all day and look out your window?  I would."

 I do have to admit that I miss Leo wearing his nice business clothes to work.  Every day he came home looking smoking hot.  The Sinclair uniform just doesn't cut it.