Saturday, 27 June 2015

Several more weeks of catch-up pictures

Elena made a Forest Ecosystem and insisted I take pictures one day. 

It was super cute, the boys were so excited to be matching.  Yes, the pj's aren't exactly the same but they all have fire trucks and police cars on them.  So exciting.

This is when Isabel got into something causing a nasty reaction.  It wasn't poison oak or poison ivy.  I'm not sure what it was.  But she got sent home from school, and basically got bathed in calamine lotion every few hours. 

Nicolas was helping me make bread but then the lid came off the bucket and he fell in.  He wasn't happy about that.

More of Elena's ecosystem.

And then one day, I found Nicolas in another bucket.  Ha. Ha. 

What a goof.

Lando wore these around for an entire day one day.  It was hysterical. He was very serious about it though.

And there we are, all caught up.  I miss writing all I did about what went on every week though.  I need to write more again.  Errr....

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Andrea said...

Sebastian's mouth reminds me of Garrett. Lando looks like Oskar. Jubal and Clover can chub together the whole time you are here. COUNTING DOWN THE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not literally, because that would be math.)