Saturday, 24 September 2016

Driving Home

Yellowstone was beautiful and lush with meadows and grass, but being stopped for an hour in traffic due to the 6 elk by the road kind of dampened my enthusiasm for the place.  I think I'd have liked it more if we had have had more time to spend and explore.  Just driving back through the next day on our way home, I was not impressed enough (too many tourists, too much traffic) to want to go back.  But the Grand Teton National Park, now there, I want to go back too.  As soon as I saw those mountains, I was in love.  You really don't see mountains in Yellowstone, at least not the little bit we drove through.  By the South Entrance of Yellowstone there was a forest fire, in fact the next day it was closed due to the fire, but we made it through okay, and then all the rest of these pictures are of the Tetons.  We had thought about doing something around Jackson Hole, but by the time we got there, we really just wanted to get home, so we didn't stop anywhere, just drove by.  Anyway, it's not as green by the Tetons, more sagebrush than Yellowstone, but really I just love mountains.  And I think I would go to Glacier and Banff and Waterton over Yellowstone too.  But again, maybe if it had been under less hectic circumstances, or if my kids hadn't been bickering in the car the WHOLE time, I might have a better opinion.

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