Sunday, 4 September 2016

Other July and August things

I think this was in July but we went to Benj Hillyard's wedding.  He was Leo's friend at BYU in their Master's program and then they both got a job at BakerRisk in Houston.  It was a lovely wedding.

I think these horseback riding pictures were from July too.  Good times at Grandpa's house!  Although Isabel doesn't look that excited.

We celebrated Lando's birthday twice.  Once at Grandma's on his actual birthday and once at our house a week or so later.  He wanted a train cake and I have to say, it's one of the saddest cakes I've ever made.  But he was happy with it and so were the other kids.  I think because of the amount of candy on it.  The neighbor girls were over too.  He was super excited about his light saber and Teenage Mutant Ninja thingies.  Elena was super sweet and made him pet turtles out of paper too.  He's pretty attached to those as well.  I couldn't find my camera that day so these are sad phone photos.

Grandma made zucchini brownies per some kid's request for Lando's actual birthday and she gave him a flashlight and headlight.  And his abuelitos sent him some Teenage Mutant Ninja cars that he loves too.

So I had been sick and nauseous and our house has no air conditioning so the last part of July was pretty miserable.  Lindsay was still in Utah visiting from Miami and it didn't take much convincing for me to come visit her and stay at Mom and Dad's for a week and a half in their nice air conditioning and with Mom's scrumptious cooking.  I read 5 books (3 of them 800+ pages each)  and ate a lot, enough that I stopped losing weight and held steady, and only threw up a couple of times.  Yay!  Anyway, more pictures to follow of our week there.

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