Sunday, 8 September 2019

Jubal's Birthday

After we got home, we had Jubal's birthday celebration--even though he turned five in Canada.  He wanted a volcano cake.  And I think I nailed it.  Lava is courtesy of jello and dry ice.  I let it set up too long but Sebas had the brilliant idea to heat it in the microwave.  Jubal loved it.  And we had rice and grilled chicken.  Yum. 

The cake was still warm when I decorated it, so it starting compressing--oops.  It looked better when I first iced it.

 Jubal had been asking for a skateboard and helmet and pads for months when I bought his present, and then of course he stopped asking for them and switched to other things at the beginning of July.  But I think he still was pretty happy.  
Nicolas was sure happy for him!

Efraim was upset he didn't get it ALL the time on Jubal's birthday.

The only outfits I bought the boys this year were these track suits from Costco.  They LOVE them.  It's so funny.  Efraim squealed so excitedly the first time he got to put it on, and still is excited  everytime he gets to where his pants. And he refuses to take the jacket off.  He was hugging the outfit even while we were still in Costco with them all in the cart.  I think he was excited to be included with his brothers.  Anyway, Jubal loves blue, and he loves his track suit.  😂😂😂😂

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Kayli said...

Jubal is the cutest kid in the world. Or at least Wyoming.