Thursday, 18 June 2015

Elena was Sacagawea

I made Elena a Sacajawea costume in May for her living history museum project at school. I did try to convince her to be Amelia Earhart so we could reuse a costume we basically already had, but she wouldn't go for it.  Anyway, I'm glad she got Sacajawea and not Abigail Adams (her other choice) because this dress was so much easier.  Plus, I think Sacajawea is fascinating.  (Abigail Adams too, but not so much Amelia Earhart.) Projects like this make me remember why I LOVE sewing so much. It was fast, it was simple, but it turned out better than I expected, and Elena LOVED it, which is always the desired result, right? 

The crepe myrtle cradle board only lasted as far as arriving at school, but then I only spent about 3 minutes making it and crepe myrtle breaks ridiculously easy. 
Yes, I did buy a necklace from Canada and bone beads off of Etsy. Also the conchos and other beads.  I love Etsy. You can find practically anything there.  Of course, I already had the choker and medicine bag.  Because, I just do.  Which I have to say, this costume fabric-wise was incredibly inexpensive, and even the beads and necklace wasn't that much ($2 for 100 beads) but um, that fringe, wowsers, reminds me why I didn't make my boys the Three Musketeers that one year.  Trim is so darn expensive.  And if you were wondering, which I *know* you were, I based her dress of off two hide prairie style Native American dresses.  I really do love learning about clothing, I think I should go back to college and study anthropology focusing on clothing and clothing production.  That would be stellar.  There ought to be a job market for that.
And Elena got 100% on her project, so that was awesome! 

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