Sunday, 16 August 2015

Lake Minnewanka, Banff

This was our campsite at Kanaskis Country. We slept nice and snug with our new foams.  I love foams so much.  Air mattresses are the worst.
This was the bathrooms just over the ridge from our tents. Not that I thought you'd like to see the restrooms, but because of the beautiful mountains behind them, and just to see where our campsite was.

The third day in Banff we headed to Lake Minnewanka, and hiked around it for a bit. We couldn't go too far because we didn't have bear spray and we had a dog, which dogs apparently aggravate bears.
This was probably my favorite day at Banff.  Lake Minnewanka was less crowded and after hiking around a bit we found a picnic area where only a handful of other people were and the kids just played near the water or if they were very brave, in the water, and we had lunch and it was just relaxing.

Derek mocked me for taking so many photos of his family, but I got them a good one.

Ashlee is so cute!
My kids were not cooperating.  I tried to tell them it could be our Christmas card picture if they would just smile.  But oh, no, they were little rat children.

I love this picture of Gideon.

Cool picture from Ana.

Look, I found the cutest baby in the woods!


Kayli said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I loooove that scenery! Derek's family is cute! Your family is cute! Elena looks good in black. Some of your family members tried to cooperate at least. Wish I could have come too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful scenery!!! Ana and Katelyn are so cute. Great pic of Tyson sitting on the rock. Love Gid in that pic. So fun that you and Derek's family could go camping together. Good times!!! Love, love that cute baby in the woods!!!!!!