Monday, 31 May 2010

Noche de International

A week ago Friday our ward had a Noche de International. It was fun--basically we just ate a lot of food from different countries. Elena was horribly upset at the beginning though. They played music and she insisted she needed "a dress for the ball." She got her wish, after she had an accident and I made a quick trip home to get her new clothes. She danced the entire night, and she was so excited to be in a dress for it. What a goose.

Sorry, my camera batteries were dying so a lot of the pictures are fuzzy.
But you get the idea, right?
Mostly, it was the Americas (USA has a table too) so Germany was the only odd country out.
I loved the empanadas from Uruguay and there was patacones too. Yum.

I did Canada and made Nanimo bars.
We also did Colombia, and I made panderos. Leo said they tasted very authentic. Yeah! It was a very fun evening.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sleep and Play At Our House

Brushing your teeth might not normally be play. But at our house, I can barely keep Isabel out of the toothpaste. She loves brushing her teeth.

Ana was successfully playing on the computer while Sebastian fell asleep and drooled all over her.
This is when it was time to go to sleep but they still wanted to play.
Elena watching a movie. She loves movies.
Isabel fell asleep watching the movie though.
This is what happens when Dad falls asleep.
Ana was reading--not sleeping--her new favorite book, Howl's Moving Castle. I have to admit, I picked it up and read it again this week too. I love that book.
When Sebastian gets mad, he squirms and kicks and eventually ends up like this. And in this case, he fell asleep too. Silly boy, but I can't believe how mobile he is already!
Leo built a new ladder so now the kids can enjoy their "house."
They love playing out there.
Isabel's favorite part is actually the swing. She could stay in there all day. She also likes to climb in the driver's seat of the van, grab the steering wheel and make driving sounds. I am scared already for when that girl turns 16.
This is just because I love having friends in France who send us delicious chocolate!! Thank you so much!!!
Tuckered out.
Elena and Isabel both helped making this lovely outfit.
Beautiful, no? Isabel loves hats by the way--I don't have the slightest idea whom she inherited that from.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


I decided on the flamenco dresses. Mostly because I can make up a pattern based off patterns found on the internet. Ana's being a vampire--but I picked out the awesomest pattern and material for that too. I've really been in a sewing mood lately and I'm super excited to make these, even though I know my excitement will only last as long as the first time I have to unpick a seam.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Friends' Cute Houses

My friend just had the cutest room made--it's her family's Reading Room. So adorable! Check it out here.

And then since her blog is private, here are some of my other friend's kids' bedrooms that she just finished decorating. Stellar, eh?


So I admit it. I like historic costumes. Not just the Renessaince costumes, ANY historic costumes. Because seriously, look at this little girl--she looks like a doll. In fact, I spent a little time debating whether she was a doll or not. Point is though--it's adorable. So I want to make costumes for Elena and Isabel for Halloween (I would for Ana too, but I have to ask her what she wants first and I doubt she'll want one). Joanne's is having a huge sale on fabric next week--so my question is: What should I make for my girls??

Choice #1: A traditional Colombian pollera colora.

Pretty cute, eh?
This comes with the added bonus that we could use it as a display item in any future children's projects involving learning about a country. (In my house growing up we ALWAYS chose Canada--except one year I did Tiawan.)

Choice #2: A Colonial Dress

Added bonus: They could wear them to Colonial Days in Provo. Also, it will be easier to find a pattern.
Choice #3: Scottish Garb. I just like it.

Choice #4: Andulacia traditional dresses (in other words, flamenco dresses.)

Very cute, and I could see Elena loving to dress up and dance.

Choice #5: Traditional Valencia dresses. This might be a bit much.
However, Elena would be a princess and I'm sure she'd LOVE that.
So I need your responses right away because the sale is next week. And I'm completely indecisive.

Leo's Computer

Leo went to work on Wednesday at the Fluid Dynamics Lab and this is what he found. Boys.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Couldn't Resist

I wasn't going to blog again for a while--but I couldn't resist. I mean, seriously. Look at how cute Sebastian is. Oh, I love that boy!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Icecream and Sebastian

Sebastian was tired of me taking his picture. But he was pretty cute crying too!

What could be better on a Sunday evening than icecream (our new found favorite: Bear Attack!) and playing Sorry?
Isabel was pretty impatient to get hers. Leo had set the carton out on the cupboard and Isabel had it down and almost opened before we noticed. That kid loves sweets!
Elena was licking the bowl clean. Although I bet she could have gotten more from her face than the bowl.