Thursday, 18 June 2015

Swim Team

Starting in May the kids (Ana, Elena, Isabel and Sebastian) began swim team.  Last year I didn't really mind it that much, I knew what to expect, I could work on a bunch of sewing or other projects during practice, and nobody expected me to do much because I was pregnant. 
This year kind of stunk (for me anyway).  I tried volunteering more at the meets, but I was just frazzled trying to get the kids to the meet by myself so early in the morning. The first meet I was late, the youngest kids missed their ONE race, Leo was already there helping and Ana went early too to warm up, and my kids are NOT used to waking up early.  Early being 7:15 AM.  Sebastian usually sleeps till 8:30 or 9.  The second meet was much like the first, only I managed to get them there in time for Sebastian to race.  Isabel had been moved up to unassisted swimmers by then.  Anyway, I literally was in tears by the time I even arrived and the stupid meets last about 8 hours.  Seriously, 8 hours.  Aghhh!!!  It's like torture.  I really don't like events like this.   And then during practices, I couldn't work on projects like last year, instead I was constantly trying to keep Jubal from eating things, and two hours while not getting anything done, is not my idea of fun.  And then dinner was late every evening--around 7 pm--not helped by the fact that Leo was getting home late every day because he's been working crazy overtime the last two months (THANK HEAVENS this project should be done by next week, FINALLY!)  And then the kids were cranky everyday because they were going to bed so late.  When school ended, I tried taking the kids to the early practice at 7:30 AM once. Then I gave up.  Nicolas was a nightmare and Jubal and Sebastian.  They just aren't used to that schedule and I did not have the endurance to change it.  Anyway, so we quit swim team, except Ana. She's tough. But then her practice is at 10:30 AM.  But Isabel did progress to swimming unassisted (she could swim by herself since the beginning of swim team last year, but she lacked confidence and refused to swim the whole length of the pool without help).  And Sebastian is now swimming by himself too.  Yeah!  And that's the story of swim team this year.  I don't think I'm going to do it next year. 

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