Monday, 22 June 2015

Zoo Pictures Galore

Sometime in the last month or two we went to the Houston Zoo with Leo's parents.  They were moving back to Phoenix from Round Rock and wanted to spend the day with us.  I suggested the zoo and it was great!  The kids had a marvelous time.  Ana took most of these pictures, which is nice, because she takes good photographs, and then I have my hands free.

I love the primate part of the zoo.  It's nice and shady.  And we saw gorillas, which was very cool.

All my kids went around like this for quite some time after seeing the monkeys.

Their best monkey faces.

Notice Isabel?  That's a cool shot Ana.
An albino alligator.  Yuck.  Ana took tons of pictures in the reptile house but I refuse to post pictures of nasty snakes.

Awww, by Abuelito and Abuelita.  We'll miss you!

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