Friday, 19 June 2015

Isabel's Birthday Party

I'm awful at taking pictures, but Isabel had her birthday party early last week.  She wanted a pool party and my friend Karen was super, incredibly kind and let us have it in her backyard. 
She had cupcakes and ice cream bars and watermelon.  It was great.  I was going to decorate with tons of balloons, but after staying up late blowing them up, I was too tired to actually hang them up and while we loaded them in the van (literally, the whole entire back of the van was filled up), most of them stayed in the van.  Oh well, it was fine.  Nobody missed them and I sent bunches home with other kids.  Good times.
Karen's house was perfect because they have the pool but also the grassy area with a swingset and trampoline, so I didn't plan any games or anything, they just played in the pool and played in the yard.  I did set up a giant bubble station.  They liked that too.

Anyway, Isabel said she loved it and had an enormously good time, so it was a great success. 

Some of the giant bubbles. 

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