Monday, 10 December 2018

Light the World

On the first day of December our church asks us to do service.  We decided to do some indexing at the Family History Library in SLC and then listen to a winds ensemble concert there.  It was so much fun!  Surprisingly so actually--the kids made 3D temples and other crafts and then you could connect an iPad to all these different stations and find out info on your ancestors.  And take green screen photos.  Which you can see we did a lot of.  :)

Then we went to Scheels, just for fun, and took photos and shot popguns and rode the ferris wheel. 
Efraim wouldn't be in this bear picture because he was scared of it!

And then we headed back to downtown SLC after a dinner on the go from Wendy's, to see the temple lights.  It was packed!!!  I wanted to go to the vending machine that donates items, but we were too worried about losing our kids, so we walked around quickly (by then the kids were cold anyway) and drove home.  All in all it was a fabulous day together as a family!

Saturday, 8 December 2018


Lando had a cute Thanksgiving Feast at school--their class has a Facebook page so I steal all the pictures from there.   And then we went to Utah and had Thanksgiving at Mom's church.  It was delicious and then Tim brought out TONS of nerf guns that he's been collecting from thrift stores and everybody had a giant nerf war the rest of the afternoon.  We had played volleyball and basketball before dinner too of course.

Craziness at our house

The boys throwing arrows in our tree and wrestling.  This is my life everyday.

He was happy to find the picture of himself from preschool last year.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Elena's Birthday

Happy Birthday Elena!!!

A bracelet and tickets to The Scarlett Pimpernel.

Leo's idea was fabulous!!!  And I feel so lucky that I got to go with her, it was so good, and I had a great day spending it with Elena.

Nicolas had to run and make her a present--he's so sweet--and drew her a fox since it's her favorite animal.

Good choice for a birthday cake!