Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More Zoo Pictures Galore

Yes, there ARE more zoo pictures.  I know you didn't get enough. 

These drums were so loud and so much fun!  Especially when Leo played.  Because he's got rythem!

These guys are even bigger than our Texas Longhorns.  They're from Africa.

Sebastian kills me.  He can't take a picture with a straight

Leo actually smiled for me!!!  Ahh, and he looks so handsome!!!  I wish he'd smile for the camera more.  He's so stinking hot!!!

I love Nicolas's baby toddler chub.  Seriously love it.  Sebastian never had any baby fat. I'm going to be so sad when Lando gets big.  Hence the eight billion photos of him.  Plus, he's just an adorable toddler.  He runs everywhere and has such a funny sense of humor.

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