Sunday, 21 June 2015

Isabel's Field Trip and Elena's End of the Year Picnic

 Way back in April my friend Brittany sent me these pictures of Isabel on the Kindergarten field trip to Dewberry Farms.  Logan, Brittany's son, and Isabel are in the same class.

 And this was at Elena's end of the year picnic.  I forgot my camera to both Isabel's picnic and Elena's. Oops. But Karen sent me some pictures from Elena's.  Elena was happy till she found out I didn't bring any special food for lunch, just our regular peanut butter and honey sandwich, she was very upset.  But she eventually got over it.  I was just happy it wasn't as hot as the day before at Isabel's picnic.  Anyway, the kids had a good time.  Elena won an award for being a good friend and Isabel won an award for being a great artist. 

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