Friday, 21 May 2010


So I admit it. I like historic costumes. Not just the Renessaince costumes, ANY historic costumes. Because seriously, look at this little girl--she looks like a doll. In fact, I spent a little time debating whether she was a doll or not. Point is though--it's adorable. So I want to make costumes for Elena and Isabel for Halloween (I would for Ana too, but I have to ask her what she wants first and I doubt she'll want one). Joanne's is having a huge sale on fabric next week--so my question is: What should I make for my girls??

Choice #1: A traditional Colombian pollera colora.

Pretty cute, eh?
This comes with the added bonus that we could use it as a display item in any future children's projects involving learning about a country. (In my house growing up we ALWAYS chose Canada--except one year I did Tiawan.)

Choice #2: A Colonial Dress

Added bonus: They could wear them to Colonial Days in Provo. Also, it will be easier to find a pattern.
Choice #3: Scottish Garb. I just like it.

Choice #4: Andulacia traditional dresses (in other words, flamenco dresses.)

Very cute, and I could see Elena loving to dress up and dance.

Choice #5: Traditional Valencia dresses. This might be a bit much.
However, Elena would be a princess and I'm sure she'd LOVE that.
So I need your responses right away because the sale is next week. And I'm completely indecisive.


Me said...

I choose the final option -traditional Valencia?

Also, little Dutch girls would be VERY cute.

I like historic costumes too. Can't wait to see them. Are you going to go crazy and finish them in 4 days like the Renaissance ones?

Kristi said...

I vote flamenca- how very fun. or the colonial. classic and fun too.

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

colombian or colonial. make me one too!!!

Lynn said...

No. 4

My mom made us dresses like that once and we wore them till they were threads. Loved to twirl and twirl in them.

Brooke said...

Kami. You could make me a old west gunfighter outfit instead!! Thanks. Doc

Hanah said...

Oh man so hard to choose, I think whatever you choose will be gorgeous, and they'll love them no matter what! If I had to choose one, since you asked for help, and my comments really not helping yet, haha maybe the colombian. I love keeping in tradition with family heritages, but then again the flamingos would be soo fun too!! Ahh I think I'm back to where I began, they're all soo cute, sorry no help here. :D ha

Chicago Sutters said...

TRADITIONAL VALENCIA!!! and colonial is cute too. and maybe you could do one for each year!

Anonymous said...

I personly like the Colombian pollera colora.I think the flamancos are cute to.I go with Aunt kayli "Are u going to go crazy and finish the m in four days?"