Monday, 3 August 2015

Freedom Fire and Packing Up Camp

 You can't tell by the photos, which is a shame, but the meadow was completely full of the most beautiful wild flowers.  It was lovely.  Really.

 Myles was trying to take my camera away.
 Willow the dog. She's so pretty, but man what a lot of energy. I love her ears.
 Devaney, Willow, and Brynne

 Devaney and Megs

 Jared packing up his trailer with all the fun stuff.  Seriously, camping with them is the best.
 That afternoon we went home and showered and then headed over to Freedom Fire. USU's firework show and concert. This year Brian Shupe and the Rubberband played.  It was fun. I went to one of their concerts back when I was going to USU.
 And the weirdest thing ever, an old roommate recognized me and said hi.  I had no idea who she was until she told my kids we were roommates together.  And then I still couldn't remember her name.  I had to ask Jennae (my only roommate that I keep in contact with) and anyway, it was Shelly.  Yep, I'm so good with names and faces.

 Ana, Myles and Garrett

 I'm not a good fireworks picture taker.  But you get the idea.

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